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2009-07-27 Battery protection IC delivers fault monitoring
Maxim's high-voltage, 12-channel battery-protection ICs prevent Li-ion battery explosions.
2007-01-03 Battery packs function as charger for portables
Lenmar Enterprises has announced a compact line of portable Bat Paks: 2-in-1 universal battery packs that also function as a charger for portable electronic devices ranging from cellphones to laptops
2008-12-16 Battery pack reduces HEVs' petrol consumption
STMicroelectronics and LG Chem have unveiled details of a new automotive battery pack that significantly extends the potential of electric and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), reducing both petrol consumption and CO2 emissions
2009-04-17 Battery monitor packs current-sense resistor
Maxim Integrated Products has launched the DS2741 current monitor/accumulator for cost-sensitive, Li-ion applications
2008-10-15 Battery managers promise high accuracy, device safety
Atmel Corp. has developed a family of single-chip Li-ion battery management devices that offers high analog accuracy at low power consumption, while ensuring that portable handheld applications have all the necessary safety functions.
2009-10-12 Battery manager ensures safety, efficiency
Atmel's battery management solutions address safety and efficiency issues for automotive and industrial use
2007-06-05 Battery IC combines cell balancing, overcurrent protection
Intersil Corp. said it has released the industry's first integrated analog front ends for cell balancing and overcurrent protection in multicell Li-ion battery packs.
2008-02-05 Battery fuel gauge with LDO rolls for mobile apps
TI has introduced two new battery fuel gauge devices with integrated LDOs for smart phones, mobile Internet devices and media players with embedded or removable batteries
2009-12-16 Battery fault monitor handles 12 series-connected cells
Linear Technology has launched the LTC6801, a high-voltage battery stack fault monitor that operates without a microprocessor, and without the need for optocouplers or isolators
2009-09-22 Battery chargers get charged from solar
Solar energy is an attractive energy source for powering portable devices. More recently, solar power is being considered for a much wider range of consumer applications including mobile phone chargers.
2005-03-28 Battery charger with SmartStart
This new compact standalone linear single 1-cell Li-ion battery charger offers advanced features for charging safely, increased charge termination flexibility, improved status reporting, and prolonged battery life.
2011-12-14 Battery charger touts dual input, power path control
TI's bq2416x Li-ion battery chargers are targeted for space-limited, portable applications with high capacity batteries.
2005-01-21 Battery charger improves charging safety, prolongs battery life
Linear Tech introduced a compact standalone linear 1-cell Li-ion battery charger with features that promise to improve charging safety and simplify charge termination.
2008-10-22 Battery charger detects external power connections in mobile apps
Intersil Corp. has released the ISL9222A, a battery charger designed to detect auxiliary and external power connections in mobile devices
2004-11-18 Battery charger delivers up to 1A to a single-cell Li-ion battery
Linear Tech announced a small standalone single-cell Li-ion linear battery charger that also provides a regulated output voltage for system supply.
2008-04-01 Battery charger chips get crafty
Battery life is arguably the most important feature in many of today's high-volume portable electronic products. While much of the portable electronics industry has migrated to the Li-ion battery, drawn by its high capacity, small size, light weight and durability, no similar consensus has been reached about the battery charger IC.
2003-10-16 Battery apps benefit from MCU clocking, mode control
The increase of system functionality can only be accomplished if firmware/software engineers understand the tools available in the microcontroller as well as hardware options.
2006-07-25 BAK Battery launches automated Li-ion battery cell production line
China BAK Battery Inc. announced that it has successfully launched the first automated cylindrical, lithium-ion battery cell production line
2003-04-04 AVR450: Battery Charger for SLA, NiCd, NiMH and Li-Ion Batteries
This application note discusses a reference design for a battery charger, which allows it to charge various types of batteries
2008-04-29 Automatic Charge Reduction (CHR) function solves issues with Li-ion battery charging from USB ports
Using a USB port as a charging power source allows a user to simultaneously download or update files and recharge the battery for their portable product
2012-04-18 Audio amp promises clearer sound, longer battery life
Fairchild's FAB3103 2.3W class-D audio amplifier that features integrated boost regulator and battery automatic gain control is geared for mobile handsets and tablets
2009-07-21 ASESC kicks off Li-ion battery production
Automotive Energy Supply Corp. (AESC) has begun trial production of advanced Li-ion batteries for a wide range of automotive applications at its Zama Operations Center
2011-06-30 Analog switches target one-cell Li-ion batteries
Vishay's low-voltage analog switches feature latch-up protection greater than 300mA as tested per JESD78.
2002-04-11 Alcatel, MPower codevelop battery protection ICs
Alcatel and Scotland-based battery maker MPower Batteries Ltd have collaborated to develop battery protection mechanism ICs for Li-ion and lithium polymer batteries.
2013-04-01 Add multi-cell battery system to single-cell designs
Front-end power management units will unite multi-cell battery stack designs of future systems and single-cell-based designs of past systems
2013-04-04 4.5A Li-ion battery chargers tout I2C, USB OTG output
The bq2419x family from TI claims to deliver faster and cooler charging to applications ranging from power banks and packs to 4G LTE routers, WiFi speakers, portable medical and industrial designs.
2009-02-03 1.25A step-down regulators fit battery apps
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LTC3565 high efficiency synchronous step-down regulator which can deliver up to 1.25A of continuous output current from a 3mm x 3mm DFN package.
2009-01-16 55M fund to fuel Boston-Power Li-ion capital
Boston-Power Inc. has announced $55 million in new funding for capital use in its Sonata Li-ion batteries' manufacturing, sales, marketing and R&D
2007-03-30 Zigbee platform supports up to 20yrs battery life
Freescale's MC1322x Zigbee platform is engineered to support battery life of up to 20 years, doubling the expectations for current Zigbee solutions
2003-09-15 Xicor to acquire battery solutions provider
Xicor Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Poweready Inc.
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