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What is a MOSFET?
Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor, or simply MOSFET, is the most commonly used field effect transistor for both analog and digital circuits. It is composed of two channels: n-type or p-type semiconductor materials, accordingly referred to as NMOSFET and PMOSFET.
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2002-07-26 Safe operating area of linear MOSFETs extended
Advanced Power Technology's APL502 and APL602 MOSFETs are designed for linear service as Class A amplifiers and for linear regulators and electronic loads.
2010-10-05 Rugged MOSFETs handle demands of VoIP equipment
Diodes Inc. has expanded its MOSFET product line with its introduction of 60V N-channel devices customized for VoIP communication equipment. Made to handle the high pulse current required to generate tip and ring line feeds and to sustain an avalanche of energy induced during switching, the DMN60xx series successfully fulfills the stringent requirements of the primary switch position in transformer based Subscriber Line Interface Circuits (SLIC) DC/DC converters.
2013-01-28 Renesas' new MOSFETS boast 50% lower On-resistance
Renesas' latest MOSFETS feature a low on-state resistance of 0.72M? (typical value) for 30 V and a high-efficiency, small surface mount package (8-pin HVSON).
2011-06-10 Radiation-hardened MOSFETs target satellites, launchers
STMicroelectronics has rolled out the first in a family of power transistors qualified for electronic subsystems in satellites and launchers.
2008-07-07 Radiation-hardened MOSFETs simplify design
International Rectifier has expanded its portfolio of RAD-Hard Logic Level gate drive MOSFETs with the introduction of 60V, 100V and 250V MOSFETs for switch mode power supplies (SMPS), satellite power distribution systems and resonant power converters in high-reliability applications.
2003-06-30 Protecting IGBTs and MOSFETs from ESD
This application note discusses how to protect IGBTS and MOSFETs from ESD and how HEXFET users can implement and benefit from similar ESD control programs.
2000-12-01 Protecting IGBTs and MOSFETs from ESD
This application note discusses how HEXFET users can implement and benefit from International Rectifier's ESD control programs.
2009-01-08 PowerTrench MOSFETs support 80 PLUS Silver spec
Fairchild Semiconductor has released a highly efficient synchronous rectification MOSFET solution that enables power supplies to meet the 80 PLUS Silver specification.
2009-06-29 Power MOSFETs zoom into automotive apps
NEC Electronics Europe has expanded its NP-Series of PowerMOSFETs. The two devices have a breakthrough voltage of 100V and complement the lineup of low-voltage PowerMOSFETs for automotive apps.
2008-12-05 Power MOSFETs with TurboFET deliver fast switching
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has expanded its family of Gen III TrenchFET power MOSFETs with the release of two 20V and two 30V n-channel devices that are the first to offer TurboFET technology. The
2008-10-24 Power MOSFETs tout industry-leading features
Vishay has expanded its family of Gen III TrenchFET power MOSFETs with the release of a new 25V n-channel device offering the industry's lowest on-resistance and on-resistance times gate charge.
2012-09-10 Power MOSFETs target emerging co-design standards
ST's 900V and 950V SuperMESH 5 Power MOSFETs are aimed at green energy designs and boast the highest voltage rating at 950V.
2012-11-21 Power MOSFETs support high-efficiency DC/DC design
Microchip's power-conversion controllers are high-voltage analogue buck PWM controllers with integrated MOSFET drivers, boasting outstanding transient performance.
2007-02-21 Power MOSFETs suit ultrathin handheld devices
With a low vertical clearance of 0.5mm, the SOT-723 packaged power MOSFETs from ON Semi satisfy the requirements of new-generation ultrathin handheld portable devices.
2006-12-11 Power MOSFETs suit HID lamp electronic ballast
The small size of ST's new power MOSFET makes it particularly suited to lighting applications such as high power factor electronic ballasts and high intensity discharge (HID) lamp electronic ballasts.
2010-08-24 Power MOSFETS suit car audio systems
The three DirectFET2 devices are optimized with low gate charge to improve total harmonic distortion and efficiency while low diode reverse recovery charge further improves THD and lowers EMI.
2005-12-21 Power MOSFETs offers 30% part count reduction
IR's new 75V and 100V HEXFET power MOSFETs enable a part count reduction of 30% or more in secondary synchronous rectification, full-bridge topology power supplies.
2015-03-17 Power MOSFETs offer up to 20A in 4mm x 6mm TQFN package
Micrel said the power MOSFETs have been optimised for low gate capacitance to allow fast switching performance for minimal switching losses while their low on-resistance reduces conduction losses.
2010-10-22 Power MOSFETs offer high performance in compact package
International Rectifier unveils new family of automotive DirectFET2 power MOSFETs
2003-09-19 Power MOSFETs offer 2.4 milliohm ON resistance
Rohm Co. Ltd has developed the RQW250N03, a power MOSFET in SOP8 that achieves an ON resistance of 2.4 milliohms at an ID of 20A.
2005-12-05 Power MOSFETs offer 'exceptionally low' on-resistance values
Vishay Intertechnology released 17 new power MOSFETs that offer exceptionally low on-resistance values down to 3.7 milliohms in the compact PowerPAK 12128 package.
2008-02-25 Power MOSFETs meet needs of demanding DC/DC supplies
STMicroelectronics has announced two new power MOSFETs intended for demanding DC/DC converter applications.
2003-09-03 Power MOSFETs improve comms systems performance
The the 100V-rated IRF7495 and the 80V-rated IRF7493 n-channel HEXFET power MOSFETs from International Rectifier feature low gate-to-drain charge.
2011-02-14 Power MOSFETs gain 2% efficiency
International Rectifier's IRF6811 and IRF6894 power MOSFETs reduce RDS (on) and gate charge compared to previous-generation devices, and offer ultra-low gate resistance.
2005-01-17 Power MOSFETs for smaller dc-dc converters
Developing power MOSFETs mounted in dc-dc converters minimizes power constraints as the speed of CPUs and memory installed in PCs and servers continue to integrate more sophisticated functions.
2011-03-02 Power MOSFETs feature low on-resistance rating
Vishay Intertechnology released two MOSFETs with on-resistance ratings of 4.5V VGS, which the firm claims is the lowest in the industry.
2007-08-20 Power MOSFETs feature 1.2V gate-to-source voltages
Vishay Intertechnology has introduced power MOSFETs with on-resistance ratings at a 1.2V gate-to-source, to help designers simplify power management circuitry while extending battery run times.
2011-04-05 Power MOSFETs claim lowest on-resistance rating
Vishay Intertechnology introduces 40V and 60V N-channel TrenchFET power MOSFETs with what the company touts is the industry's lowest on-resistance rating.
2013-01-16 Power MOSFETs boast 20m? on-resistance
Vishay released an 8V and 20V n-channel and p-channel TrenchFET power MOSFETs with low on-resistance in 1 x 1 x 0.55mm and 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.6mm CSP MICRO FOOT packages.
2004-09-02 Philips MOSFETs have enhanced thermal performance
Philips disclosed the availability of its High Performance Automotive TrenchMOS MOSFETs in its loss-free packaging.
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