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2008-10-08 NEC participates in LTE/SAE trial initiative
NEC has joined the LSTI, an industry group composed of major telecom vendors and operators who are committed to driving the development of commercial and interoperable next-generation LTE mobile broadband systems.
2007-06-05 Multifunctional tester simplifies signal analysis
Anritsu's MS269X series communications test unit streamlines signal analysis for GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WiMAX and HSPA, increases measurement speed and combines multiple test features in one module.
2007-12-14 Mobile WiMAX ready to take flight
Mobile WiMAX will begin to take off in about two years and win more than 80 million subscribers globally by 2013, according to a new report by Juniper Research.
2008-04-16 Mobile firms join forces on LTE IPR licensing
Wireless companies have entered a mutual commitment to establish predictable and more transparent maximum aggregate costs for licensing IPR that relate to 3GPP LTE/SAE.
2008-02-15 Mobile execs agree on cooperation, disagree over WiMAX, LTE
Cooperation emerged as the theme of Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers' keynote at the Mobile World Congress, but Chambers and another wireless executive each touted separate wireless network technologies as a future standard.
2009-09-24 Mixers, demodulators suit 4G base stations
Analog Devices Inc. has begun sampling the first devices in a range of highly integrated RFICs for 4G cellular base stations.
2007-03-01 Minor role awaits WiMAX in next-gen cellular
WiMAX won't grab the brass ring as the technology that defines 4G cellular systems but it is likely to capture a healthy minority stake in that emerging sector and could help bring Internet access to a new-gen of consumer devices.
2012-02-09 Mindspeed, Picochip finalize acquisition
Mindspeed's acquisition of Picochip will establish its position as one of the leaders in small cell wireless technology for next-gen mobile broadband communications.
2012-02-29 Mindspeed, ASTRI demo TD-LTE small cell design
The commercial-grade, production-ready small cell reference design that is forecasted to serve 40 percent of the LTE market by 2015, noted Informa.
2011-02-11 Mindspeed wins pico-, micro-cell design-in
Mindspeed Technologies' Transcede processor family has been designed into pico-cells and micro-cells to be showcased at the 2011 Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona.
2011-10-20 mimoOn, Eden Rock push for SON deployment
mimoOn and Eden Rock have announced their partnership that aims to push for the immediate deployment of SON in heterogeneous networks.
2008-06-20 mimoOn taps Nokia wireless experts
Software-defined radio solutions provider mimoOn GmbH has added key wireless and software engineers from Nokia's research location in Bochum, Germany and Helsinki, Finland.
2014-09-15 Millimetre wave makes headway in 5G research
NYU Polytechnic's wireless research centre is driving ahead with work in millimetre wave bands as the new frontier for wireless communications.
2016-02-02 MediaTek's 4G business sees slow growth in 2016
Qualcomm's biggest rival MediaTek predicts a plunge in 4G business shares, but remains hopeful in increasing revenue by more than 10 per cent for smartphone and IoT devices.
2015-07-10 MediaTek wields LTE might in China
MediaTek's LTE market share is likely to double to 40-45 per cent in the second half of this year from 20 per cent in the fourth quarter of last year, according to a report from Credit Suisse in Taipei.
2010-07-29 MediaTek signs for NTT Docomo LTE platform
MediaTek has signed a licensing agreement to be able to integrate NTT Docomo's LTE mobile-terminal platform with its 2G and 3G technologies
2010-12-22 MediaTek seeks growth outside China
The fabless chip vendor is working to expand beyond China's low-end markets and garner design wins in higher-end handsets in India and North America.
2016-05-03 MediaTek expects profit boost by 24-32% from shipments
Smartphone-chip provider MediaTek expects to report revenues of between NT$69.3 billion and NT$73.8 billion for the second quarter, while combined shipments of its smartphone and tablet chips will reach 135-140 million units.
2008-03-03 Maximize multiband handset performance
Cellphones have moved rapidly from dual-band to tri-band to even quad-band. Also, cellphones need to handle various signals for peripheral radios such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. Ultimately, it is the RF switch that must be capable of switching up to nine paths of high-power RF signals with low insertion loss, high isolation and exceptional linearity to realize the necessary multiband performance.
2013-12-12 MathWorks unveils LTE System Toolbox for MATLAB
The LTE System Toolbox provides standard-compliant simulation, verification and analysis of LTE and LTE Advanced wireless communication systems and devices.
2011-05-17 M1, Huawei claim first commercial LTE deployment in SEA
M1 and Huawei have deployed the first commercial LTE network in Singapore, which is believed to be the first LTE deployment in Southeast Asia.
2011-06-27 LTE small cell demo operates in end-to-end system
Cavium, Continuous Computing and Picochip roll out a demonstration of a LTE small cell operating in an end-to-end system with commercially available user equipment (UE) and core network equipment.
2009-09-09 LTE modem meets latest 3GPP standards
Samsung's LTE modem supports download speed up to 100Mbit/s and upload speed of 50Mbit/s, in the 20MHz bandwidth.
2011-03-22 LTE drives network protocol analyzers
Frost & Sullivan says that the deployment of LTE networks will enable new opportunities for world wireless protocol analyzers and network monitoring systems from 2010 to 2016.
2008-08-14 LSTI gets Tektronix onboard
Tektronix Communications has joined the LSTI, which is focused on accelerating the availability of commercial and interoperable next generation LTE mobile broadband systems.
2010-12-20 LG selects Anadigics PAs for LTE modem
Anadigics power amplifiers at core of LG LTE modem
2009-10-05 Japan firms team on LTE terminal platform
Engineering samples of the jointly developed LTE-PF chipset are already undergoing evaluation.
2007-06-07 ITU nod nudges WiMAX closer to 4G
The ITU looks ready to approve WiMAX as an official radio interface, hinting at the possibility that it could become an approved 4G technology and benefit from the upcoming IMT-2000 Extension Band spectrum allocations.
2009-10-12 Iraq gets broadband-connected
Alcatel-Lucent's wireless technology will enable Hi Link Telecom to deliver voice and broadband data services in Iraq.
2007-02-22 IPR issues could haunt 4G, LTE, mobile WiMAX
Reports on IP and patent rights associated with next-gen mobile networks suggest that the situation may pan out better than with existing networks, but both include important caveats.
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