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2002-08-16 Dallas battery monitor allows trickle charging
The DS2761 Li ion battery monitor provides a charge path that enables trickle charging to the battery cell until such time that normal charging methods can be used.
2012-12-18 Cu current collector sheds light on car battery life
A team from OSU found that over time, Li accumulates beyond the battery electrodes, in the copper current collector, which eases electron transfer between electrodes and the car's electrical system
2014-03-03 Creating your own battery simulator
Know how to make a circuit that can provide an observably slow output dv/dt, while sinking the entire 2-A charge current that the charger supplies.
2003-06-13 Control of Li-ion batteries using the MM1332 monolithic IC
This application note discusses the MM1332 device, which is a constant voltage, constant current power device for high-precision Li-ion battery apps.
2009-06-05 Control ICs ensure safe battery charging
Torex Semiconductor Ltd is offering the XC6801/XC6802 series of ICs for single-cell Li-ion battery charging control.
2003-06-13 Control for lithium-ion battery charging (one cell): Monolithic IC MM1333
This application note discusses the MM1333 device, which is used to charge Li-ion batteries
2008-09-26 Continental preps Li-ion battery production for hybrids
Continental, the international automotive supplier, is the world's first manufacturer to start series production of Li-ion batteries to be used in hybrid drive cars
2008-03-05 Continental develops Li-ion batteries for hybrid cars
Continental is set to start first-time volume production of a high-performance Li-ion battery for hybrid vehicles at the end of the year.
2011-09-22 Compound for Li-ion cells enables 256mAh/g capacity
A recent discovery has significantly cut charging time and has increased the power density of Li-ion batteries
2010-06-18 Class-D amp with boost converter extends battery life
TI's Class-D audio amplifier with boost converter packs battery monitoring AGC and SpeakerGuard technology to prevent early shutdown at low battery voltages
2007-08-15 China BAK to supply Li-ion batteries for HP notebooks
China BAK Battery and HP are negotiating an agreement for BAK to supply Li-ion batteries for use in HP notebooks.
2006-08-17 China BAK Battery delays SEC filing
China BAK Battery Inc., a major manufacturer of Li-ion battery cells, said it will delay the filing of its Form 10-Q for Q3 2006 ended June 30, 2006.
2014-07-02 Chemists focus on Li-sulphur cells as alternative to Li-ion
Researchers at the NIM Cluster at LMU and at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, have synthesised a novel material that could show the way forward to modern lithium-sulphur batteries.
2010-09-01 Charging Li-ion batteries in portable apps (Part 1
USB requirements present several challenges for battery charging
2008-02-14 Charger ICs for portable CEs optimize Li-ion batteries
A family of Li-ion battery charger ICs that address the need for highly accurate charging current and output voltages for portable consumer electronics has been introduced by Freescale.
2005-12-02 Charger IC tailored for Li-ion battery-powered apps
Microchip Technology expanded its analog power-management family with the release of the MCP73831 battery charger, a fully-integrated, single-cell, Li-ion/Li-Polymer charge-management controller.
2007-12-21 Charger IC powers up to two Li-ion cells in series
AnalogicTech has introduced the AAT3663, the first in a family of 1A linear battery charger ICs capable of charging up to two Li-ion cells in series.
2007-01-12 Cellphone battery market steadies
The mobile phone battery market will remain sustainable for 2007-2010, according to Research and Markets, and will reach a CAGR of production scale of 9.85 percent and a CAGR of sales revenue of 5.85 percent
2004-01-01 Cell balancing to maximize battery packs capacity
Cell balancing can increase the useable capacity of the Li-ion systems when there is charge loss or capacity loss within a series string
2010-07-13 Carbon-based Li-ion batteries deliver 10x power
MIT researchers claim that using carbon nanotubes for one of a Li-ion battery's electrodes produced up to tenfold the amount of power compared to a conventional Li-ion battery.
2010-02-22 Car makers address HEV battery issues
Car makers at the Euroforum conference discussed issues in electric and HEV designs particularly on how to engineer and use the battery
2008-07-07 Buzz: Sanyo sets up Li-ion battery plant in Hyogo
Sanyo Electric Co. will build a factory to manufacture rechargeable Li-ion batteries in Minamiawaji, Hyogo Prefecture, according to a report from The Japan Times
2007-10-17 Buck boost converter extends battery runtime
In single-cell Li-ion applications requiring a 3.3V output, the buck-boost topology of Linear Technology's LTC3520 dual-channel, 2MHz synchronous converter, can enable over 25 percent longer battery runtimes compared to a standard buck converter.
2008-08-20 Bosch-Samsung SDI battery JV gets green light
Robert Bosch GmbH and Samsung SDI Co. Ltd have received approval from all relative authorities to form a Li-ion battery joint venture.
2008-06-18 Bosch, Samsung SDI ink Li-ion battery JV
Robert Bosch GmbH and Samsung SDI Co. Ltd have entered a joint venture agreement to develop, manufacture and sell Li-ion batteries
2008-12-18 Boost converter stretches battery life
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched a 2MHz DC/DC boost converter that operates at 5?A of quiescent current, while maintaining a high efficiency at light load conditions.
2008-07-16 Boost battery performance with active charge-balancing
The benefits of Li-ion batteries can be realized only with a capable battery-management system. An active charge-balancing system offers significantly better performance than the conventional passive approach. The ingenious use of a relative simple transformer helps keep material costs low.
2014-04-15 Battery sensor supports vehicle reliability with AEC-Q100
Freescale's battery sensor integrates MCU, CAN, and three measurement channels, with AEC-Q100 qualification to meet stringent automotive standards for ESD, EMC and zero defect quality levels
2006-11-16 Battery recalls spur safety testing in Japan
Japan's pride in the prowess of its electronics industry took a hit recently as images of burning laptops blazed across the Web.
2006-08-29 Battery recall to cost Sony over $170 million
Sony Corp. said the cost of supporting the laptop battery recall programs of Dell and Apple Computer would likely range approximately $170 to $256 million
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