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2012-06-01 Teledyne pays $291M for LeCroy acquisition
LeCroy said it expects the transaction will help accelerate its high-end oscilloscope programs to deliver real-time bandwidth well beyond 100GHz by utilizing Teledyne's leading InP technology.
2015-11-12 Teledyne LeCroy intros packet capture, inspection system
The Hammerhead for SierraNet Protocol Analysis systems is a dedicated, line-rate protocol analyser that comes with the Wireshark network packet capture application.
2005-03-04 LeCroy's scopes get unique mixed-signal outboard pods
LeCroy is dishing up a technically innovative product with the release of its MS-32 Mixed Signal Option, code named The Scorpion.
2003-10-21 LeCroy upgrades SDA series
The company has upgraded its Serial Data Analyzer series to support bitstreams with data rates up to 2.7Gbps.
2006-08-15 LeCroy unveils software for USB protocol analyzer
LeCroy is adding a product called USB 2.3 Software for use with the company's line of USB protocol analyzers.
2006-08-08 LeCroy unveils protocol analyzer for PCIe
LeCroy claims its new protocol analyzer features the fastest data capture rate and is targeted at the growing demand for advanced PCIe solutions.
2005-03-07 LeCroy unveils new error injector, traffic modification tool
LeCroy introduced an error injector and traffic modification tool that allows technicians to verify real-world fault-handling for Serial Attached SCSI and Serial ATA systems.
2003-02-03 LeCroy unveils general-purpose DSOs
The WavePro 7100 and WavePro 7300 digital oscilloscopes feature the company's X-Stream Technology and WaveShape Analysis System.
2003-05-02 LeCroy to use Lattice serdes platform
LeCroy has selected Lattice Semiconductor's Briefcase Evaluation Platform to be used on its SDA family of serial data analyzers.
2006-03-07 LeCroy to deploy Harvey's shipping system in Malaysian facility
Harvey Software announced it has reached an agreement with LeCroy to deploy Harvey Software's new CPS shipping system for Asia-origin shippers at its newest facility in Malaysia.
2004-09-07 LeCroy to acquire test software company
Test instrument supplier LeCroy Corp. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Computer Access Technology Corp. in a stock transaction valued at $81 million, plus options.
2005-02-07 LeCroy suite complies to SATA 1.0a, SATA testing
LeCroy announced what it claims as the first automated test suite that meets the requirements of both SATA 1.0a and SATA II Serial ATA transmitter compliance testing.
2003-06-09 LeCroy software suit WavePro, WaveMaster DSOs
LeCroy Corp. has introduced its 2G PowerMeasure analysis software, PMA2, which targets ease-of-use functionality in power measurement apps.
2005-07-20 LeCroy scopes get faster, better
Equipped with deep memory, LeCroy's newest spin of its LCD touchscreen WavePro 7000 series of digital scopes provide measurement capability usually associated with high-end scopes, especially so in the 1GHz to 3GHz range.
2003-03-04 LeCroy rolls probes for PCI Express, Serial ATA testing
LeCroy Corp. has announced the availability of the first three members of a new family of WaveLink series probes to test PCI Express, Serial ATA, and other high bandwidth applications.
2002-01-25 LeCroy power tester performs modulation and line power analysis
Aside from performing standard power measurements, the PS354 also tests harmonic distortion against standardized templates for class A to D equipment.
2003-07-03 LeCroy oscilloscope, SDA feature 20GSps sampling rates
The 8620A oscilloscope and SDA6020 serial data analyzer (SDA) from LeCroy Corp. are based on the company's WaveMaster digital oscilloscope platform and has a real-time sampling rate of 20GSps per channel.
2011-02-14 LeCroy oscilloscope tips 4GHz bandwidth
LeCroy Corp.'s WaveRunner 6 Zi oscilloscopes provide offset and timebase delay adjustment to allow signal and amplifier performance assessment and zooming on vertical and horizontal signal characteristics.
2004-03-31 LeCroy oscilloscope offers high sample rate, long capture time
LeCroy has conducted interviews with more than 50 of its customers that resulted in the development of its new line of WaveSurfer digital oscilloscopes.
2002-03-07 LeCroy oscilloscope features 5GHz bandwidth
The Wavemaster 8500 oscilloscope features a frontend bandwidth of 5GHz and a sampling rate of 20GSa/s in dual-channel mode.
2005-05-16 LeCroy NROs deliver 100x faster signal acquisition speed
The WaveExpert series from LeCroy is touted to be the world's highest performance digital oscilloscopes.
2005-02-10 LeCroy makes oscilloscopes more efficient
LeCroy introduced a Mixed Signal Option that adds full 32 digital channel support to most 4-channel WaveSurfer 400 and WaveRunner 6000A series of oscilloscopes.
2004-11-09 LeCroy library reduces validation time of protocol compliance
LeCroy announced a new product from its Protocol Solutions Group, which was created last month with the company's acquisition of CATC.
2012-05-09 LeCroy launches 65GHz oscilloscope on the road to 100GHz
LeCroy pushes its LabMaster 10 Zi oscilloscope line from 60GHz to 65GHz, on its way to the 2013 release of its 100GHz real-time bandwidth oscilloscope.
2012-07-19 LeCroy introduces signal integrity network analyzer
New class of instrument simplifies measurements and makes S-parameters readily available
2004-10-19 LeCroy DSOs offer 'new level of performance'
LeCroy disclosed that its new WaveRunner 6000A series of digital oscilloscopes marks a new level of performance for everyday testing scopes.
2012-07-12 LeCroy differential probes span 8GHz to 13GHz
LeCroy probes are supplied with two solder-in leads rated to the full bandwidth of the probe amplifier.
2002-10-02 LeCroy analyzer captures data up to 3.33Gbps
LeCroy Corp.'s SDA 6000 SDA features a signal capture bandwidth of 6GHz for data rates of up to 3.33Gbps.
2002-07-31 LeCroy adopts New Focus 3.5GHz converter for oscilloscope
LeCroy Corp. has selected New Focus Inc.'s 3.5GHz optical-to-electrical converter for its WaveMaster 8500 oscilloscope to analyze fiber-optic signal data.
2002-07-03 IBM SiGe technology to be integrated into LeCroy oscilloscopes
LeCroy Corp. has entered into an agreement with IBM Corp. wherein the latter will deploy their next-gen 0.18?m SiGe technology into LeCroy's WaveShape Analysis Oscilloscopes.
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