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2013-11-05 Hillcrest unveils sensor hubs for Android 4.3
The SH-1 features the firm's Freespace sensor fusion, gesture recognition and context-aware algorithms that come pre-integrated with Atmel's SAM D20 ARM Cortex M0+ based MCU
2009-10-14 High-accuracy motion sensor makes smarter cars
ST offers a new motion sensor that provides accurate measurements of vehicle movement for systems such as adaptive front lights, auto-leveling HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps
2013-04-11 Health consciousness fuels quadruple growth for MEMS sensors
Growth of the wearable electronics and fitness monitoring market will provide good revenue opportunities for MEMS motion sensor manufacturers.
2007-01-16 Gyroscopes take MEMS to consumer devices
InvenSense announced volume production of low-cost integrated dual-axis gyroscopes that could give accelerometers a run for their money as the MEMs of choice in new consumer gadgets
2014-12-15 Guide to developing high-performance MEMS sensors
Here's an overview of the industry standards for high performance MEMS accelerators and gyroscopes, including design and architecture, metrics and supply chain
2002-11-14 Growth in MEMS sensors market spurred by new apps
Growth of commercial MEMS-technology is driving the MEMS-based sensors market in North America, said Frost & Sullivan
2010-12-23 GlobalFoundries pushes into MEMS with IME
IME and and GlobalFoundries are jointly developing a MEMS-based capacitive sensor platform technology.
2014-11-25 Global inertial sensor market to hit $1.4B in 2019
Yole Developpement reported that in the overall inertial consumer sensor market, discrete and combo, ST is the leader with 40 per cent market share, going ahead of Bosch
2013-12-26 Geomagnetic sensor geared for consumer apps
The RM3100 from PNI Sensor promises to deliver industrial-grade precision and reliability for applications requiring a high degree of orientation accuracy
2004-11-01 Generating testbed for wireless sensor nets
Embedded system-based testbeds for wireless sensor networks are useful for protocol and related algorithm verification
2010-11-09 Flow sensor supports electronic gas meter
Omron joins forces with STMicroelectronics to create smart gas meter flow sensor
2015-06-22 Fairchild takes on MEMS space with 6-axis IMU
The FIS1100 includes tri-axis accelerometer and tri-axis gyroscope, AttitudeEngine DSP and XKF3 sensor fusion software
2015-06-17 Fairchild brings 'smart' IMUs to MEMS market
The company describes the offering as a "smart" technology more sophisticated than SUMMiT, namely a six-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) with nine-axis sensor fusion algorithms
2007-06-19 Experts see potential for nanotech, MEMS in energy harvesting
Though still at the research phase, using nanotechnology and MEMS technology in energy harvesting applications shows huge potential, experts at the Sensors Expo said
2009-07-31 Evaluating MEMS, ASIC chips for automotive apps
This article describes the technical challenges related to automotive electronics qualification and verification of a MEMS-based sensor and ASIC system.
2012-01-12 Dual-core MEMS gyroscope supports UI, OIS apps
ST's L3G4IS MEMS motion sensor enables both user interface and image stabilization applications at the same time in mobile devices.
2011-04-29 Digital MEMS microphones boast advanced sound quality
The MP34DB01and MP45DT02 MEMS microphones integrates ST's electronic control circuit and OMRON's micro-machined sensor in a single package.
2013-06-28 DC Accelerometer uses gas damped MEMS technology
The 4610A is a rugged, ultra-low-noise DC accelerometer operates over a wide temperature range of -55C to 125C and shock and vibration levels up to 2,000g's.
2002-08-21 DALSA to make MEMS-based sensors for Motorola
DALSA Corp. has signed a technology transfer agreement with Motorola Inc. to produce MEMS-based sensors for Motorola to use in automotive, industrial and healthcare applications
2008-07-03 Cypress sells MEMS subsidiary to Dainippon Screen
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (DNS) of Kyoto, Japan today announced that DNS has acquired Silicon Light Machines (SLM), a Cypress subsidiary.
2014-03-11 Creating an efficient MEMS-based pico-projector
Know the considerations for designing a pico- projector that will maximise power efficiency and yet deliver large, bright and crisp images.
2011-08-01 Consumers prefer MEMS-enabled mobile devices
MEMS device activity analyst from Yole Dveloppement, Laurent Robin says, the developments in MEMS will drive accelerometers and magnetometers to be designed in to close to 50 percent of all mobile phones within five years
2011-08-24 Consumer, car industries push sensor, NFC markets
The sensor market is foreseen to grow a CAGR of 10 percent CAGR, while NFCs will grow a CAGR of 20 percent through 2016, says Databeans
2007-11-13 Conditioning network eases sensor calibration
Microbridge Technologies has introduced the MBW-303 Wheatstone bridge offset conditioning network that integrates four electronic temperature compensation rejustors.
2006-04-03 CMOS MEMS allows designers to maximize tools, techs and processes
A breakthrough in monolithic devices, CMOS-based MEMS offers a cost-effective solution that goes from design to prototype in a matter of weeks
2014-03-21 Chinese vendors set their sights on MEMS
While barrier-to-entry remains high for the MEMS market, China has thus far four pioneering vendorsMEMSIC, Senodia, QST, and MiraMEMS
2012-05-08 Chinese firm builds MEMS wafer fab
Construction of the wafer fab started in March 2012 and the buildings will sit in the Hanking MEMS Industrial Park, which occupies about 647,497 square meters in Fushun Economic Development Zone
2013-04-25 Car, wireless apps push pressure sensors as top MEMS segment
IHS revealed that pressure sensors, used for control and monitoring purposes, will become the biggest-selling MEMS device this year, displacing the incumbent leaders: accelerometers and gyroscopes
2013-05-15 Car market drives MEMS chipset inertial sensors
IHS forecasted that global revenue in 2013 for chipset inertial sensors used in motor vehicles will reach $163 million, up a notable 77 per cent from $92 million last year.
2012-11-19 Bosch miniaturizes MEMS altimeters for consumer tech
Known for its high-precision automotive MEMS, Bosch Sensortec has shrunk its MEMS portfolio to cater to consumer devices
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