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2005-11-02 Wireless USB tools to address ultra-wideband development, test
New protocol analysis and traffic-generation tools promise to provide insight at each stage of a product's development lifecycle.
2005-11-04 Vehicle bus analyzer decodes CAN in symbolic format
Oscilloscope maker LeCroy Corp. creates a new testing paradigm with the release of its Vehicle Bus Analyzer.
2005-07-25 UWB protocol analyzer decodes WiMedia, WUSB protocols
LeCroy has announced the UWBTracer, claimed to be the industry's first protocol analyzer that supports the new ultra wideband WiMedia and Wireless USB standards.
2006-07-04 UWB compliance software targets wireless USB
LeCroy has its new MB-OFDM ultra-wideband (UWB) compliance software solution, part of the company's product lines designed to allow users to test the new wireless USB standard.
2006-01-13 Unique form-factor Windows-based digital scopes debut
LeCroy now offers a line of Windows-based digital oscilloscopes that are claimed to eliminate tradeoffs between performance, display size and bench footprint.
2005-05-18 SDA with 11GHz bandwidth
LeCroy has developed a total solution for next generation serial data analysis.
2005-04-05 Sampling technique underpins 100GHz-bandwidth scopes
LeCroy's new 100GHz bandwidth WaveExpert 9000 and SDA 100G mainframes combine the high bandwidth and accuracy of sampling oscilloscopes with the speed and utility of realtime scopes.
2015-10-02 Protocol exerciser/analyser aimed at PCIe 4.0 design
Teledyne LeCroy said the Summit Z416 targets the needs of PCI Express developers by offering high performance 16GT/s traffic generation on devices with link widths up to 16 lanes.
2007-03-07 Protocol analyzer supports 6Gbps SAS, SATA
The Avalanche protocol analyzer from LeCroy supports 6Gbps SAS and SATA speeds.
2006-07-06 Protocol analyzer now includes Wireless USB security support
LeCroy's UWBTracer protocol analyzer now supports multiple Certified Wireless USB Association and Security models.
2013-05-22 Protocol analysers for 16G fibre channel, 10/40G ethernet
Teledyne LeCroy has recently rolled out the SierraNet M168 and its new FlexPort Technology to support up to 16G fibre channel and 10Gbit/s ethernet protocols.
2004-11-24 New solution evaluates total jitter with reference-clock-based, non-clock-based methods
LeCroy released what it claims as the first jitter solution that can evaluate total jitter using both reference-clock-based and non-clock-based methods.
2014-07-22 How to calculate power with an oscilloscope
Find out how to use the Power Analysis software package on the Teledyne LeCroy HDO 6000 scope to eliminate the need to set up proper math operations.
2014-06-20 Guide to measuring PDN on a budget
While there are many excellent instruments for measuring power distribution network, we do not all have a budget that can support such an expense. However, there are other options available.
2014-12-15 Designing test tools to accommodate denser memories
Testing vendors should keep ahead in offering tools aimed at existing memory specifications and emerging denser memories technologies with automation as customers look to quickly verify products.
2004-07-14 CAN Bus Test System powers digital oscilloscopes
LeCroy introduced an innovative CAN Bus test solution for its WaveRunner 6000 series oscilloscopes.
2005-09-21 Automated test suite serves second-gen PCI Express
LeCroy's SDA PCI Express (SDA-PCIE-G2) software works in conjunction with its SDA (Serial Data Analyzers) and PCI Express Protocol Analysis and traffic generation tools.
2009-08-26 Test suite supports SuperSpeed USB
From LeCroy Corp. comes a single-source lineup of test instruments to comprehensively support the USB 3.0 standard, also known as SuperSpeed USB.
2010-10-01 Signal integrity network analyzers tout low cost, built-in calibration
LeCroy's SPARQ signal integrity network analyzers offers built-in calibration for up to 40GHz S-parameters
2008-02-25 Scope tests PCIe Gen2 signals
LeCroy's SDA 13000 serial data analyzer is an oscilloscope that offers compliance testing and debugging of PCIe Gen 2 signals.
2010-05-04 Real-time oscilloscopes achieve up to 60GHz
LeCroy's Digital Bandwidth Interleave (DBI) techniques can produce low-noise digital oscilloscopes with true analog bandwidths up to 60GHz.
2010-07-15 Protocol analyzer cuts USB 3.0 test costs
LeCroy Corp. launches a USB 3.0 protocol analyzer that is designed to lower the cost of testing SuperSpeed USB devices.
2010-07-08 Protocol analyzer comes with USB, GbE interface ports
LeCroy Corp. introduces the STX M6-1, an ultraportable single-port platform available in either a protocol analyzer or error injector models.
2008-08-26 Oscilloscopes highlight faster throughput
LeCroy Corp. has introduced the WavePro 7 Zi series of digital oscilloscopes that is said to deliver performance, speed, and a user interface optimized for analysis to enhance the design, debug and validation process in the 1.5GHz to 6GHz bandwidth range.
2007-10-22 Oscilloscopes deliver 5GSps at 1GHz
Two M-type 1GHz oscilloscopes launched by LeCroy feature their large display/small footprint and 5GSps sampling rate.
2008-07-16 Oscilloscope Tools provide faster decode, debug
Amherst Systems Associates Inc. has added a waveform decode functionality to its M1- Oscilloscope Tools software that enables faster and easier decode and debug on Tektronix, Agilent, LeCroy or Yokogawa oscilloscopes.
2007-10-16 Oscilloscope rolls for next-gen serial data standards
A digital oscilloscope for next-generation serial data standards. Has been announced by LeCroy Corp.
2010-02-26 Oscilloscope provides four channels at 30GHz
LeCroy has extended the WaveMaster 830 Zi 30GHz real-time oscilloscope, offering a simple and fast method to combine two oscilloscopes and provide four channels at 30GHz.
2006-02-06 Low-cost portable oscilloscopes provide long capture times
LeCroy's new WaveJet digital scopes include a 500-kpoint memory on each channel, which buys users 50x to 200x the capture time of competitive products in the WaveJet class.
2010-01-21 Low-cost oscilloscopes deliver up to 2GSps rate
LeCroy has beefed up its low-end WaveAce oscilloscope series to include four-channel and 40MHz models for simple and efficient debug.
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