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2014-05-05 VadaTech kits out MCH with 40GbE option, advanced clocking
The MCH boasts up to four times boost in performance and enables highly flexible master/slave clock and time synchronisation to multiple clocking standards, leading to precision timing, aligned frequency/phase of the signals, and risk elimination involving packet loss due to buffer overflow.
2007-04-02 Reference system: MCH OPB SDRAM with OPB central DMA
This application note describes how to set up the parameters for the MicroBlaze processor, the MCH OPB EMC and the OPB Central DMA controller. This reference system is targeted for the Memec Virtex-II Pro 2VP7-FG456 demo board.
2007-04-16 Reference system: MCH OPB EMC with OPB central DMA
This application note demonstrates the use of the Multi-CHannel (MCH) On Chip Peripheral Bus (OPB) External Memory Controller (EMC) in a MicroBlaze processor system. The MCH ports of the MCH OPB EMC connect to the cache ports of the MicroBlaze processor to allow efficient cacheline accesses by the processor. The OPB Central DMA controller is also included in this system to illustrate the capability of the MCH OPB EMC to handle cacheline access from MicroBlaze processor and OPB sequential address (burst) transactions on the OPB from the OPB Central DMA controller simultaneously.
2007-04-02 Reference system: MCH OPB DDR SDRAM with OPB Central DMA
This application note describes how to set up MicroBlaze parameters for caching, the clocking structure for the MCH OPB DDR SDRAM, and parameters for OPB burst transactions from the OPB Central DMA controller. This reference system is targeted for the Xilinx SP305 Spartan-3 development board.
2002-05-07 Intel E7500 MCH A2 x4/8 DDR memory limitations
This application note discusses mixing x4 DIMMs with x8DIMMs on a platform that contains the A2 stepping of the Intel E7500 MCH.
2007-01-15 New RF capacitors operate up to 2,500Vdc
Cornell Dubilier Electronics has expanded its series of multilayer RF chip capacitors with voltage ratings up to 2,500Vdc.
2014-11-13 Examining power module redundancy issues
Power module redundancy is desirable to improve the reliability of the system. However, it is sometimes disregarded due to increased costs. This article examines the various issues surrounding it.
2007-01-29 Backplane meets latest MicroTCA specs
The 14-slot Dual Star backplane form Elma Bustronics complies with the latest MicroTCA.0 specifications.
2004-06-01 Advantages of serial access in memory interfaces
One consideration in selecting memory is which interface standard to use. Here's why you should choose serial access over parallel bus.
2010-10-11 Switch advances SRIO ecosystem
Integrated Device Technology reports on the adoption of its Serial RapidIO Gen2 switch for applications in wireless baseband, semiconductor processing, medical imaging, and radar and sonar markets.
2008-06-05 Ruggedized MicroTCA chassis targets military aviation
Elma Electronic Inc. has released a ruggedized ATR chassis for MicroTCA that passes military testing for shock/vibration and EMI requirements.
2012-06-05 Quad-core processor module offers 4 x 2.1GHz for AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA
Kontron's AdvancedMC AM4022 single processor module uses a 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor to deliver twice the processing performance of its predecessor.
2006-04-07 NI LabVIEW platform extends to ADI Blackfin processors
ADI NI released the LabVIEW Embedded Module for ADI Blackfin processors, which extends the LabVIEW graphical dataflow development environment to directly target Blackfin processors.
2009-01-30 MicroTCA system developed for ruggedized apps
Elma Electronic has developed its new blu!smart basis system specifically for such ruggedized applications and for intensive testing of AMC modules under such tough conditions. It is mounted on a flat surface using four flange holes and, for instance, can be mounted on walls and panels in industrial environments.
2008-02-20 MicroTCA platform touts cost, space savings
Kontron has unveiled its OM5080 MicroTCA integrated platform that supports up to eight AdvancedMC modules.
2013-02-18 MicroTCA Carrier Hubs upgraded to support MTCA.4 spec
Kontron has recently upgraded its MicroTCA Carrier Hubs, offering the MicroTCA enhancements for rear I/O and precision timing.
2007-08-14 MicroTCA backplane comes in Cube-style format
Elma Bustronic has released a MicroTCA backplane in a Cube-style format that features six AdvancedMC, one Power Module and one MicroTCA carrier hub slots.
2005-06-14 Mezzanine card offers power management capabilities for telecom apps
A leading industry supplier of efficient power management components, ON Semiconductor presented a sample of its AdvancedMC-compliant, power conversion solutions for +12V telecom subsystems.
2011-11-29 LTE test device supports enhanced MBMS
The Aeroflex TM500 LTE Single-UE Test Mobile provides demodulation and decoding of eMBMS signals for both FDD and TDD versions of LTE.
2008-02-29 Intel expands offerings for embedded markets
Intel has announced new offerings for the embedded markets: processors with seven-year life cycle support, a new chipset and a carrier-grade server.
2006-10-26 FPGA-based system management ref designs support MicroTCA
Actel recently announced a comprehensive roadmap of free and tested FPGA-based reference platforms for system management that support the MicroTCA standard.
2008-05-30 Emerson tips 600W MicroTCA power modules
Emerson Network Power has launched a series of compact self-contained power solutions for MicroTCA systems.
2006-11-28 Development chassis eases MicroTCA design
Molex has developed a MicroTCA backplane and development chassis to allow developers to build and debug MicroTCA designs before going to production.
2009-10-30 AMC delivers flexibility for wireless radios
CommAgility's AMC-V5Fe mid-size advanced mezzanine card (AMC) targets industrial, scientific and telecoms applications.
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