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2007-07-06 Sanyo Electric ratchets up battery line
Sanyo Electric will spend $245 million to raise output of its rechargeable batteries for laptops, AP reported.
2014-07-09 Sand is the holy grail of Li-ion anodes
When processed, sand becomes a pure nano-silicon formed in a very porous 3-D silicon!believed to be the key to expanding the expected lifespan of Si-based batteries up to 3 times or more.
2009-08-07 Samsung-Bosch JV to supply Li-ion batteries to BMW
BMW has tapped SB LiMotive!the Samsung SDI and Bosch joint venture!to supply Li-ion battery cells for its first electric car.
2002-01-17 Samsung develops ultra-thin Li-ion batteries for cellphones
Claimed to be the world's thinnest Li-ion battery, the company's 58-by-34-by-2.8mm battery pack can store up to 355Wh and is primarily intended for use in cellphones.
2010-09-21 Researchers inspect Li-ion batteries at nanoscale
New microscopy technique used to view Li-ion movement
2008-01-18 Researchers boost Li-ion battery life with nanowires
Researchers from Stanford University have created a prototype that uses silicon nanowire electrodes to extend the life of Li-ion batteries
2012-04-20 Research reveals Li-ion batteries with carbon nanoparticles
A team of researchers has developed a lithium-sulfur battery that has porous carbon nanoparticles that use sulfur molecules to achieve what they claim as the greatest possible efficiency
2005-03-15 Regulator covers entire Li-ion range
A synchronous buck-boost dc-dc converter optimized for driving high current white LEDs at up to 500mA from a single Li-ion battery input was recently unveiled by Linear Tech.
2003-06-12 Protection of Li-ion batteries (two-cells in series): Monolithic IC MM1292, 1302
This application note discusses the MM1292, which is targeted for Li-ion battery protection during excessive overcharging and overcurrent conditions.
2003-06-12 Protection of Li-ion batteries (one-cell): Monolithic IC MM1301
This application note discusses the MM1301, which is targeted for high-precision Li-ion battery protection against excessive overcharging and overcurrent.
2003-06-12 Protection of Li-ion batteries (one cell): Monolithic IC MM1291
This application note discusses the MM1291, which is targeted for Li-ion battery protection during excessive overcharging and overcurrent conditions.
2006-11-08 Protection IC targets rechargeable Li-ion batteries
Mitsumi has announced a secondary protection IC for rechargeable Li-ion batteries used in portable electric devices
2008-10-23 Protection IC offers cell balancing for 10-cell battery packs
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the DS2726, a standalone protection IC with integrated cell balancing for 5- to 10-cell Li-ion battery packs.
2008-05-02 PRBA calls for update to UN test scheme for Li-ion batteries
The PRBA, the rechargeable battery industry's leading trade association, has proposed modifications to battery tests contained in the United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria
2003-10-03 Powerlong battery offers 5.5A capacity
Designed for use in portable DVDs, the 3.7V polymer Li-ion battery from Xiamen Powerlong Industrial Co. Ltd has a 5.5A capacity.
2009-10-22 Power up your battery design with cell balancing
Cell-to-cell differences in temperature, capacity and series impedance are a major concern as more cells are required in a pack. This article addresses the effects of these differences and how to manage these in a battery design
2006-07-17 Power ICs simplify Li-ion battery charging
Autonomous power manager ICs offer full-featured standalone battery chargers, integrated with PowerPath controllers and ideal diode devices that efficiently manage a wide variety of input power sources and reduce power dissipation, all with extremely small form factors
2011-10-12 PMICs target Li-ion battery-based mobile products
austriamicrosystems has released two new devices!AS3710 and AS3711!that expands its configurable PMIC family to target Li-ion battery-based mobile products.
2002-09-27 Pianzhuan begins Li-ion battery mass production
Xianyang Pianzhuan Group Corp. has commenced mass production for Li-ion batteries, with an annual capacity of eight million units
2009-12-16 Paper battery trumps Li-ion performance
Researchers have developed a paper battery based on carbon nanotubes and silver nanowires could store an electric charge in a mobile device
2010-04-08 Panasonic starts Li-ion production in Suminoe plant
Panasonic Corp. has completed its flagship Li-ion battery production facility in Suminoe, Osaka City, and will begin mass production of battery cells this April.
2009-08-10 Panasonic Li-ion cell powers solar racer
Panasonic Corp. is providing the Solar Electric Vehicle Team of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT SEVT) with high-capacity 2.9Ah Li-ion batteries
2010-03-29 Panasonic gears for Li-ion battery mass production
Panasonic Corp. has finished the first phase of construction of its new Li-ion battery production facility in Suminoe, Osaka City.
2004-10-15 O2Micro achieves patent for battery gauge invention
O2Micro Int. Ltd, a supplier of power management and security ICs, has received 15 claims under the United States patent number 6,744,394 for its high precision analog-to-digital converter (ADC) gauge.
2008-05-21 Nissan-NEC JV ramps Li-ion battery production
Automotive Energy Supply Corp., the JV company of Nissan Motor, NEC and its subsidiary NEC TOKIN, has begun full operations.
2007-04-17 Nissan-NEC JV eyes development of Li-ion battery for cars
Nissan Motor, NEC, and its subsidiary, NEC TOKIN, have signed an agreement to establish a joint-venture company to focus on Li-ion battery business for wide-scale automotive application by 2009.
2016-01-26 Nissan shells out $37.75M for UK Li-ion battery plant
The investment will help maintain 300 highly-skilled jobs in manufacturing, maintenance and engineering at Nissan's advanced lithium-ion battery plant in Sunderland, the largest of its type in Europe
2011-08-05 Nexeon gets $65.40M funding for Li-ion batt tech
Nexeon is using its recent funding to establish a world-class manufacturing facility that will boost its Li-ion battery technology developments.
2008-09-04 New JV of Li-ion cells for cars hits the road
SB LiMotive, the 50-50 joint venture of Bosch and Samsung SDI, has started its operations Sept. 1. The new company seeks to develop, manufacture and sell Li-ion batteries for automotive applications
2002-05-20 NEC, FHI to form rechargeable Li-ion battery firm
NEC Corp. and Fuji Heavy Ind. Ltd (FHI) have agreed to form a company that will develop rechargeable manganese-Li-ion battery for automobiles.
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