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What is MIPS?
MIPS or Million Instructions Per Second is the execution speed of a computer.
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2009-07-24 Video sensor with MIPI suits notebooks
OmniVision Technologies has launched the ultrathin (3mm) high-performance OV7739 CMOS video sensor, developed specifically to address the low-light sensitivity demands of the fast-growing notebook PC market.
2015-01-13 Total IP sol'n for MIPI SoundWire aimed at mobile devices
Arasan's MIPI SoundWire IP solution is fully configurable for a number of options such as data ports, SoundWire bus lanes and audio sample widths to meet a range of audio applications.
2013-08-28 TI rolls power chips with MIPI RFFE, maximise battery life
Integrating the MIPI Alliance's radio frequency front-end digital control interface, TI's latest RF power converters significantly reduce the heat and power consumption in RF power amplifiers.
2015-09-28 The lowdown on MIPI D'PHY RX
MIPI D'Phy, a physical serial communicating layer connecting the application processor to the display device or the camera, offers advantages as the physical layer. Learn more about it.
2008-09-23 ST chooses Agilent's MIPI D-PHY test platform
STMicroelectronics has selected Agilent Technologies Inc.'s PHY sink test solution to test its devices according to the MIPI D-PHY standard.
2008-12-03 Solution bridges MDDI/CPU, MIPI
California Micro Devices has announced CM5160, a Mobile Display Digital Interface (MDDI)/CPU to Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) bridge solution, the first to enable conversion.
2007-05-08 Solomon touts first MIPI total solution for display market
Solomon Systech claims that its SSD2218 TFT driver controller, together with the SSD2802 MIPI master bridge chip, is the world's first MIPI total solution for the display market.
2013-01-02 Selecting scope for multi-lane MIPI M-PHY design
Understand the considerations in choosing the oscilloscope for validation of multi-lane M-PHY designs.
2010-01-18 Reflowable camera module supports MIPI interface
OmniVision Technologies Inc. is offering feature-rich OVM7692 VGA CameraCube solution to its portfolio of ultracompact reflowable camera modules.
2015-10-28 Oscilloscopes ease debugging of MIPI D-PHY based interfaces
The R&S RTO-K42 from Rohde & Schwarz makes it possible for developers of MIPI DSI and MIPI CSI-2 interfaces to trigger directly on the content of high-speed and low-power packets.
2004-02-10 OmniVision links up with MIPI alliance
CMOS CameraChip supplier OmniVision Technologies Inc. has joined the MIPI Alliance, a collaboration of mobile industry providers that define and promote open standards for interfaces to mobile apps processors used in mobile phones.
2014-03-05 Non-volatile FPGAs link any processor to MIPI interfaces
Lattice Semiconductor's MachXO3L claims to offer a bridging solution between legacy designs and processors and evolving connectivity interfaces such as LVDS displays, MIPI CSI-2, DSI and others.
2007-08-02 NEC, Solomon team on MIPI DSI spec testing
NEC Electronics and Solomon Systech have partnered to test the interoperability of LCD driver ICs and bridge ICs for cellphones based on the MIPI DSI specification.
2010-05-20 Mobile image sensors support parallel, MIPI interfaces
Aptina Inc. has launched a line of CMOS image sensors, based on a 1.4? pixel scheme and its third-generation frontside illumination (FSI) technology.
2013-06-21 MIPI-protocol VIP provides exhaustive stress test
Mentor Graphics' MIPI VIP enables the use of stimuli generated by modern simulation testbenches, including SystemVerilog/UVM, and SystemC-based environments.
2011-05-06 MIPI, USB 3.0 promoters collaborate on mobile chip interface
Designed for next-gen mobile silicon, the Superspeed Inter-Chip spec unites MIPI Alliance's M-PHY spec with USB 3.0's media access controller and higher layer software.
2007-06-19 MIPI sensor keeps cam images steady, sharp
OmniVision has launched a three-megapixel MIPI CameraChip sensor with advanced image stabilization functionality.
2012-01-20 MIPI releases mobile RF standards
The MIPI Alliance has releaed the DigRF v4 and the RFFE v1.10 specifications for digital modem and front-end radio.
2011-03-10 MIPI platform supports CSI-2, DSI controllers
Mixel and Northwest Logic have released a unified MIPI platform incorporating the Mixel Physical Layer (D-PHY) and the Northwest Logic CSI-2 and DSI controllers.
2004-06-16 MIPI makes progress on power, interfaces
The Mobile Industry Processor Interface alliance set up working groups to define standards for power management in handsets as well as a physical layer chip.
2012-03-05 MIPI digital controller IP cuts mobile phone cost
Arteris FlexLLI offers point-to-point interconnect between two chips such as a mobile phone application processor and modem baseband processor, reducing compatibility risk.
2015-10-26 MIPI D-PHY IP works at 2.5Gb/s per Lane on TSMC 16nm FinFET+
The DesignWare MIPI D-PHY from Synopsys enables designers to meet their power and performance requirements while ensuring interoperability with the latest image sensors and displays.
2012-11-15 MIPI Alliance: Standardised sensor interface a must
MIPI Alliance is seeking the development of an interface standard that will allow MEMS sensors to access a common interface.
2007-10-08 MIPI Alliance welcomes Cypress as new member
Cypress Semiconductor has joined the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Alliance, the initiative established and promote open standards for interfaces to mobile application processors.
2007-02-07 MIPI Alliance welcomes Atmel
Atmel Corp. has joined the Mobile Industry Processor Interface Alliance as an adopter member, enabling it to use the alliance's specifications to develop MIPI-compliant products.
2013-11-12 MIPI Alliance sets up Sensor Working Group
The formation of the Sensor Working Group aims to bring a new specifiication that will benefit various markets, such as allowing sensor integration into mobile systems.
2006-05-25 MIPI Alliance releases display standard for mobile phones
The Mobile Industry Processor Interface Alliance has released the Display Serial Interface Specification for mobile phones.
2003-09-16 MIPI a Symbian replay on handset hardware
The creation of the MIPI alliance is bound to change the dynamics of the mobile industry as it pushes for applications-rich mobile devices.
2011-04-13 In-Stat sees 70% shift to MIPI CSI-2 by 2016
A recent In-Stat report has projected that up to 70 percent of camera interfaces would use MIPI's CSI-2 by 2016, including about 225 million Tablet PC image sensors.
2007-08-27 Image sensor integrates MIPI receiver
Micron Technology has designed a MIPI receiver interface into one of its new mobile imaging sensors, helping to advance 3G videophone calling.
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