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2013-05-23 Understanding MIFARE Ultralight as Type 2 Tag
The Type 2 Tag Operation technical specification has been developed to describe how the reader/writer device can store/retrieve NDEF data on a Type 2 Tag platform.
2013-06-19 Understanding MIFARE DESFire as Type 4 Tag
Find out how the NFC Forum device manages the MIFARE DESFire EV1 product as an NFC Forum Type 4 Tag platform.
2009-11-19 ST, NXP ink Mifare license agreement
The ST-NXP licensing agreement gives operators and vendors widened availability of contactless smart card ICs.
2010-09-09 Sochi transport taps NXP's MIFARE solution
Russian city approves NXP Semiconductors' contactless card technology for automated fare collection system
2008-07-11 Report: NXP to bring Mifare 'hackers' to court
NXP Semiconductors is taking Radboud University researchers to court in an attempt to stop them publishing their controversial report on the security aspects of the Mifare Classic chip, according to local reports in the Netherlands.
2008-11-06 Renesas, NXP partner to drive MIFARE contactless services
NXP Semiconductors and Renesas Technology Corp. have expanded the licensing agreement on NXP's MIFARE technology aimed to build momentum for the availability of advanced payment and NFC offerings in contactless infrastructures.
2011-02-15 NXP, Oberthur agreement puts Mifare into SIM cards
NXP Semiconductors NV and Oberthur Technologies have signed a Mifare licensing agreement that will put the contactless smart card technology into SIM cards, boosting the adoption of NFC-enabled phones.
2010-11-26 NXP, Gemalto to incorporate MIFARE into UICC cards
NXP targets NFC mobile devices for MIFARE
2008-03-12 NXP ups security benchmark with MIFARE Plus
NXP Semiconductors has announced MIFARE Plus, a contactless smart card IC that offers breakthrough security and performance for the cost-sensitive automated fare collection and access control markets.
2008-05-06 NXP plans IP licensing program for Mifare
NXP Semiconductors is looking seriously at licensing to other semiconductor companies its Mifare contactless chip card platform technology for use in SIM cards and NFC applications such as ticketing, payment and access management.
2014-06-16 NXP opens up Android apps for MIFARE with SDK
The SDK for Android enables developers to create mobile applications interacting with MIFARE, ICODE and NTAG for functions including closed loop micropayment, campus cards and loyalty programs.
2011-02-15 MIFARE Ultralight as Type 2 Tag
Know how an NFC Forum device can manage the MIFARE Ultralight product family as an NFC Forum Type 2 Tag platform.
2009-01-28 MIFARE revs up Moscow's AFC system
The Moscow underground is the world's first public transport system to run a 100 percent contactless automatic fare collection (AFC) system based on MIFARE technology.
2013-05-28 MIFARE classic as NFC type MIFARE classic tag
Learn about the extended functionalities of the NFC type MIFARE tag.
2013-10-23 Introduction to MIFARE SAM
Here's an application note that introduces MIFARE SAM AV2 as well as all documentation and samples.
2013-06-03 Intro to MIFARE application directory
Here's a look at the proposed MIFARE Application Directory, its rule and structure together with examples.
2008-07-22 Court favors release of Mifare security report
A court in Arnhem, the Netherlands, has turned down NXP Semiconductors' request to stop the publication of a scientific study into the security of its Mifare Classic contactless smart card chip technology.
2011-11-09 Application development with MIFARE SAM
Here's an application note that provides information on the support items for application development using MIFARE SAM AV2.
2009-11-20 16bit MCUs pack dual interface, Mifare Plus S
Renesas has developed a series of dual interface MCUs built around the RS-4 16bit CPU core for contact and contactless communication.
2013-11-15 ST MCUs promise security in next-gen mobile, consumer apps
The ST33G1M2 can function either in a mobile phone NFC UICC, which handles mobile payments alongside SIM applications and user-data storage, or as a dedicated embedded secure chip in NFC smartphones.
2012-11-08 Smart paper ticketing IC addresses disposable ticket demand
The MIFARE Ultralight EV1 is a non-cryptographic product which aims to enable transport operators to integrate flexible ticket tariff schemes.
2002-09-10 Philips, Sony define next-gen RF communication
Royal Philips Electronics and Sony Corp. have partnered to jointly develop a new near field RF communication technology - the Near Field Communication.
2006-06-20 Philips' RFID tech powers World Cup tickets
FIFA partnered with Philips to provide contactless ticketing based on RFID tech to ensure only genuine ticket holders get access to the World Cup games.
2003-11-21 Philips to launch 'near-field' products for smart cards
Philips will roll out new consumer products in '04 integrating a smart card reader based on near-field comms.
2004-09-07 Philips supplies BMAC with contactless chips
Royal Philips Electronics has announced that the Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card Co. Ltd (BMAC) is using Philips' MIFARE UltraLight contactless chip technology in a new e-ticketing system for the Great Wall of China at Badaling, Beijing.
2013-10-24 Pegoda EV710 documentation, sample guide
Here are the details on how to receive documentation and samples for operation of the Pegoda EV710.
2006-11-22 NXP, Sony partner on contactless IC solution for mobile apps
NFC technology providers NXP Semiconductors and Sony Corp. have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish by mid-year 2007 a joint venture to drive global adoption of contactless smart card apps in mobile phones.
2010-07-05 NFC vendors form Mifare4Mobile group
NFC vendors have launched the MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group to fast-track the uniform management of MIFARE applications on NFC-enabled secure elements.
2013-07-17 Guide to migrating from CLRC663 to derivates
Understand the principles of migrating from contactless reader IC CLRC663 to MFRC631, MFRC630 or SLRC610.
2008-11-25 Fingerprint access device achieves 700 matches in 1sec
Futronic Technology Co. Ltd has launched the FS22, a high performance fingerprint access and attendance control device with Mifare.
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