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2010-04-19 LEJ to establish Li-ion battery plant in Japan
Lithium Energy Japan (LEJ) will set up build a new plant in Ritto City, Japan that will produce 4.4 million cells a year, enough to power 50,000 of Mitsubishi's new-generation i-MiEV electric vehicles.
2007-08-08 LDO reduces energy wastage in battery-run apps
With a low quiescent current of 2?A, Microchip's MCP1703 LDO requires only a small amount of current to maintain regulation, significantly decreasing wasted energy.
2010-07-13 Large Li-ion battery plant opens in Finland
The European Batteries has opened its factory in Varkaus, Finland, which manufactures large, Li-ion battery packs and systems.
2015-07-06 Korean scientists develop safer Li-ion batt
South Korean scientists from the Institute of Basic Science at Pohang University have developed a new high-performance lithium ion battery, which is stable at high temperatures
2008-12-23 JV to work on Li-ion batteries for hybrid cars
GS Yuasa Corp. and Honda Motor Co. Ltd have reached a basic agreement to establish a joint venture company that will manufacture, sell and conduct R&D for high-performance Li-ion batteries for applications focusing on hybrid vehicles
2015-02-06 JNC bares $18.7M Li-ion battery facilities
JNC Corporation unveils its newly completed Lithium-Ion Battery Separator Production Facilities in Chiba, Japan, projects deeper involvement in mass production of separators
2006-10-24 JEITA task force to set notebook PC battery guidelines
A task force was formed by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association to set guidelines for safety use of Li-ion batteries in notebook PCs
2005-05-10 Japan Li-ion battery producers target high-output apps
Manufacturers of Li-ion rechargeable batteries are now seeking new markets after years of chiefly concentrating on mobile phones and PCs. Companies like Sony Corp. and Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd, both of Japan, are turning their attention to new applications such as power tools, cordless vacuum cleaners and electric bicycles
2007-06-18 Japan drafts Li-ion battery safety guidelines
The battery and PC industries of Japan have jointly hammered out guidelines for the safe use of Li-ion batteries, and presented it to the International Electrotechnical Commission.
2009-11-18 ITRI material boosts Li-ion battery safety
Taiwan's ITRI claims that STOBA is to be the first material technology to enhance the safety of Li-ion batteries
2006-11-27 Intersil battery charger accepts two power inputs
Intersil's single-cell Li-ion or Li-polymer battery charger accepts two power inputs, normally one from a USB port and another from a desktop cradle.
2002-12-06 Interfacing the DS2760 1-Wire High Precision Li-Ion Battery monitor in a Microcontroller Environment
This application note discusses how to use one wire to interface the DS2760 to a microcontroller.
2007-12-06 Intelligent battery ups ante in electric vehicle power storage
In a move designed to bring the electric vehicle industry one step closer to the Holy Graila battery solution that is safe, lasts longer and weighs less than technologies used todayValence Technology has unveiled its Epoch Li-ion battery technology.
2005-08-26 Intel, Matsushita team to develop 8-hour battery
Matsushita Battery Ind. Co. and Intel Corp. said they would collaborate to develop batteries able to run a notebook PC for 8 hours without recharging
2009-03-20 Integrated RF charging tech powers battery
The new PowerPlane MX Li-ion battery from Planar Energy Devices is targeted for applications that require self-sufficient milli-amp-hour energy storage. It has an integrated RF wireless charging technology.
2008-11-26 Integrated battery chargers target portable apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched four 28V, 1.5A linear charge management ICs with integrated FETs aimed at smart phones and other portable electronics.
2009-02-27 Integrated battery charger supplies 2A charge current
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has introduced what it claims is the industry's first fully integrated single-cell Li-ion battery charger capable of supplying up to 2A charge current in a 3mm x 3mm TDFN package.
2003-10-31 Industries Li-ion batteries to be used by China military
Industries Int. Inc. announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Li Sun Power, has been granted authorization to work with the Chinese People's Liberation Army.
2004-03-02 INDI gets production rights for button-type Li-ion battery
Industries International Inc. (INDI) has received an exclusive right to produce in China what is touted as the industry's first button-type Li-ion battery.
2007-04-23 Improving accuracy of the MAX1737 Li-ion battery charger
Improving accuracy of the MAX1737 Lithium-ion battery charger
2015-11-10 Improve Li-ion battery performance using hydrogen
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists found that hydrogen-treated graphene nanofoam electrodes in the lithium ion batteries show higher capacity and faster transport.
2008-08-20 Implement safe battery charging between gadgets
One of the challenges consumers, and especially business travelers, face today is finding a common yet practical technique to charge the wide variety of portable devices such as cellphones, wireless headsets, and MP3 players now at their disposal. Addressing this challenge requires safe charging methods that allow portable devices with higher energy storage to charge portable devices with lower power requirements.
2014-02-04 Implement compact wireless battery charging
Wireless charging adds value, reliability and robustness in many applications.
2006-09-27 IEEE preps Li-ion battery standard
The IEEE is developing IEEE P1825, the standard which will set uniform criteria for the design, production and evaluation of Li-ion and Li-ion polymer batteries used in digital cameras and camcorders
2002-12-04 HYB Li-ion battery suit automobile, UPS apps
Shenzhen HYB Battery Co. Ltd's SMART automotive Li-ion battery features a maximum capacity of 18Ah and is suitable for UPS apps.
2004-03-31 Hitachi, Shin-Kobe consider HEV rechargeable Li-ion battery venture
Hitachi Ltd and Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co. Ltd have started discussing toward establishing a joint venture company to market, develop and manufacture rechargeable Li-ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV
2008-10-22 Hitachi to supply motors, Li-ion batteries to Eaton
Hitachi Ltd has secured an order from Eaton Corp. to supply motors, inverters, Li-ion batteries and other components for Eaton's hybrid power systems to be delivered through 2011
2008-07-14 High-power Li-ion batteries use spinel tech
E-One Moli used advanced spinel technology to develop a new formula of new generation high-power Li-ion batteries
2009-10-06 High-energy Li-ion battery module touts 58Ah at 25.2V
Panasonic Corp. has developed a 1.5kWh battery module that provides energy storage solutions for a wide range of environmentally friendly energy technologies
2003-03-14 HEB Li-ion battery fits Bluetooth headsets
Designed for use in 3G mobile phone peripherals, the company's H552030 Li-ion rechargeable battery measures 20-by-30-by-5.5mm.
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