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2004-12-02 Tactile switches with 160gf250gf operating force
Switchtech's new devices have a contact resistance of 100 m?, stroke of 0.25mm and operating force of 160gf to 250gf
2007-05-07 Tactile switches offer square stem
BI Technologies has expanded its line of tactile switches to include a new series of devices with a square stem, and added three additional styles to the sealed product offering
2005-11-23 Switch embeds two LEDs in any color combo
CIT Relay & Switch offers a new series of ultra-subminiature bi-color illuminated switches that incorporate two independent LEDs in any color combination of red, green, yellow or blue
2005-11-22 Supercapacitors offer extended temperature range
AVX extended the temperature range of its BestCap series of electrochemical supercapacitors to operate over the range of -40C to 70C
2014-09-26 ST debuts ARM Cortex-M7 core-based MCU
The STM32 F7 series operates at frequencies up to 200MHz and uses a 6-stage superscalar pipeline and floating point unit (FPU) to produce up to 1000 CoreMarks
2011-03-16 SpringSoft, Dongbu partner for PDKs
The two companies announced a multiyear partner program to jointly develop a series of process design kits streamlining the implementation of custom chips with Dongbu's manufacturing technologies at mature process nodes
2007-03-13 Sipex, Jazz collaborate on power management devices
Jazz Semiconductor and Sipex have collaborated to develop a number of power management devices utilizing Jazz' 0.5?m and 0.25?m BCD processes
2003-07-15 Silicon opto-detectors reach near-infrared level
Associated Opto-electronics Corp. has released its GT101 series of silicon opto-electronic detectors that are suitable for visible light detection apps
2005-10-17 Self-learning switching DC/DC converters meet smart power
A handful of lossless current-sensing techniques are available today but their accuracies still do not compete with the traditional series sense-resistor schemes
2004-05-14 Ruitai's potentiomers integrates SPST switch
Zhejiang Yueqing Ruitai Electronics Co. Ltd's R-116 series of rotary potentiometers is targeted at automotive applications and incorporates an SPST switch
2007-07-12 RF antenna switch claims highest throw count
Peregrine Semiconductor has announced the 0.5?m PE42693 SP9T RF antenna switch, reporting that it is the highest throw-count RF CMOS antenna switch available on the market today
2006-03-09 Resistor ladder networks packaged in 2512 size
TT electronics BI Technologies SMT Division has developed a series of miniature surface-mount resistor ladder networks for analog to digital and digital to analog conversion apps
2004-12-08 Relay packs 20A in mini package
CIT Relay & Switch's new WJ121 series of power relays offers a switching capacity of 20A at 125Vac and 16A at 250Vac/28Vdc in a 28.9-by-12.6-by-24.3mm footprint
2008-04-23 PXI, PCI, VXI oscilloscopes roll from ZTEC
ZTEC Instruments has introduced the ZT4210 series of 300MHz oscilloscopes in PXI, PCI and VXI form factors
2006-11-09 Pressure sensors offer up to 60,000lbf/in?
American Sensor Technologies has introduced the AST47HP series of pressure sensors that are rated up to 60,000lbf/in?
2005-09-30 Power inductors suit portable apps
The new NR3012 series of 3-by-3mm power inductors from Taiyo Yuden rounds out the company's low-profile wirewound inductor line for power circuit applications in battery-powered portable electronic equipment
2011-08-29 Placement system touts high-speed die bonding
Single machine solution eases IC manufacturing with die bonding speeds at 3,500cph per head at 25?m
2012-03-01 PCM progress report no. 6: Recent advances in phase change memory (Part 1)
This series looks at some of the most recent phase change memory developments. Part 1 reviews structural and materials advances, focusing on both benefits and challenges
2003-10-28 Nvidia releases GPUs for next-gen gaming systems
Nvidia Corp. has introduced its GeForce FX 5950 Ultra and the GeForce FX 5700 series of GPUs that deliver ultra-high system performance
2015-05-21 Nothing left to be invented in embedded control (Part 1)
Thankfully, it is far from truth that there is nothing left to be invented in the realm of embedded control. This series looks into the various innovations occurring right now in front of our eyes
2016-03-16 Not a fluke: Google's AI wins final Go challenge
AlphaGo, emerged victorious on Tuesday with four wins and one loss against South Korean grandmaster Lee Se-dol. Lee missed out on the $1 million prize after only managing to snag a single win in the best-of-five series
2007-02-23 Next-gen Fujitsu MCUs run faster at less power
Fujitsu's new 16FX MCU series delivers performance enhancements compared to its current-generation MCUs including up to five times the computing power, 80 percent less power consumption and greater on-chip functionality
2005-09-14 New manual programming system from System General
System General, a provider of device programming instruments, released its T8000 series manual programming system
2004-11-17 NEC's MCU touts 128KB of on-chip flash
NEC's 78K0/Kx2 series of 8bit MCUs with up to 128KB of flash memory are targeted at a wide range of home appliances and consumer electronic products
2004-11-09 NEC unveils 'industry's most comprehensive' line of MCUs
NEC and its subsidiaries in the U. S. and Europe, introduced the 78K0/Kx2 series of 8bit microcontrollers with embedded flash memory
2006-02-08 Motor design promotes quiet, high-speed operation
Featuring a ceramic air bearing design, Sanyo's PM series micro motor provides high speed and quiet operation at high temperatures
2007-10-30 Mini-ITX motherboard features Intel Core 2 Duo
Advansus launched the i945GM3-DCQI, a highly integrated Mini-ITX motherboard built around Intel Core 2 Duo, a mobile Intel 945GM Express northbridge and an ICH7-M southbridge
2005-07-07 Microsemi PAs support Realtek WLAN chipsets
Microsemi Corp. announced that its high-performance 802.11a/b/g power amplifiers (PA) are in reference designs supporting the latest series of dual-band WLAN chipsets from Taiwan-based Realtek Semiconductor Corp
2004-05-04 Mentor Graphics, X-Fab roll out three TDKs
Mentor Graphics and X-Fab have announced the first three in a series of technology design kits supporting X-Fab's CMOS process technologies
2013-08-07 Memory-oriented optimisation techniques (Part 1)
This series examines how to overcome system performance bottlenecks with memory-oriented programming and compiler techniques. Part 1 focuses on loop transformations and a variety of global-, cache-, and scratchpad-oriented optimisations
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