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2003-08-04 HCT battery pack suits Audiovox 9500
HCT Electric Co. Ltd has released its HCT-AUD9500 500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery pack for Audiovox 9500 apps.
2003-10-08 Haoxin Li-ion battery has protection circuit
Shanghai Haoxin Science and Development Co. Ltd has rolled out the TN-3.6-600-I type mobile phone use Li-ion battery.
2002-09-11 Haoxin li-ion battery features 120h standby time
Designed for use in Nokia's 3310 model mobile phone, the HX-3310 li-ion battery from Shanghai Haoxin Science and Dev. Co. Ltd features a standby time between 60h and 120h.
2002-08-30 Haoxin li-ion battery allows solar charging
Suitable for Nokia's 5110, 6110, 6150, and 7110 mobile phone models, the TN-3.6-1000 li-ion battery features a solar charger that refills the battery when no independent charger is available.
2004-06-07 Hanata exports Li-ion products to HK, South Korea
Hanata Battery Joint-Stock Co. Ltd exported 10,000 units of Li-ion batteries worth $26,000 to Hong Kong and South Korea.
2008-03-06 GM taps Hitachi Li-ion batteries for hybrid cars
Hitachi has received an order for Li-ion battery systems for GM hybrid-electric vehicles.
2006-12-12 Glitch in Sanyo's battery prompts recall
Faulty Li-ion battery packs made by a Sanyo subsidiary have prompted NTT Docomo Inc. to recall and exchange about 1.3 million battery packs used in its 3G handsets.
2007-10-02 Fire halts Li-ion battery production at Matsushita plant
Matsushita Electric has stopped production of Li-ion batteries at a factory in Osaka, Japan after a fire broke out over the weekend
2004-08-10 Fenghua Li-ion batteries rated at 0.7Ah
Fenghua Lithium Battery's latest Li-ion batteries have a nominal capacity of 0.7Ah and nominal voltage of 3.7V.
2003-07-23 FengFan, Valence establish battery company in China
Battery makers FengFan Group and Valence Technology of China and the U.S. respectively, have formed joint a venture company named Baoding Fengfan-Valence Battery Co. Ltd
2009-08-24 Fast-charging Li-ion battery touts longer life
Sony is introducing a new type of Li-ion battery that promises higher power and longer life than the performance of traditional alkaline batteries and Li-ion batteries currently on the market.
2008-06-16 Extend battery life with proper charging, discharging
Li-ion battery capacity is important to provide the longest product runtime in the smallest physical size. But longer battery life is also important. This article presents methods for charging and discharging Li-ion batteries to increase battery life.
2008-05-07 EV-124 AAT3681: USB Port or AC adapter Li-ion/polymer battery charger
AnalogicTech's AAT3681 evaluation board demonstrates single-cell Li-ion/polymer battery charging from either a USB or ADP port.
2007-10-04 Epson, Murata to develop wireless quick battery charger
Seiko Epson and Murata Manufacturing have agreed to jointly develop a wireless quick battery charger capable of a substantially shorter charging time
2007-11-19 Enhance system safety with battery management electronics
Ensure total battery monitoring and prevent catastrophic battery events with battery management electronics
2002-06-18 EM Micro ships lithium battery protection module
EM Microelectronics has introduced the Panther lithium battery protection module that improves the operating life of single-cell rechargeable battery packs without additional external components
2003-09-30 Electrovaya, Exide partner on Li-ion solutions
Electrovaya Inc. and Exide Technologies have signed a non-binding MoU to develop Li-ion products and solutions
2010-05-11 Electric vehicles to boost Li-ion battery market
The Li-ion battery market is poised to rebound around end-2010 and, with the electric vehicle (EV) segment projected to explode in 2012-2013.
2003-02-18 E-One Li-ion battery fits portable apps
The company's ICP053048A Li-ion rechargeable battery measures 48-by-48-by-5.3mm, making it suitable for use in portable apps.
2006-04-25 Dual-input Li-ion battery charger targets handheld apps
Linear Technology announced an efficient and compact power management solution for handheld applications.
2007-08-07 Designing multi-cell Li-ion battery packs using the ISL9208 analog front end
This application note discusses some of the hardware and software design decisions and shows how to select external components for a multi-cell Li-ion battery pack using a microcontroller and the ISL9208 analog front end.
1999-06-29 Designing Li-ion battery charger controllers for portable PC and wireless devices
This paper addresses the issues concerning lithium ion (Li-ion) battery charging that requires precision battery voltage sensing to ensure safe charge termination as well as full charging and accurate detection of minimum charge current.
2008-03-07 Design fuel gauging for multicell Li-ion battery pack (Part 2)
This is the conclusion of the two-part article that describes how the fuel gauging technology, the Impedance Track from TI, tackles these challenges in battery design and presents a brief example of a three-series, two-parallel battery pack solution
2008-02-22 Design fuel gauging for multicell Li-ion battery pack (Part 1)
This article describes how the fuel gauging technology, the Impedance Track from TI, tackles these challenges in battery design and presents a brief example of a three-series, two-parallel battery pack solution
2008-02-11 Design a load sharing system power path management with Microchip's stand-alone Li-ion battery charger
This application note will assist product designers by taking advantage of using Microchip's fully integrated simple Li-Ion battery charge management controllers with common directional control to build a system and battery load sharing circuitry.
2003-05-26 Desay obtains innovative Li-ion battery patents
Desay Power Technology Co. Ltd has received an invention patent and two application patents from the State Intellectual Property Office of the China.
2004-07-28 Desay Li-ion batteries rated at 1.5Ah
Designed for use in MP3 players, the MP3-6 Li-ion batteries from Desay feature a nominal capacity of 1.5Ah and rated voltage of 3.7V
2005-05-30 Dc-dc module tailored for one-cell Li-ion battery-powered apps
HIPAC introduced a portable power solution reference design that is designed for the one-cell Li-ion battery-powered handy terminal apps.
2002-07-02 Dallas Semi battery monitor enables recovery of fully depleted battery
The DS2761 high-precision Li-ion battery monitor incorporates precise current, voltage, temperature measurements, nonvolatile data storage, and Li-ion protection circuitry into a 16-pin TSSOP or die-sized flip-chip package.
2002-07-25 Dallas battery protection IC reduces pack impedance
The DS2720 single-cell Li-ion battery protection IC integrates a regulated charge pump to enable control of n-channel MOSFETs.
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