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2002-11-20 Using Game and MIDI Ports in the PC87363 and PC87366
This application note describes suggested external circuits and programming procedures to operate the PC87363 and PC87366.
2002-12-05 Micronas IC integrates MIDI, MP3 decoding capability
The MAS3515G digital audio decoder from Micronas GmbH combines MP3 decoding capability with a wavetable-based MIDI synthesizer.
2015-08-25 Creating a Mandolin-to-MIDI bridge
Running a 2,048-point FFT can be taxing for small microcontrollers. Autocorrelation can provide a good alternative for many applications.
2001-04-17 A tutorial on MIDI and Wavetable music synthesis
This application note gives a brief overview of the standards and terminology associated with the generation of sound using the MIDI protocol and wavetable music synthesizers.
2004-03-03 Wavecom adopts Micronas audio ICs in mobile phones
Wavecom has selected two Micronas audio ICs for its Compact 605 and 610 multimedia mobile phone platforms.
2001-09-01 The engineering behind a toy story
Toys are increasingly based on embedded systems; the engineering behind them demands a closer look.
2002-03-16 Sound algorithms create realistic audio
This technical news article discusses how advance sound algorithm techniques can dramatically create realistic audio beyond that offered by current sound card implementations.
1998-12-01 Raising the PC audio performance bar
A plethora of audio programming interfaces and decompression technologies have made designing PC audio systems a daunting task. Careful IC and board-level design, based on the ACU97 specifications can help improve device performance.
2004-01-06 Mobile phones open huge apps market
The biggest potential application for China in 2004 are multimedia applications on mobile phones.
2004-05-17 Meeting the challenges of handset design and interoperability
For wireless operators, content providers and handset manufacturers, the increasing popularity of wireless multimedia messaging is driving the evolution of the industry as we know it today.
2003-06-16 DSP apps facilitate next-gen cellphones01
The article provides an overview of how DSP solutions enable and enhance the capabilities of the wireless handsets.
2013-09-26 Musical Tesla Coils play at the Maker Faire 2013
A team of MIT students recently attended the Maker Faire 2013 to showcase their musical skills using a Tesla coil equipped with a MIDI interrupter.
2005-11-23 Analog switch delivers ultra-low Ron
Intersil announced an ultra-low-resistance dual analog switch that features a less than 0.5 ohms of resistance over the full input signal range for lower signal loss and lower distortion of midi and voice signals.
2006-06-01 Vimicro ICs eye handset mainstream
After making its mark in image processors for PC cameras, then moving into audio chips for cellphones, Chinese fabless company Vimicro Corp. is bringing it all together in its first line of multimedia chips for midrange feature phones.
2002-04-02 Tactex wins controller products contract from Midiman
Tactex Controls Inc., a developer of fiber-optic products, has received another contract from Midiman Inc. for new touch controller products.
2007-01-24 Slender BlackBerry boasts more consumer appeal
With some keyboard changes and a clever navigation rollerball, RIM apparently hopes to slim the BlackBerry e-mail terminal and bring in a new audience while not forgetting its traditional user.
2002-01-08 Sensory speech synthesis ICs deliver high-quality speech output
The SC-6x series speech synthesis chips are intended for toy and consumer electronics requiring high-quality speech output.
2006-12-04 Scalable app processors target wireless handhelds
Marvell has launched its first family of application processors based on Intel's XScale Technology. The PXA3xx series are aimed at such applications as feature handsets, smartphones, GPS navigation systems, wireless handhelds and other consumer electronic devices.
2002-05-09 Realtek six-channel codec boosts PC audio
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a six-channel audio codec, the ALC650, that is designed to deliver high-performance sound to consumer-level PCs.
2008-01-14 Processor combines ARM9 CPU, 3D graphics engine
Magnum Semiconductor Corp. announced the ZEVIO ZV1050 multimedia application processor, the latest member of its ZEVIO SoC line for cost-effective and power-sensitive applications in consumer entertainment and information applications.
2009-01-14 People need to collaborate before our appliances will
There is still plenty of talk about smart homes and smart appliances, but another year has gone by and the collective IQ of houses and appliances seems to be about the same.
2003-12-01 Oki LSI plays 64 polyphonies
Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd has developed a PCM-based sound generator LSI, which plays 64 polyphonies simultaneously with eight octaves.
2007-09-06 NXP single-chip solution enables ultralow-cost handsets
NXP Semiconductors has released its Nexperia PNX4903 GSM/GPRS-optimized multimedia solution for the ultralow-cost segment of the mobile handset market.
2008-02-12 NXP chip brings triband, Bluetooth to ULC handsets
NXP is expanding its range of fully-integrated GSM/GPRS single-chip solutions for the ULC handset market with the Nexperia PNX4902 that offers ULC+ concept with tri-band and Bluetooth support.
2004-10-21 NEC unveils latest single-chip solutions for mobile phones
NEC and its subsidiaries in the U.S. and Europe announced the launch of three single-chip melody LSI solutions that offer superior sound technology for mobile phones.
2003-09-11 NEC sound synthesizer LSI eyes cellphone apps
NEC Electronics has announced the availability of samples for a single-chip LSI synthesizer that implements surround sound technology.
2002-10-21 National ships single-chip I/O controllers for Pentium 4s
The bus-based PC87372 and PC87373 I/O controllers are designed to meet the needs of Intel Pentium 4 systems and integrate the required system control functions into a 128-pin QFP.
2005-08-03 Mobile standards, APIs on table at graphics show
High-end graphics on meaty engineering workstations used to be the bread and butter of the Siggraph conference every summer, but companies with advances in cell phone media will put on a significant spread at this week's Los Angeles event.
2004-09-20 Micronas unveils family of single-chip audio processors
Micronas launched a new family of single-chip audio processors that contains two series.
2003-04-10 Micronas DSPs to incorporate Sonic audio technology
Micronas GmbH has licensed Sonic Network Inc.'s Embedded Audio Synthesis technology to be used on its MAS family of DSPs.
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