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2001-06-15 Programming guide integer N PLL synthesizer 35- to 1,100MHz
This application note presents a programming overview for an integer N PLL frequency synthesizer.
2001-06-04 Printed circuit board design for LSM1 VCOs
This application note describes the pad footprint recommended for solder attachment and some of the electrical and thermal considerations to incorporate into the PCB design.
2001-06-04 Positive voltage control of GaAs MMIC control devices
This application note discusses a configuration that allows the user to drive GaAs control devices with standard CMOS logic gates.
2005-10-20 PA maximizes DECT performance
M/A-COM, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, announced a new RoHS Compliant DECT power amplifier (PA) for apps that require dual power modes, high gain and small size at low cost.
2001-06-04 Optimum PCB and stencil layout for leadframe MLPs
This application note details the proper guidelines for the layout of a PCB and stencil for a 6-by-4mm MLP (M/A-COM Leadless Package).
2001-05-29 Moisture effects on the soldering of plastic encapsulated devices
This application note briefly describes the moisture-induced soldering failure mechanism and test procedures, and moisture sensitivities of M/A-COM's plastic-packaged semiconductors.
2005-08-29 Mini switch targets WLAN apps
M/A-COM, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, has designed a RoHS-compliant DPDT switch for use in WLAN apps that require individual path control, low insertion loss, high isolation and a small size at a low cost.
2014-04-03 IP deal to bring GaN-on-Si wafer to mainstream
MACOM announced a license and epitaxial wafer supply deal that will enable IQE to manufacture GaN-on-Silicon epi at 4, 6 and 8in diameters in high volume for RF applications.
2001-06-04 Intermodulation performance of microwave mixers
This application note describes the intermodulation performance of microwave mixers.
2001-06-04 Installation and application information for dual directional coupler with lightning protection
This application note provides information on the function, installation provisions, operation, specifications and some general theory regarding M/A-COM's dual directional coupler with lightning protection circuit.
2001-06-04 High-volume commercial plastic packaged GaAs monolithic devices
This application note describes the technical issues in bringing high-volume commercial microwave plastic devices to market.
2001-06-15 GPS antenna considerations for automotive applications
This application note discusses the design of active GPS antennas using Microstrip patch technology for automotive applications.
2006-03-17 GaAs switches handle high power for WiMAX
M/A-COM has announced two RoHS-compliant switches that are optimized for WiMAX or MESH applications.
2002-01-25 Filtran to supply circuits for automotive sensor
Filtran Microcircuits Inc. has received a production order for customized circuitry that will be deployed in an adaptive cruise control sensor manufactured by M/A-COM.
2001-05-29 Drivers for GaAs FET switches and digital attenuators
This application note provides information on M/A-COM's SW-109 and SWD-119 drivers and other commercially available digital logic chips for control of switches and digital attenuators.
2007-02-05 Driver amps offer wide frequency range
M/A-COM has unveiled a driver amplifier for wireless applications that features a broad frequency range of 250-3800MHz.
2005-12-28 DPDT switch reduces DC power consumption
M/A-COM announced a RoHS-compliant DPDT switch for applications that require ultra high power handling, low insertion loss and high isolation.
2006-04-20 DPDT diversity switch maximizes system linearity performance
M/A-COM announced a new RoHS-compliant DPDT diversity switch designed for apps that require high linearity and isolation, with low cost and insertion loss all in a small size package.
2001-06-04 Designing with the MA02301AF 3.6V 0.5W RF PA for 2.4GHz
This application note is intended to help the designer to design a PCB for the MA02301AF and obtain the same performance shown in the MA02301AF data sheet using the M/A-COM evaluation board.
2001-06-15 CR-15 package handling and mounting procedure
This application note suggests some recommendations for proper handling and mounting of the CR-15 low-thermal resistance package.
2006-03-30 COTS X-band multi-function MMIC with X-band radar functions
M/A-COM announced a new COTS dual-path X-band multi-function MMIC, which incorporates transmit and receive functions that are typically featured in X-band radar apps.
2001-06-15 Bonding, handling and mounting procedures for Millimeterwave p-HEMT MMICs
This application note addresses the proper bonding, handling and mounting procedures for millimeterwave GaAs MMIC amplifiers.
2007-01-12 2W PA targets 800MHz-1GHz-band apps
RF components supplier M/A-COM is delivering its MAAP-007649-000100 2W power amplifier slated for 800MHz to 1GHz-band applications.
2007-08-03 1.9GHz power amp targets PHS applications
Tyco Electronics has introduced a 1.9GHz linear power amp that's well suited for use in PHS applications requiring high gain, high efficiency and small size.
2013-04-09 X-Band LNA boasts higher gain, linearity performance
M/A-COM Technology Solutions' MAAL-010528 offers higher gain and linearity performance in the 8.0 to 12.0GHz band than many competing parts, as well as low noise figure and excellent gain flatness.
2013-06-12 Sub-harmonic pumped mixer supports 14-32GHz range
The MAMX-011009 from M/A-COM Technology Solutions is packaged in an ultra small 1.5 x 1.2mm TDFN surface mount, promising customers an efficient and space-saving broadband solution.
2008-09-08 SP3T switch fits WLAN, Bluetooth apps
Tyco Electronics M/A-COM announced the MASW-008955, a DC-3.5GHz SP3T RoHS compliant switch for applications that require high linearity, low insertion loss, and fast settling time over a wide frequency range in an ultrasmall package size.
2005-01-13 Silicon zero bias Schottky diodes span DC to 4GHz
M/A-COM announced the release of the MA4E2200 series of Zero Bias Detector (ZBD) silicon Schottky diodes for use in handset and RFID detector apps.
2006-09-20 PicoChip, Intel partner on WiMax ref design
PicoChip Designs' PHY chip for WiMax will be teamed with Intel's IXP2350 network processor in the Vida reference design from Tyco Electronics' M/A-COM subsidiary.
2007-09-17 Microwave tuner analyzes RF signals at high speed rates
Tyco Electronics' M/A-COM TU-6401, a lightweight low-power SIGINT microwave tuner, provides simultaneous narrowband and wideband IF outputs centered at 160MHz and 1GHz.
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