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What is MIPS?
MIPS or Million Instructions Per Second is the execution speed of a computer.
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2002-07-10 Marvell controllers eye MIPS, PowerPC systems
Marvell has built a generation of controllers for systems based on MIPS or PowerPC processors.
2005-12-09 Macraigor delivers debug support for Freescale, MIPS processors
Macraigor announced JTAG debug and Flash programming support for several new Freescale PowerPC and MIPS Technologies 64-bit processors. Full JTAG debug and Flash programming support has been added for Freescale's MPC5200 rev. B processor and 83xx PowerQUICC II Pro family of processors.
2005-02-16 Macraigor announce additional support for ARM, MIPS, PowerPC processors
Macraigor Systems LLC announced additional support for several new processor chips in the ARM, MIPS and PowerPC families.
2011-11-01 Low-pin-count MCUs deliver 50 MIPS
NXP has released low-pin-out package options for its ARM Cortex-M0 LPC1100 MCU family.
2002-08-28 Lexra turns to multithreading MIPS processors
Many companies whose sole aim was to provide IP cores have either bitten the dust or are about to do so.
2004-02-05 Kawasaki adds MIPS cores to ASIC IP portfolio
MIPS Technologies and Kawasaki Microelectronics have entered into an agreement that adds MIPS-Based cores to Kawasaki's ASIC IP portfolio.
2008-07-23 K-micro boosts ASIC line with new MIPS cores
MIPS Technologies Inc. announced that Kawasaki Microelectronics (K-micro) licensed multiple MIPS cores for its ASIC IP portfolio.
2010-10-15 IUNIKA licenses MIPS IP for mobile devices
MIPS Technologies reports that its Coherent Multiprocessing Systems have been licensed by IUNIKA for its ecofriendly e-books, laptops and netbooks.
2002-02-25 ITRI selects MIPS 32-bit processor for broadband reference design
Industrial Technology Research Institute has selected MIPS Technologies Inc.'s MIPS32 4Kc hard core for use in a single-chip cable broadband modem reference design.
2005-05-05 ITE develops audio/video apps using MIPS Pro cores
The MIPS32 4KEm Pro and 4KEp Pro cores from MIPS Technologies Inc. are being used by Taiwan-based IC design house ITE Technology Inc. to develop next-generation SoCs for portable digital multimedia, including MP3, Portable Media Players (PMP), and other audio/video applications.
2007-09-04 Is a DSP core firm next in MIPS' acquisition list?
MIPS CEO John Bourgoin hinted in an interview that a DSP core company may be next in its acquisition list.
2007-01-16 IP pact expands use of MIPS cores
Fabless ASIC provider Open-Silicon Inc. has expanded its intellectual property (IP) chip and library offerings by signing a deal with MIPS Technologies Inc.
2014-11-04 Interconnected MIPS, GPUs on Imagination's horizon
Imagination Technologies is looking to develop technology that would combine its latest multi-core MIPS processors with large arrays of its PowerVR graphics processors (GPUs).
2014-11-14 Ingenic unveils MIPS-based wearable, IoT solution
The Newton2 allows wearable device manufacturers to design and promote to market a differentiated product in a shorter period of time.
2014-04-11 Ingenic banks on MIPS-based wearables
Ingenic ventures its entire fortune on manufacturing its own MIPS-based SoCs, with a 1GHz CPU in the 65nm process for the IoT, and another low-power, voice-recognition enabled SoC for smartwatches.
2013-01-09 Ingenic arms tablet SoC with MIPS, imagination graphics
Ingenic Semiconductor has debut a dual-core MIPS-based apps processor and plans to demonstrate it in a 10-inch Android tablet during the Consumer Electronics Show.
2004-06-25 Infineon selects 4KEc core from MIPS Technologies
Infineon Technologies AG has taken a license for MIPS Technologies Inc.'s MIPS32 4KEc core.
2014-11-24 Imperas rolls out virtual platform for MIPS
These Extendable Platform Kits for MIPS are designed to provide a base for users to run high-speed simulations of MIPS-based SoCs and platforms on any suitable PC.
2008-08-21 Imperas rolls MIPS-verified IP models free of charge
EDA startup Imperas Ltd has signed up processor and mixed-signal IP licensor MIPS Technologies Inc. to verify models of its processors that Imperas makes and plans to distribute for free.
2014-02-11 Imperas adds support for Imagination's MIPS cores
QuantumLeap leverages Imperas' synchronization algorithm to provide the fastest virtual platform software execution speed on standard, multi-core PC host machines, claimed the firm.
2014-09-05 Imagination unveils MIPS I-class IP cores
The I6400 can be implemented across a very wide range of performance, power, and area operating points and achieves high frequencies in aggressive implementations.
2014-06-20 Imagination seeks to resurrect MIPS in the spotlight
The MIPS legacy is anchored on its processor cores' architecture and its power-efficient performance, but industry analysts remain impassive, believing that MIPS lost the mobile battle against ARM.
2013-06-28 Imagination readies MIPS cores codenamed Warrior
Imagination Technologies' Warrior generation of 32/64bit MIPS processor has equivalents across three performance profiles with a focus on performance efficiency.
2012-12-24 Imagination locks in on MIPS
Ceva recently announced that it will not rebid against Imagination Technologies, giving the DSP IP licensor a boost in its position against ARM Holdings.
2002-05-30 Iconoclast designers choose MIPS
A group of engineers in Calabasas Hills, California, wants to turn the microprocessor world on its head by doing the unthinkable: tossing out the clock and letting the signals move about unencumbered.
2005-03-21 Huaya to license MIPS processor for DTV products
Huaya Microelectronics Ltd, a Shanghai-based supplier of custom video chips, announced Wednesday (March 16) it would license the MIPS32 4K SMIC.18 hard core from MIPS Technologies to develop digital TV (DTV) products for the China market.
2010-05-26 Google TV lacks cable, MIPS
Two big pieces were lacking when Google unveiled its picture of the future of integrated Web and TV servicescable TV providers and MIPS Technologies.
2003-12-05 Genesis adopts MIPS cores for DTV, LCD apps
Genesis Microchip Inc. has selected MIPS Technologies Inc.'s MIPS32 4Kc core to power its next-generation DTV and LCD monitor products.
2003-10-08 Fodus licenses MIPS processor core
Fodus Communications has licensed MIPS Technologies Inc.'s MIPS32 4Kc processor core to develop next-gen SoCs for the networking market.
2009-04-27 Firms give MIPS processor Android boost
Open source developer Embedded Alley and RMI Corp. have partnered to port the Android OS to RMI's MIPS-based Au1250 processor.
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