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What is MIPS?
MIPS or Million Instructions Per Second is the execution speed of a computer.
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2006-11-30 Express Logic, FS2 announce debug support for MIPS cores
Express Logic and First Silicon Solutions jointly announced ThreadX kernel-aware debug support for the MIPS SDE software development toolkit.
2006-03-23 Express Logic unveils new RTOS for MIPS' processor core family
Express Logic announced the availability of its ThreadX RTOS for the MIPS32 34K multi-threaded processor core family.
2010-10-15 Ethernet switches boast MIPS processors
Vitesse builds new Ethernet switches around high-performance MIPS processors
2010-10-20 Embedded Linux platform supports ARM, Intel, MIPs, Power
Wind River has just introduced its fourth-generation commercial embedded Linux platform based on the recently released Linux 2.6.34+ kernel, cross-compiling toolchains GCC 4.4, EGLIBC 2.11 and GDB 7, and support for leading ARM, Intel, MIPS and Power architectures.
2008-02-05 Dual-core chips achieve 1,920 MIPS processing
Renesas Technology's SH7786 Group of dual-core processors built around twin SH-4A CPU cores achieve up to 1,920 MIPS when operating at 533MHz.
2010-06-03 COM Express module achieves up to 23,366 MIPS
congatec's latest low-power congatec-AG COM Express modules feature Intel processors in a compact form.
2003-04-02 Cirrus Logic licenses MIPS 32-bit processor cores
Cirrus Logic Inc. has licensed a range of 32-bit processor cores by MIPS Technologies Inc.
2005-07-22 Chinese design firm licenses MIPS cores
Actions Semiconductor Co. Ltd has licensed the MIPS32 4KEc Pro and MIPS32 M4K Pro cores from MIPS Technologies Inc.
2009-07-10 China, Taiwan say hello to MIPS architecture
MIPS Technologies Inc. and EE Solutions are teaming up to provide semiconductor companies in China and Taiwan with easy access to MIPS' industry-standard technology.
2007-08-30 China firm licenses MIPS processor core for DTV designs
MIPS Technologies announced that China-based PowerLayer Microsystems has licensed the MIPS32 24KEc processor core to advance the development of next-generation DTV products.
2011-01-05 China connection boosts MIPS' mobile penetration
The connection represented by MIPS-Ingenic-Velocity Micro illustrates an emerging paradigm in the consumer electronics market: A China-developed processor is driving a host of new consumer devices, while a big ODM community based in greater China (i.e. Foxconn) designs and manufactures them, which are, then, promoted by U.S.-based marketing companies like Velocity Micro, who cultivate channel connections with top retailers.
2005-08-08 China claims 'MIPS-like' processor does not infringe
Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), developer of the 64-bit Godson-2 microprocessor, said Friday (July 29) that the processor infringes on no international intellectual property rights, according to the English language online version of The People's Daily.
2012-11-23 Ceva bids against Imagination Tech, offers $75 mil for MIPS
The competing bid by Ceva is reportedly structured along the same lines as Imagination's. That bid calls for a large proportion of the MIPS patent portfolio to be sold to Bridge Crossing for about $350 million.
2011-02-18 Broadcom-ARM license pact challenges MIPS
While the deal will allow Broadcom to use current and future ARM processors across its product lines, analysts believe Broadcom's other products, when a processor core is needed, will still use MIPS cores.
2012-07-05 Broadcom pays $26.5M for broad MIPS license
MIPS Technologies Inc. has provided Broadcom Corp. with a multifaceted, multiyear patent and technology license covering patents owned or licensable by MIPS, as well as a multiyear extension of its current MIPS architecture and core licenses that lasts until the last-to-expire of those patents has expired.
2005-05-19 Audio processor offers 10,000+ MIPS
The X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity audio processor from Creative Labs Inc. has more than 51 million transistors, and is capable of 10,000+ MIPS.
2005-01-31 Asustek adopts MIPS architecture for portable devices
MIPS Technologies Inc. announced Thursday (Jan. 27) that Asustek Computer has licensed the MIPS32 4KEc and 4KEp cores as well as its consumer audio platform and software tool kits.
2002-11-18 ARM, MIPS fight it out on embedded processor front
MIPS impressed the audience on the Embedded processor forum by presenting new products that make use of the MIPS core, while ARM was content on riding on Intel's enthusiasm with XScale.
2011-04-06 Android to stay architecture-neutral, says MIPS
MIPS claims Google's Android anti-fragmentation moves are architecture-neutral and proof of this is the Android Native Development Kit available for each processor architecture that supports the OS.
2009-09-02 Android gets full HD from MIPS, Sigma
MIPS and Sigma Design show an Android-based system displaying 1,080p video on a full HD flat screen.
2009-05-12 Analysis: MIPS-Chipidea not a good mix
MIPS Technologies Inc., which in August 2007 bought Chipidea, a Portuguese analog and mixed-signal IP company, announced May 8 that it has divested its analog business group to Synopsys Inc. in an all-cash transaction for $22 million, effective immediately.
2002-01-31 AMD to buy MIPS processor startup Alchemy
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. plans to acquire Alchemy Semiconductor Inc. and pit that company's MIPS-based processor architecture against Intel Corp.'s Xscale processors.
2002-05-03 AMD adopts MIPS' 64-bit architecture
MIPS Technologies has licensed its MIPS64 instruction set architecture (ISA) to AMD. With this license, AMD plans to develop 64-bit processors that implement the MIPS64 architecture standard in addition to its current product line of processors based on the MIPS32 architecture standards.
2004-09-28 Agilent to license embedded processor cores from MIPS
Agilent Technologies Inc. has agreed to license several embedded processor core families from MIPS Technologies Inc., including the MIPS32, 4K, 4KE core families and the M4K and MIPS64, 5Kc, and 5Kf cores.
2011-01-18 ABI Research: ARM to see challenge from x86, MIPS application cores
Research firm predicts strong competition in applications processor market
2010-12-17 40nm STB SoC integrates multithreaded MIPS core
Broadcom’s BCM7422 combines a 1.3 GHz multi-threaded MIPS processor with an H.264 codec supporting MPEG Scalable Video Coding and Multiview Video Coding for high definition 3D TV.
2011-02-15 3G/4G demo runs on MIPS
4M Wireless will port its protocol stack on the MIPS-based platform to show a seamless bi-directional handover between a 3G WCDMA protocol stack and 4M Wireless' proven 4G LTE protocol stack.
2010-04-06 32bit MCUs deliver 38 DMIPS at 0.9mW/MIPS
NEC Electronics has added 78 new members to the V850ES/Jx3 family of 32bit All Flash microcontrollers featuring low power consumption, optimized pin counts and expanded functionality.
2009-03-27 32bit MCUs achieve 1.65 MIPS/MHz processing
Renesas Technology Corp. has developed the first RX family microcontroller products built around the new RX CPU.
2008-12-08 16bit MCU core consumes MIPS
Tiempo AS has unveiled a 16bit MCU core that is claimed to consume less than 40?A per MIPS.
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