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2011-05-16 X-ray application systems boast fastest live imaging
Nordson DAGE has launched its new Diamond FP and Ruby high-resolution X-ray inspection systems that claim highest real-time X-ray imaging.
2008-10-10 WiMAX Goes Live; Now Comes the Hard Part
It's official: the fledging WiMAX broadband network is finally getting rolling, with companies such as Lenovo, Toshiba and Nokia announcing a number of products (or extensions of previous products) that will take advantage of the competitor to cellular and home data-delivery markets.
2010-02-01 Will iPad live up to its hype?
Consumers, analysts voice out their praises and concerns on Apple's latest hot gadgetthe iPad tablet.
2003-10-16 WAP is dead; long live WAP
WAP gets a new leash on life as it gets center stage on camera phones.
2013-07-30 Ultrasonic sensor for static, live fuel sensing
Morgan Advanced Materials' ultrasonic sensor allows measurements to be accurately taken in a variety of fluids with different viscosities and opacities, such as fuel, oil, blood and water.
2004-01-06 Test your next hardware design - in a live network
With speed-matching software, designers can simplify the hardware emulation process, while also performing more realistic live test.
2008-08-29 Test companies live up to the WiMAX challenge
In an effort to put complete WiMAX analysis in the hands of RF designers, test and measurement companies continue to develop software upgrades, spectrum analyzers, test sets and network analyzers to comply with the rapid build out of these wireless networks.
2008-02-07 Tektronix adds live RF to mid-range analyzers
In 2006, Tektronix introduced the DPX waveform image processor technology for its RSA6000A high-end RTSAs. Now, Texktronix has brought this capability to its mid-range RTSAs in the RSA3000B series.
2010-04-15 Taiwan gears for live TD-LTE trial
National Chiao Tung University and Nokia Siemens Networks are conducting the first trials in Taiwan of the TDLTE.
2004-06-21 Switching frame mode in live T1 systems
This app note shows how to use or test T1 systems.
2008-04-02 Submini snap action switches live to 100,000 cycles
C&K Components' new series of sealed subminiature snap action switches feature a long mechanical life span of over 100,000 cycles.
2016-03-10 Solar energy powers total solar eclipse live broadcast
Panasonic broadcasted the total solar eclipse as it happened live from Ternate, Indonesia, using solar energy captured by a Power Supply Container.
2005-12-09 Sharp industrial automation LCDs live up to extreme conditions
With its 10.4-inch and 12.1-inch TFT LCDs, LQ104V1DG61 and LQ121S1DG61 , Sharp Microelectronics presents the first displays in its new Strong2 series of products.
2007-02-26 SEMI's live webcast to address China RoHS
The Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) will host a live webcast to provide information specifically for manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing and related equipment to help them comply with China RoHS.
2001-05-25 Philips PLDs support live insertion applications
This application note discusses the influence of programmable logic in live insertion applications, clarifies bus errors that can occur, and examines other important considerations when designing for live insertion.
2010-09-10 Offline machine programming system gains live database link
New enhancements add TPSys Live database link, intelligent matching to MYDATA offline machine programming
2011-05-09 Next-gen virtual machine tech ideal for live app analysis
Atego has rolled out the Aonix Perc Ultra 6, its latest version of embedded virtual machine technology that features Java 6 language compatibility and a graphical console for live application analysis.
2012-11-08 MIPS will live on, says Imagination
MIPS Technologies has agreed to a buyout agreement involving $350 million from an ARM-led consortium and $60 million from Imagination Technologies.
2006-05-26 Low-cost GSM chip makes first live phone call
Infineon announced that the first E-GOLDvoice chip worked at the first attempt and has already been used to make phone calls on GSM networks.
2002-03-15 Long live both ASICs and ASSPs
Until there is a one-size-fits-all platform in communications, ASICs and ASSPs are both here to stay.
2003-03-11 Logic line is built for live insertion
Pericom Semi's line of low-voltage-technology CMOS interface logic devices is especially designed for live insertion in server and networking apps.
2011-07-12 Live TV rules over connected TV
According to Knowledge Networks, viewers still choose "live" TV over "high-control" technologies.
2006-05-19 Live TV over cellphones launched in HK
PCCW is preempting the arrival of terrestrial-based broadcast services by deploying an early, simplified version of a specification designed to deliver live TV services over cellular networks.
2007-03-01 Live the digital lifestyle with DTV
With a combination of network, standard and platform, we can transition the DTV from entertainment device to family portal.
2008-04-08 Live insertion characterizes PCIe bus extender
According to Furaxa, its PCIe live insertion bus extender board which, when installed in any PCIe x16 motherboard socket, facilitates fast production testing and engineering debug of PCIe boards of all data widths.
2003-02-19 Intersil hot-swap controllers operate in live backplanes
Intersil Corp. has introduced the Endura ISL6117 and ISL6120 low-voltage, hot-swap controllers that allow hot-swapping from live backplanes.
2008-06-11 Instant replay of live TV receives Qpixel dose
Video compression silicon and software solutions provider Qpixel Technology offers the Q.replay reference design, a platform that according to the company to enable low cost, standalone devices for instant replay of live TV.
2004-10-08 Hitachi, NEC router venture Alaxala goes live
The joint network router and switch company created by Hitachi Ltd and NEC Corp., dubbed Alaxala Networks Corp., started operating Monday (Oct. 4) with Hitachi offering a gigabit router initially.
2008-06-24 Handheld spectrum analyzers feature live RF
Tektronix Inc. has introduced the SA2600 handheld real-time spectrum analyzer with DPX waveform image processor technology that provides a live RF view of the spectrum.
2007-03-01 H.264 HD codec suits live HD video broadcast
The low encode-decode tandem delay and ability to encode 1080 video at high quality and relatively low bit rates makes the WW20K chipset from W&W Communications suitable for live HD video broadcast applications.
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