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2009-02-04 GPS module zooms into auto industry
SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. and M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. have partnered to help create the networked GPS module that provides location information to the new generation vehicle-based communications and entertainment systems.
2001-06-05 Drivers for GaAs FET MMIC switches and digital attenuators
This application note provides technical and application information to simplify the use of drivers for M/A-COM's FET MMIC switches and digital attenuators.
2011-07-22 Analog control VGA offers 25.5dB gain
M/A-COM Technology Solutions has introduced an analog control variable gain amplifier designed for cellular infrastructure applications.
2011-08-12 4-, 6bit phase shifters tout fast switching speed
M/A-COM Tech's digital phase shifters deliver fast switching speed, low phase error and serial or parallel control capability that target communications and military applications.
2007-05-04 Rugged RFID antenna suits baler, compactor apps
Tyco Electronics has expanded its RFID solutions product family with the introduction of a line of ruggedized RFID antennas for use in baler and compactor RFID applications.
2003-06-16 RF component vendors see uptick in military apps
Heightened security concerns have prompted many components vendors at the IEEE Microwave Technology and Techniques Symposium to tout the suitability of their parts for military and aerospace systems.
2008-07-01 Power amplifier for WLAN brings high gain
Tyco Electronics' linear power amplifier, which is intended for 802.11b/g MIMO WLAN applications that require high gain, high efficiency and small size, maximizes system performance while maintaining low DC power consumption.
2007-09-17 MEMS finds niche in space exploration
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has started a program to develop MEMS technologies that reduce the size, weight and power of its radio transceivers.
2014-02-17 GAn-on-SiC based HEMT pushes power at 150W
Using wafer fabrication processes, the HEMTs provide gain, efficiency, bandwidth and ruggedness over several bandwidth ranges.
2012-04-20 Funding for IC firms fell, says analyst
Venture investment received by semiconductor companies totaled $28.9 million in March, down 82 percent from February and down 85 percent from March last year, said GSA.
2014-07-03 Amplifier features linear reverse path variable gain
The two-stage differential amplifier from MACOM delivers 36dB MER performance loaded with 39 channels at 52dBmV per channel, designed for DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 reverse path infrastructure equipment.
2014-06-09 Amplifier delivers 19dB gain with 3dB noise figure
The low-noise amplifier from MACOM boasts exceptional implementation in 22GHz38GHz receiver applications.
2013-07-04 20W absorptive and reflective Ka-Band switches
MACOM 20W absorptive and reflective Ka-Band switches come with a low loss and high isolation solution to simplify communication systems designers' RF front end line-up.
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