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2012-06-15 MCU program gives designers free software, samples
Energy Micro offers designers free development software and MCUs targeting smart metering, building automation, security systems, portable health and fitness equipment and smart accessories.
2013-11-04 MathWorks outs support packages for ARM processor sol'ns
The company announced Simulink, DSP System Tool-box and Embedded Coder support packages to generate code optimised for ARM Cortex-M series processors.
2003-07-30 KEIC dc-dc converters available to 100W versions
Kingdatron Electronic has released its variable-power dc-dc converter series with power ratings running from 5W to 100W
2003-02-27 Four-layer PCBs accommodate 0.3mm line width
The Ether-M series of four-layer PCBs from CEIEC Electronics Ind. Ltd is available with a maximum board size of 600-by-500mm.
2005-06-06 DAQ devices with 80 channels
National Instruments introduced the newest members of its low-cost M series DAQ family that extend available I/O functionality to include 80 16-bit analog input channels with sampling rates up to 250kS/s
2002-07-26 Astrodyne switching supply carry EN 60601, UL 2601 approvals
The OFM/M series of open frame ac/dc switching supplies carries EN 60601 and UL 2601 medical approvals, allowing it to be used in medical and dental instrumentation systems.
2013-03-14 ARM releases mbed version 2.0, open source SDK
The mbed platform is being developed by ARM to deliver free tools and software that enable effective rapid prototyping with ARM Cortex-M series processor-based MCUs.
2011-02-07 ARM adds Kingfisher, Cygnet to 2011 roadmap
Kingfisher is a small processor aimed at lower-end smartphones, while Cygnet is intended to work with the Cortex-M series of cores.
2003-06-11 Zhongshan Broad Ocean print motors operate to 3,250rpm
Zhongshan Broad Ocean Motor Co.'s series of high-efficiency print motors have a maximum attainable speed of 3,250rpm
2004-09-22 VIA announces new processor naming convention
VIA Technologies Inc. has announced a new processor naming convention to strengthen its various processor brands and simplify the target market segmentation for the company's processors.
2005-08-18 Trompeter's mini BNC connector delivers 40% greater density
Trompeter Electronics has developed a new 90, miniature BNC connector that is said to deliver 40 percent greater density.
2008-08-20 Triacs fit for industrial, control apps
ON Semiconductor has expanded its high performance triac portfolio with the introduction of 12 new triacs with available power ratings of 8A, 12A and 16A with Gate Trigger Current (Igt) levels of 35mA and 50mA.
2003-03-04 Top-Up trimming potentiometers rated at 220V
The TM3362 series of ceramic trimming potentiometers from Top-Up Ind. Corp. has a resistance range of 100 to 2M with 10 percent tolerance and a voltage rating of 220V
2005-01-03 Tokyo Cosmos unveils RoHS-compliant trimmers
Tokyo Cosmos' new Pb-free surface mount G32 series of trimmers is RoHS compliant and will meet global environment standard
2003-04-01 TFT-LCD panels exhibit high aperture ratio
Seiko Epson Corp. has announced the development of HTPS TFT-LCD panels for use in next-gen projectors.
2011-06-08 Test solution validates at 5.8Gb/sec speed
Agilent Technologies announced a comprehensive Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) M-PHY test solution to help design engineers turn on, debug and validate all layers of mobile devices
2003-02-26 Tai Twun PC Card connector withstands 250Vac
The PCFXX series of PC Card Type 1 memory card connector from Tai Twun Ent. Co Ltd can withstand a surge voltage of up to 250Vac
2012-11-27 Swissbit SATA II SSD can handle up to 240Mb/s data rate
Swissbit X-500 series of industrial SATA II solid state drive boasts a data rate of 240Mb/s and a 14,500 IOPS with 4k random accesses
2005-09-13 Stackpole's power chokes deliver low losses in small package
Stackpole Electronics introduced a new series of power choke inductors with high-current saturation and operational frequencies
2013-12-23 ST joins ARM mbed Project
The initiative gives developers using ST's STM32 MCUs, based on the ARM Cortex-M processor series, free access to the mbed software, development tools and online collaboration platform.
2005-04-22 Slide switch with 1.5mm travel
With the SSAD series, Alps Electric offers a family of low-profile, surface-mountable slide switches with a 1.5mm travel length, a mounting area of 6.7-by-3.2mm and a height of 0.7mm
2005-01-13 Silicon zero bias Schottky diodes span DC to 4GHz
M/A-COM announced the release of the MA4E2200 series of Zero Bias Detector (ZBD) silicon Schottky diodes for use in handset and RFID detector apps.
2003-07-16 Shanghai Zener releases high stability chips
Shanghai Zener Electronic Co. Ltd has launched the ZW10 series of zener diode chips that is equivalent to the 1N47 series standards
2004-03-23 Renesas to collaborate on SH-Mobile
Renesas Technology Corp. and M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. have agreed to collaborate on the SH-Mobile platform, an application processor that Renesas has been promoting for multimedia mobile phones
2012-09-03 Power tip: Understand capacitor parasitics
Be aware of the capacitors' parasitic components.
2012-08-06 Power tip: Avoid common aluminum electrolytic capacitor pitfalls
Here's a look at capacitor selection in switched-mode power supplies.
2004-12-10 Polymer tantalum caps withstand lead-free processes
AVX developed a new series of low equivalent series resistance conductive polymer tantalum capacitors specifically designed to withstand the higher temperatures
2005-01-05 North Star bead arrays rated at 50mA
The new series of chip ferrite bead arrays from North Star are suitable for noise elimination in the four I/O lines of notebook PCs, and digital TVs and VTRs
2004-08-02 Moons' stepping motors feature 1.8 step angle
Shanghai Moons' Electric announced the availability of its 23 HS series of hybrid stepping motors that have a step angle of 1.8 with an accuracy of 5 percent
2003-05-13 Matsushita rotational encoder lasts 1 million cycles
The EVEP series of rotational encoders from Matsushita Electronic Components features a lifespan of up to 1 million operating cycles
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