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What is MIPS?
MIPS or Million Instructions Per Second is the execution speed of a computer.
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2002-04-26 Intrinsity to use MIPS32 architecture for 2.GHz processors
MIPS Technologies Inc., a provider of processor architectures and cores, has licensed its MIPS32 architecture to Intrinsity Inc. for math-intensive communications, imaging and networking systems. Intrinsity will use the 32-bit MIPS instruction-set architecture with its patented Fast14 technology to develop MIPS-based embedded processors.
2007-07-18 Infineon first to licenses MIPS32 74K core
MIPS Technologies Inc. announced that Infineon Technologies AG has selected the MIPS32 74K core for its next- generation IC designs.
1999-06-29 Implementing high-end telephony functions on an 8bit microcontroller
This paper presents a practical example of a complete 1200baud modem reference design that performs the key functions in software and utilizing a board size of 5.08-by-7.62cm form factor. This paper also shows how a high-MIPS microcontroller can implement available telephony functions, as well as include additional peripherals at the developer's discretion.
2002-11-25 IDT boosts bandwidth of communications processor
IDT has debuted its RC32438 integrated communications processor that incorporate a 32-bit MIPS CPU core with a DDR memory controller, which provides a higher memory bandwidth compared to an SDRAM-based solution.
2002-11-13 Hitachi MCU replaces multichip motor control systems
The company has announced the availability of the SH7145F 32-bit RISC microcontroller that exhibits a processing speed of 65 Dhrystone MIPS.
2008-05-01 HDMI goes mobile
How to connect to and display high-definition video from portable devices on a large-screen TV without losing image quality is key design challenge facing many OEMs. In response, MIPS Technologies unveiled what it claims is the industry's first 65nm IP offerings for HDMI.
2010-09-09 Dual-core MCUs suit factory automation systems
The 32-bit All Flash MCUs deliver processing performance of 1,024 Dhrystone MIPS at a clock speed of 200MHz.
2011-01-06 Design for tomorrow's smart connected devices
As devices get internet-connected and interconnected with other smart devices, they are demanding high-performance, low-power CPUs and open source software platforms, says MIPS President Art Swift.
2003-05-02 Cygnal MCU incorporates 2KB of Flash
The C8051F305 Flash MCU from Cygnal Integrated Products integrates a 25 MIPS 8051 CPU and 2KB of Flash memory into a 3-by-2mm MLP.
2009-03-11 Cooperation creates 45nm HDMI-based IP
The cooperation of MIPS Technologies Inc. and NXP BV has resulted in an HDMI 1.3 receiver core implemented in 45nm silicon.
2010-06-29 COM board integrates up to 128KB FRAM
The MM50 ESMini module uses a PowerPC MPC5121e or a MPC5123 processor, each based on an e300 processor core incorporating MMU and FPU as well as a 760 MIPS.
2006-11-09 Broadcom Wi-Fi chip provides full Layer 3 routing
Broadcom Corp. has introduced an 802.11g Wi-Fi chip that integrates its 54g radio and a MAC block with an Ethernet switch and a MIPS processor, providing full Layer 3 routing.
2008-08-22 Breaking the gigahertz speed barrier with an automated flow using commercial standard cell libraries and memories
This paper highlights how the collaborative efforts of MIPS Technologies and Synopsys resulted in an automated RTL-to-GDSII flow.
2009-02-04 Audio line driver saves space in multimedia apps
MIPS Technologies Inc. has launched a new linearized digital audio IP that provides a high-quality, compact line driving solution for a wide range of multimedia applications including DVD players, digital photo frames, STBs and iDTVs.
2009-07-28 ARM core reaches GHz rate
Samsung Electronics Co. and Intrinsity Inc. have developed what they claim to be the first silicon for an ARM Cortex A8 that runs at a GHz and delivers more than 2,000 Dhrystone Mips while consuming 640mW power.
2009-08-11 Are you ready for high-def Android?
MIPS Technologies and one of its partners are working on extensions to the Android OS to support high-definition video displays.
2007-05-01 8bit MCU packs performance into 9mm?
Silicon Laboratories Inc. is offering 8bit microcontrollers that integrate a 25-MIPS 8051 CPU, a 10bit ADC with a programmable analog multiplexer and an internal 2 percent oscillator in a 3-by-3mm package.
2010-09-06 32-bit MCU eases 8-bit app upgrade
The series of MCUs are powered by the ARM Cortex-M0 processor and operate at 50MHz or 45 Dhrystone MIPS.
2000-06-22 16-Tap, 8-Bit FIR filter applications guide
This application note describes the functionality and integration of a 16-tap, 8-bit Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter macro with predefined coefficients, such as low pass, and a sample rate of 5.44MSa/s or 784 MIPS using an XC4000-4 device.
2011-10-11 1.5GHz microprocessor cluster targets SoC design
MIPS Technologies and eSilicon's latest 28nm technology combines coherent multiprocessing and superscalar processor core.
2006-05-30 Zarlink unveils new embedded Ethernet switch
Zarlink expanded its DirectConnect family of embedded Ethernet switches with a new high-capacity aggregation and switch device.
2006-01-13 Zarlink Ethernet switches designed for IP video apps
Zarlink's new ClassSwitch platform of single- chip, full-service Layer 2 Ethernet switches designed for network access equipment supporting packet-based apps.
2008-02-19 XPhase chipset delivers AMD CPU power solution
IR has introduced the IR3514 and IR3507 XPhase chipset for AMD parallel and serial VID (PVID and SVID) processors.
2014-02-26 Xperia Z1 deemed best Android phone in China
Tencent, Qualcomm, and BDTI set out to find out who offers the best Android smartphone to Chinese consumers.
2003-11-17 XML embedded Web support eases design
The simplest method to implementing XML embedded devices is supporting the Web processes completely in external software.
2001-06-01 Xilinx rolls soft core 32-bit MPU, targets networking
Xilinx's MicroBlaze 32-bit processor setting up the groundwork for a new multi-processor platform for the industry to use in the near future.
2005-01-11 Xilinx rolls out first Virtex-4 device with PowerPC processor
Xilinx introduced its new FX12 FPGAs, which are the first Virtex-4 devices with embedded PowerPC processor.
2003-04-29 Xilinx offers new development kit for MicroBlaze core
Xilinx Inc.'s v3.2 Embedded Development Kit offers significant enhancements to the MicroBlaze 32-bit soft processor core.
2003-10-23 Wintegra processors designed for GbE systems
Wintegra Inc. has introduced its WinPath WIN747 and WIN740 access packet processors that share the same software set as other members of the WinPath family.
2004-02-12 Wintegra packet processors come with GbE ports
Wintegra's processors incorporate integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports, 16 serial ports, and additional PHYs supported on the Utopia ports.
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