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2007-07-17 Small power solution IC integrates battery charger, diode, LDO
Linear Technology Corp. unveils the LTC3557, a multifunction power management solution for Li-ion/polymer battery applications.
2007-06-18 Single-chip Zigbee PiP boasts long battery life
Designed to support wireless applications, Freescale Semiconductor Inc.'s single-chip Zigbee platform-in-package (PiP) enables up to 20-year battery life and features up to 2Mbps TurboLink technology
2010-08-05 Single input charger protects Li-ion, Li-polymer batteries
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. announced the availability of the AAT3698, a single input 1.6A linear charger to manage the charging, sequencing and protection of Lithium (Li)-Ion and Lithium Polymer-powered portable devices
2009-03-05 Simplified Lithium-ion (Li+) battery-charger testing
This application note presents a simple circuit for simulating the behavior of a Li+ battery, thus providing a more convenient method for testing Li+ battery chargers than using real batteries
2007-08-27 Selecting the right battery system for cost-sensitive portable applications while maintaining excellent quality
This application note shows characteristics of some popular battery chemistries for portable applications and fully integrated low cost single-cell Li-ion/lithium polymer battery charge management solutions.
2008-04-16 Scientists develop safer Li-ion batteries
Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC in Germany, have found a way to create energy-dense Li-ion batteries without the use of flammable organic electrolytes
2007-04-13 Sanyo posts $17M loss due to battery recall
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. disclosed that it is set to book a loss of $17 million in its earnings for the year ended March 31, to cover part of the cost to recall mobile phone batteries.
2010-07-19 Researchers reduce battery recharge time to 10 minutes
Government and Princeton University researchers developed graphene-based electrodes that could reduce recharge time of Li-ion batteries from two hours to 10 minutes
2007-11-23 Report: Sanyo hinges hope on battery biz
Rebounding from years of being in the red, Sanyo Electric will boost investment in its battery business for survival
2006-10-03 PRBA releases statement on battery recall issue
PRBA executive director George Kerchner said that recent recalls of certain Li-ion batteries address a very rare problem and that majority of batteries being recalled are safe, with Lenovo and Sony exercising extreme caution
2007-04-12 Power manager/battery charger suits USB apps
Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4088, an autonomous high-efficiency power manager, ideal diode controller and battery charger for portable USB devices
2009-08-06 PMICs deliver improved battery cycle life
Linear Technology Corp. has released a series of highly integrated multi-function power management integrated circuit (PMIC) solutions for portable Li-ion or polymer battery applications.
2004-01-15 Philips licenses Lithylene technology to Stone Battery
Stone Battery has completed the licensing agreement to employ Philips Lithylene battery technology in the manufacturing of batteries with free form factors
2006-09-15 O2Micro granted battery gauge patent
O2Micro International Ltd was issued 14 claims under United States patent number 7,081,737 for its battery cell monitoring and balancing circuit
2007-04-27 New notebook battery guidelines move to IEC
The lithium-battery safety guidelines compiled by two Japanese industry associations in the wake of last year's notebook PC battery recalls have moved to International Electrotechnical Commission committees for consideration as standard procedure
2005-09-22 New battery devt kit from Atmel
Atmel announced a smart battery development kit that is based on the company's ATmega406, a highly integrated single-chip smart battery AVR device, targeting Li-ion batteries for laptop computers, medical equipment and portable instrumentation.
2005-05-11 New battery chargers from Linear Tech maximize charging rate
The LTC4075 and LTC4075X from Linear Tech are standalone dual-input linear battery chargers that efficiently manage charging single-cell Li-ion batteries from two separate power sources: a wall adapter and USB.
2008-05-19 NEC, Sanyo make Li-ion batteries for 'green' cars
Sanyo Electric and NEC last week were reported to have entered separate partnerships with carmakers for the manufacture of Li-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles
2002-11-13 Multiple battery pack applications using the DS2760
This application note demonstrates an implementation of a circuit with the DS2760 and supports the switching of multiple battery sources without power loss contention
2006-09-11 Mobile OEMs aim to set battery standard
A group of about nine systems makers will meet this week (Sept. 13) to take the first step toward setting a quality standard for Li-ion batteries
2006-02-17 Mitsumi unveils its latest battery protection ICs
The new high precision overcharge and over-discharge protection IC from Mitsumi features a built-in LDO for microcomputer and fuel gauge power.
2003-04-21 Maxim battery charger IC provides 4A current
The MAX1908 multi-chemistry battery charger IC from Maxim Integrated Products is capable of extending battery capacity and minimize charging time
2007-08-24 Matsushita forms task force for battery recalls
Matsushita Electric Industrial said it has set up a task force to handle large-scale free-of-charge replacements of defective mobile phone battery units made for Nokia
2003-03-28 LTC battery charger IC halves charger design size
The LTC4008 4A multi-cell, multi-chemistry battery pack charger IC from Linear Technology Corp. (LTC) occupies a footprint of 5.62cm&sup2
2011-12-27 Lithium-imide better than Li-ion for mobile devices
Lithium-imide electrolyte chemistry overcomes conventional Li-ion's energy density and durability hurdles
2004-09-03 Lishen Li-ion polymer batteries rated at 650mAh
The latest Li-ion polymer batteries from Lishen Battery Joint-Stock feature a nominal capacity of 650mAh and rated voltage of 3.7V.
2005-04-15 Linear Tech's dc-dc controller suits Li-ion powered apps
Linear Technology has developed a constant frequency current mode step-down dc-dc controller in 2-by-3mm DFN and low profile 8-lead ThinSOT package.
2007-04-11 Linear battery charger delivers 'extremely high' power density
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has announced the AAT3697, touted to be an extremely high-power-density linear battery charger for Li-ion/polymer batteries.
2003-12-05 Licom Power battery features 1.4Ah capacity
Narada Licom Power Tech. (Shanghai) Co. Ltd has developed a Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery cell that is designed to suit cellphones, PDAs, portable DVDs, digital cameras and notebook computers.
2007-04-02 Li-ion/polymer battery chargers load up to 500mA
Microchip's Li-ion/Li-polymer battery charge-management controllers provide fully integrated charge-management functions, and selectable or programmable charge currents up to 500mA in a 5-pin SOT-23 package.
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