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What is a MOSFET?
Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor, or simply MOSFET, is the most commonly used field effect transistor for both analog and digital circuits. It is composed of two channels: n-type or p-type semiconductor materials, accordingly referred to as NMOSFET and PMOSFET.
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2009-08-17 MOSFETs offer very low gate charge
International Rectifier unveiled a series of ultralow gate charge HEXFET power MOSFETs for industrial applications such as switch mode power supplies, UPS, inverters and DC motor drives.
2012-08-22 MOSFETs offer higher power density in SMPS designs
Fairchild's PowerTrench devices are optimized power switches that combine a small gate charge, a small reverse recovery charge and a soft-reverse recovery body diode, promising fast switching speeds.
2007-01-24 MOSFETs offer better thermal performance
Vishay is adding new n-channel 20V, 30V and 40V devices to its PolarPAK family of power MOSFETs with double-sided cooling, giving designers a new way to reduce system size and cost through better MOSFET thermal performance.
2014-10-07 MOSFETs offer battery savings for wearables, mobile devices
The chipscale MICRO FOOT p-channel Si8457DB from Vishay claims to offer the industry's lowest on-resistance at a 1.8V gate drive for any MOSFET with a 1.6 x 1.6mm footprint.
2007-01-18 MOSFETs offer advanced thermal performance in PowerPAK ChipFET package
Vishay has released eight n-channel power MOSFETs in a new PowerPAK ChipFET package that promise advanced thermal performance in a compact 3-by-1.8mm footprint.
2011-05-31 MOSFETs occupy 0.6mm2 of PCB space
Diodes Inc. unveils a portfolio of high performance MOSFETs that claims to take less than half the board space of equiivalent SOT723 packaged parts.
2005-04-25 MOSFETs mix high threshold voltage, low on-resistance
Siliconix announced that the company has developed the industry's first n-channel MOSFETs that combine a high 3.4V threshold voltage with on-resistance as low as 2.7 milliohms
2009-09-23 MOSFETs make power supplies lighter, cooler
Infineon's new devices promise to make power supplies more efficient, more compact, lighter and cooler.
2009-05-11 MOSFETs in DFN packs save 55% PCB space
The DMS2220LFDB and DMS2120LFWB co-package a 20V P-channel enhancement mode MOSFET with a companion diode in a choice of 2mm x 2mm DFN2020 and 3mm x 2mm DFN3020 packages.
2005-02-07 MOSFETs improve power circuit efficiency by 30 percent
ON Semi introduced eight new N-channel and P-channel, low voltage Trench MOSFETs that reduce resistance between drain and source to improve overall power circuit efficiency by 30 percent.
2010-03-01 MOSFETs handle high-current power switching apps
IXYS' latest MOSFETs promote device consolidation through the reduction or elimination of multiple paralleled lower current-rated MOSFET devices in high-power switching applications.
2006-07-19 MOSFETs for battery packs touts 'smallest' footprint
NEC Electronics' new power MOSFETs, boasting the industry's smallest footprint for its class, reduce the design footprint of traditional dual n-channel devices by as much as 86 percent.
2007-08-21 MOSFETs feature up to 8kV ESD voltage protection
Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced a new series of high-efficiency n-channel MOSFETs with up to 8kV ESD voltage protection.
2012-12-07 MOSFETs feature ultra-low on-state resistance
IR's StrongIRFET power MOSFETs are geared for battery packs, inverters, UPS, solar inverters, forklift trucks, power tools, mobility scooters and ORing and Hot Swap applications.
2011-10-18 MOSFETs feature 64-190 milliohms on-resistance at 10V
Vishay's E Series of MOSFETs have a wide range of current ratings of 22A to 47A.
2012-01-09 MOSFETs feature 0.029? for 650V devices
The MDmesh V family boasts the best on-resistance per area for highest efficiency and can improve key efficiency metric by more than 23 percent, ST noted.
2006-09-05 MOSFETs enable ultraslim DPAK ballast apps
Fairchild said it has developed a family of low on-resistance 600V SuperFET MOSFETs that address the DPAK (TO-252) device requirements of the latest ultraslim, low-profile ballast applications.
2007-02-20 MOSFETs enable system efficiency, space optimization in plasma displays
Fairchild's new n-channel MOSFETs are designed to provide system efficiency and space optimization in plasma display panel applications.
2006-05-22 MOSFETs designed for switching converter apps
International Rectifier introduced new negative-channel 60, 80 and 100V HEXFET MOSFETs for switching converter applications used in networking and communications systems.
2008-05-27 MOSFETs demonstrate higher levels of performance, current density
IR introduces a family of 30V DirectFET MOSFETs optimized for synchronous buck converter designs for notebook computers, server CPU power, graphics, and memory voltage regulator applications.
2010-02-25 MOSFETs deliver 1.15m? on-state resistance
International Rectifier has introduced a family of HEXFET power MOSFETs including the IRFH6200TRPbF that delivers what it claims to be the lowest on-state resistance (RDS(on)).
2010-03-29 MOSFETs cut system costs in LCD TVs
Fairchild's Ultra FRFET family cuts the need for two blocking diodes and two FRDs in the half-bridge circuit, saving board space in LCD TV designs.
2010-01-14 MOSFETs cool high-current DC/DC apps
A new family of TI power MOSFETs allows computing and telecom system designers to use higher-current processors.
2004-11-19 MOSFETs combine fast switching speeds, low RDS(on) values
Philips' new family of MOSFETs is targeted for use in backlight inverters for LCD TVs and monitors, and UHP discharge lamp inverters for beamers and projection TVs.
2007-10-01 MOSFETs boast advanced thermal performance
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. released seven p-channel power MOSFETs in a PowerPAK ChipFET package that is said to offer advanced thermal performance in a compact, 3mm x 1.8mm footprint.
2016-04-08 MOSFETs balance supercaps with zero power burn
Find out how MOSFETs deployed in circuits that balance voltage and leakage current in supercapacitor series-connected stacks of two or more can be configured to burn zero power.
2004-08-13 Maxim PWM power IC includes power MOSFETs
The MAX5074 pulse-width-modulation power IC from Maxim Integrated Products comes with integrated power MOSFETs.
2006-04-03 Low-threshold MOSFETs can alleviate power-hungry portable devices
Discover how MOSFETs can help portable devices achieve high-speed performance and improved power efficiency.
2007-05-25 Low ON-resistance MOSFETs feature compact design
Rohm Co Ltd unveils a new dual-element, low ON-resistance MOSFET series features all of the characteristics of SOP8 products (5060(2024) size, 2W, t=1.75mm) in a thinner, more compact design.
2008-05-08 LITTLE FOOT TSSOP-8: The next step in surface-mount power MOSFETs
When Vishay Siliconix introduced its LITTLE FOOT MOSFETs, it was the first time that power MOSFETs had been offered in a true surface-mount package, the SOIC.
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