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What is MIPS?
MIPS or Million Instructions Per Second is the execution speed of a computer.
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2003-10-17 MIPS unveils new line of synthesizable cores
MIPS Technologies Inc. has unveiled four members of its 32-bit synthesizable core family that are derivatives of the MIPS32 24K microarchitecture.
2008-04-03 MIPS unveils licensable core for multiprocessing
MIPS Technologies is rolling out its first licensable core geared for coherent multiprocessingthe MIPS 1004Kwhich can support up to four cores on a chip, each running two threads.
2014-11-20 MIPS toolkit targets entire SoC product dev't
Aimed at any MIPS-based platforms, the solutions from Imagination Technologies are geared for entry-level MIPS development boards and high-end multi-core SoC-powered systems.
2002-10-10 MIPS to streamline operations
MIPS Technologies Inc. has announced plans to consolidate its design activities and transition operations at its design center in Denmark in order to achieve needed cutting down of costs.
2008-08-15 MIPS to slash 15% of workforce
MIPS Technologies Inc. will lay off 15 percent of its 512 employees following a $103.1 million write off it is taking, mainly against the analog business it recently acquired with Chipidea.
2005-07-21 MIPS to discuss low cost RISC, DSP at ESC-Taiwan
MIPS Technologies Inc.'s media market development manager will discuss "RISC and DSP convergence: Increasing performance at lower costs" at this year's ESC-Taiwan to be held at Taipei's International Conference Center from July 27-28.
2002-07-17 MIPS Technologies licenses 64-bit processor core to Marvell
MIPS Technologies Inc. has licensed the MIPS64 5Kf processor core to Marvell.
2010-10-14 MIPS Technologies joins TSMC IP alliance
MIPS Technologies Inc. has joined the TSMC Soft IP Alliance Program.
2004-07-02 MIPS Tech licenses MIPS32 24K core to KME
Kawasaki Microelectronics Inc. (KME) has taken a license for MIPS Technologies Inc.'s MIPS32 24Kcore family.
2006-12-08 MIPS sues Trident for patent infringement
MIPS Technologies Inc. recently filed a patent and trademark infringement lawsuit against Trident Microsystems Inc. in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of California.
2012-12-10 MIPS skips Release 4 amid bidding war
In what is likely MIPS Technologies' last independent tech update, Release 5 contains virtualisation and SIMD extensions to its base architecture.
2010-05-04 MIPS set to crack ARM-dominated mobile market
MIPS' goal to take a slice of the ARM-dominated mobile handset market is shaping up with a major deal with a cellular baseband/application chip company based in Asia.
2010-02-12 MIPS set on cracking 3.5G/4G handset market
MIPS Technologies is determined to extend its processor IPs to both baseband and multimedia co-processor chips inside future mobile handsets.
2002-01-16 MIPS scores software support for its processors
Both Microsoft Corp. and Metrowerks Inc. announced this week that their software products would support the MIPS microprocessors of MIPS Technologies Inc.
2007-05-30 MIPS rollout spotlights high-end IP core
MIPS has announced a new 32bit MCU that includes superscalar, out-of-order technology for use in a range of high-performance applications.
2003-11-20 MIPS processor technology licensed by Innova Card
Innova Card has licensed MIPS Technologies' MIPS32 4KSd core.
2007-06-22 MIPS plays down ARM expansion threat
MIPS Technologies said it is confident that ARM will not be able to take market share from it in the increasingly competitive IP cores market.
2002-03-07 MIPS plans tool additions to close compiler gap
MIPS Technologies plans to extend its work in software tools to help close the gap between the compiler and processor core technology.
2012-07-19 MIPS partners with Google, beefs up other ties
The company is now focused on growing its Android market and establishing partnerships in Asia.
2002-01-23 MIPS opens new office in Japan
MIPS Technologies Inc. has opened a sales, marketing and support office, MIPS Technologies B.V., in Japan.
2010-11-03 MIPS on the rise
Processor core vendor MIPS Technologies is growing strong, and Sandeep Vij, CEO, MIPS, says greatness can be achieved if a company has "a soul."
2002-08-01 MIPS offers on-chip interconnect to link SoC blocks
MIPS Technologies Inc. has introduced an on-chip switch for SoC developers to provide a high-performance link between a MIPS processor and multiple third-party IP cores.
2004-10-14 MIPS offers improved MIPS32 24K core family
MIPS Technologies Inc. has released enhanced versions of the cores in the MIPS32 24K core family.
2003-04-29 MIPS microprocessors featured in Windows CE .NET 4.2
MIPS Technologies Inc. has announced that the updated version of the Microsoft Windows CE.NET v4.2, includes support for 32- and 64-bit MIPS-based microprocessors.
2003-07-02 MIPS microarchitecture eyes next-gen embedded designs
MIPS Technologies Inc. has introduced the MIPS32 24K microarchitecture that is suitable for use in digital consumer devices.
2012-04-17 MIPS looking for buyer
The processor and related intellectual property licensor is reported to have hired Goldman Sachs to identify and negotiate with potential acquirers of the company.
2005-03-30 MIPS licenses processor to Shanghai research center
MIPS Technologies Inc. has announced that the IC and System Research Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University has licensed the MIPS32 4Kc SMIC .18 hard core to develop SoCs for China's expanding digital television (DTV) market.
2006-07-26 MIPS licenses processor cores to Toshiba
MIPS Technologies announced that Toshiba has selected the MIPS32 24KEc Pro and 24KEf Pro cores as the for its latest microprocessor line-up for providing advanced solutions for next-generation digital consumer products.
2003-02-20 MIPS licenses processor cores to Taiwan IC firm
Sunplus Technology Co. Ltd has licensed a range of 32-bit cores from MIPS Technologies Inc.
2002-07-08 MIPS licenses processor cores to Centillium
MIPS Technologies Inc. has licensed two MIPS-based processor cores to Centillium Communications Inc.
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