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2014-09-18 Nanomaterials lengthen Li-ion battery life
The use of nanomaterials in electrodes claims to help alleviate the mechanical and chemical limitations of Li-ion batteries, where hollow nanospheres are refined after many charge-discharge cycles
2010-08-11 Nanofiber-based separator enhances electric vehicle battery performance
The Energain battery separator is the first nanofiber-based polymeric battery separator that enhances the performance and safety of Li-ion batteries, says DuPont. Mass production will begin in Q1 2011.
2010-03-17 Nanocomposites up Li-ion battery capacity 5x
Nanocomposites target to scale up the capacity of Li-ion batteries 5x by hanging nanometer-sized silicon particles on trees of carbon black that self-assemble into porous micron-sized spheres
2006-06-19 Multifunction IC packs battery charger, buck converter
Linear has introduced a multifunction IC featuring a standalone linear battery charger and a highly-efficient synchronous buck converter
2008-09-15 Multicell Li-ion and Li-Pol battery gas-gauge application using the bq26500
This application report describes implementation of multicell battery packs using bq26500 circuits
2006-07-19 MOSFETs for battery packs touts 'smallest' footprint
NEC Electronics' new power MOSFETs, boasting the industry's smallest footprint for its class, reduce the design footprint of traditional dual n-channel devices by as much as 86 percent.
2002-10-17 Mitsumi Li-ion battery protection ICs function up to 850C
The MM1543 and MM1544 Li-ion battery protection ICs prevent shorting and reverse charging, and are designed to operate up to 850C.
2011-05-11 Micro PMIC supports Li-Ion powered devices
austriamicrosystems introduces the AS3605 Micro PMIC designed for portable devices powered by a single-cell Li-Ion battery.
2009-08-28 MHI to build Li-ion battery verification plant
Mitsubishi announced plans to establish a commercial production verification plant in Nagasaki Prefecture.
2005-01-17 MCU, flash enhance battery charger features
Find out the advantages of using an 8bit flash MCU in designing offline Li-ion battery chargers.
2007-11-23 Maxwell, China battery maker develop 'hybrid' energy storage
Maxwell and Lishen, a China maker of rechargeable Li-ion batteries, have announced an alliance through which they plan to manufacture and market novel "hybrid" energy storage
2005-02-16 Maxim unveils 2 new battery chargers for single-cell Li-ion batteries
Maxim Integrated Products rolled out its MAX8600 and MAX8601 single-/dual-input linear battery chargers for single-cell Li-ion batteries.
2008-08-04 Matsushita to establish new battery plant in Osaka
Matsushita Battery Industrial Co. Ltd announced plans to construct a new flagship Li-ion battery plant in Osaka City.
2008-04-16 Manage Li-ion batteries for portable devices
Portable product designers can design a flexible Li-ion battery charge management system using an MCU-controlled pulse-width modulation module or a stand-alone integrated battery charge-management controller-based solution.
2008-07-10 Low-power DC/DC converter renders longer battery runtime
Linear has launched the LTC3564, a 2.25MHz synchronous buck regulator that can deliver up to 1.25A of continuous output current from a 2mm x 3mm DFN or ThinSOT package.
2008-06-10 Lithium-ion battery charging using bipolar transistors
This application note by Khagendra Thapa discusses linear charge techniques and associated discrete pass elements. It highlights the dominant discrete parameters and selection criteria.
2013-07-08 Lithium-iodine battery packs more energy punch
An iodine-based aqueous cathode developed by members of the RIKEN Byon Initiative Research Unit doubles the energy density of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
2004-01-30 Lithium Tech ships second Li-ion battery in Europe
Lithium Technology Corp. has delivered its second prototype Li-ion polymer battery to the European Astor consortium.
2005-12-29 Linear Tech rolls out new battery charger
Linear Tech unveiled a fully integrated standalone linear battery charger that can charge a single-cell Li-ion battery at up to 750mA without overheating the device or surrounding components.
2004-12-17 Linear Tech power supply eyes Li-ion battery-powered apps
Linear Tech introduced a compact, high efficiency xScale microprocessor power supply in a 4-by-4mm QFN package.
2005-03-01 Linear Tech Li-ion battery charger prolongs battery life
Linear Tech unveiled a new compact standalone linear 1-cell 4.375V Li-ion battery charger that promises to improve charging safety and simplify charge termination.
2005-01-27 Linear Tech dc-dc converter optimizes battery run time
A true Buck-Boost dc-dc converter, which delivers up to a continuous 1.2A of output current at efficiencies as high as 95 percent, was recently announced by Linear Tech.
2003-03-13 Linear Tech battery charger IC provides 800mA current
The LTC4054 single-cell linear Li-ion battery charger IC from Linear Technology delivers up to 800mA of charge current without an external transistor.
2003-12-30 Linear Li-ion charger reduces board components
Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4059 single-cell Li-ion linear charger that eliminates the need for three discrete power components
2003-08-13 Linear Li-ion battery charger operates from any adapter
Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4002, a standalone switch-mode Li-ion battery charger with an operating supply up to 24V.
2007-12-14 Li-ion/polymer chargers feature auto USB, AC source selection
Microchip Technology has announced the MCP73837 and MCP73838 (MCP73837/8) dual-input, high-current Li-ion/polymer charge-management controllers with automatic USB or AC adapter power-source selection
2009-07-21 Li-ion/Li-Poly battery charge and system load sharing management design guide with MCP73871
This application note offers detailed design guidance for portable electronics designers who are interested in taking advantage of using the MCP73871 in their projects.
2005-11-25 Li-ion system backs up telecom
Saft's Intensium 3 is a self-contained, 48V Li-ion battery system for telecom power backup. The hot-pluggable unit has a capacity of 2.2kWh.
2010-03-18 Li-ion safety monitor controls six voltages, two temp inputs
Analog Devices Inc. has launched a Li-ion battery monitoring and protection system that integrates all necessary components, including voltage and current measurement, signal isolation and safety monitoring.
2014-10-09 Li-ion not included: Higher-density battery chemistries
As 4G networks and app processors drive up energy demands of mobile devices, handset manufacturers will require batteries featuring higher-density chemistries such as lithium sulphur.
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