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2009-05-11 Ultra-low quiescent-current linear regulator for automotive air bags
This application note presents a circuit using the MAX15006/MAX15007 linear regulators for reducing the quiescent current of automotive air-bag applications.
2008-06-10 Switching regulators tout 95% efficiency
RECOM International Power GmbH has developed the R-78Bxx-1.0 and R-78Bxx-1.5 series of switching regulators that claim to have efficiencies of up to 95 percent
2003-09-12 Stability and transient analysis of the Miller-compensated linear regulators on the ADP3178
This application note provides stability and transient analysis of the Miller-compensated linear regulators on the ADP3178 programmable synchronous buck converter.
2005-06-14 Stability analysis of low-dropout linear regulators with a PMOS pass element
This app note talks about low-dropout linear regulators with a PMOS pass element
2005-06-10 Soft-start circuits for LDO linear regulators
This app note discusses two methods of slew-rate limiting a linear regulator's output voltage rise time and, consequently, limiting its in-rush current at startup
2006-10-16 Selecting the right linear regulator
Each linear regulator has its advantages and disadvantages. Designers determine whether a certain type is appropriate for the application based on dropout voltage, ground current and stability-compensation method requirements
2002-07-26 Safe operating area of linear MOSFETs extended
Advanced Power Technology's APL502 and APL602 MOSFETs are designed for linear service as Class A amplifiers and for linear regulators and electronic loads.
2006-09-13 Power-One, Micrel offer Z-One-compatible linear regulators
Power-One and Micrel jointly announced a Z-One-compatible solution for low-current applications.
2013-03-01 Plessey rolls out linear regulators for bipolar process
The PS2292X LDO family targets consumer applications such as Set Top Boxes and gateways, industrial, communication and computing markets and are ideal for low voltage, post regulation applications.
2007-08-14 Optimizing feedforward compensation in linear regulators
All linear voltage regulators use a feedback loop which controls the amount of current sent to the load as required to hold the output voltage at the correct regulated value.
2003-05-09 NSC linear regulators drop out 160mV
National Semiconductor Corp.'s LP3881 dual-input LDO regulator kicks out as little as 75mV.
2003-01-02 Maxim linear regulators operate up to 65V
The MAX5023 and MAX5024 high-voltage linear regulators from Maxim Integrated Products are rated for operation over the 6.5V to 65V input voltage range, making them suitable for automotive, telecom, and industrial applications.
2000-06-19 LPR30 linear controller
This application note proposes the LPR30 Linear Controller, which is developed for high-current LDO linear regulators. It describes the internal blocks and the operating mode of the IC, and suggests an application example based on an existing demo-board.
2007-10-15 Low-noise switching regulators fit mobile devices
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has unveiled the first device in an extensive family of switching regulators designed for low-noise operation
2014-05-06 Linear voltage regulator minimises PCB area, component count
The regulators from Diodes Incorporated come in TO252-4 and PowerDI5060-8 TYPE B packages, and provide fixed 5V 2% output and 50mA drive capability
2000-11-30 Linear regulators: Theory of operation and compensation
This application note discusses the theory of operation and compensation of LDO regulators and quasi-LDO linear regulators that utilize an NPN Darlington pass transistor.
2006-08-14 Linear regulators with wider temp range
Linear Technology Corp. has announced a wider temperature range version of its LT1763 and LT1764A high-current, low-noise linear regulators.
2006-05-31 Linear regulators target noise-sensitive apps
National Semiconductor introduced a family of low-noise linear regulators for noise-sensitive systems.
2004-12-17 Linear regulators offer 25?A quiescent supply
Maxim developed small, high-input-voltage linear regulators that supply always-on, keep-alive power to CMOS RAM, RTC, and MCUs in systems with high-voltage batteries.
2009-12-23 Linear regulators leverage BiCMOS technology
Intersil's new LDOs claim the industry's fastest transient response, ensuring that the output voltage is regulated under varying load currents.
2004-11-19 Linear regulators eye SoCs, DDR memory in digital consumer apps
The new devices from CMD are touted to be the industry's first family of fully-integrated, all linear regulator solutions optimized for powering SoCs and DDR memory in digital consumer electronics
2005-12-07 Linear regulators deliver 300mA
Maxim Integrated Products unveiled high-voltage, low-quiescent-current, linear regulators that are capable of delivering up to 300mA of output current, and offer a wide 5V to 72V operating input range.
2014-08-25 Linear regulator transistors target 48V devices
Diodes released space-saving package options for its ZXTR2000 series of high-voltage linear regulator transistors aimed at 48V circuits in networking, telecom and power-over-Ethernet equipment
2009-07-09 LDO regulators enable always-on power supplies
Maxim Integrated Products has unveiled a line of LDO linear regulators operating from 1.425V to 3.6V to deliver up to 1A.
2016-01-21 In pursuit of quiet: Noise in linear regulators
It is always better to make sure the noise levels are low enough for your needs without expensive trials. Find out how this can be achieved.
2002-05-07 High-voltage linear regulators and constant current sources using LR8
This application note describes the functions, specifications and operations of LR8, a high voltage three-terminal adjustable linear regulator intended for operation directly off rectified ac mains
2008-04-07 High-voltage linear regulators aim at automotives
Microchip Technology Inc. has rolled the MCP1790 and MCP1791 (MCP179X) high-voltage linear regulators suited for automotive and industrial applications.
2008-02-07 EMC tests and PCB guidelines for automotive linear regulators
This document concentrates on EMC for automotive basic knowledge, test methods at the IC level and On Semiconductor standards. PCB guide lines are included to prevent any board effect or external coupling.
2008-03-14 Dual DC/DC buck regulators with dual low-noise linear regulators
The LM26480 is a multi-function, programmable power management unit, optimized for low power digital applications.
2013-01-28 Diode LDO regulators boast adjustable output voltage
With maximum input voltages of 3.65V and 5.5V respectively, the AP7175 and AP7176B provide an adjustable output voltage suitable for high-efficiency systems in a wide range of products.
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