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2002-10-11 Using ispGDX160VA with the Motorola MPC860 to Provide a Generic Communications Processor Solution
This application note overviews a design example showing how two GDX160VA crosspoint switches can be used with Motorola's MPC860 to provide a generic and flexible Comms I/F module.
2001-05-16 TMS320C6000 host port to MPC860 interface
This application note describes an interface between Motorola's MPC860 microprocessor and the host port interface (HPI) of Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 DSP.
2001-05-16 TMS320C6000 expansion bus to MPC860 microprocessor interface
This application note describes how to interface Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 DSP expansion bus to Motorola's MPC860 microprocessor.
1999-12-09 Interfacing 64Mb HSDRAM to Motorola's MPC860 processor family
The Motorola MPC860 32-bit PowerPC-compatible processors are used for high performance networking and data communications applications. These processors have a 32-bit external memory bus which supports a maximum read and write bandwidth of 200MBps using 7.5ns HSDRAM. The MPC860 has two user programmable memory controller modules called UPMs to eliminate the need for any external memory controller logic. Generally only one UPM is required to support external memory. The other UPM is typically used to control boot ROM or a system peripheral. In addition, the processor has an internal refresh generator, page size registers, and dynamic bus sizing to simplify the interface to HSDRAM devices. The processor is available in 33MHz, 50MHz, and 66MHz clock speed options. This application note describes the 50MHz version and how a 64Mb HSDRAM is interfaced with it.
2001-03-26 CY7C09449PV/MPC860 interconnection
This application note describes the direct interface of Cypress Semiconductor's CY7C09449PV to Motorola's 32-bit, 40MHz MPC860 PowerQUICC processor.
1999-06-29 Design of multi-channel modem for remote access server
This paper describes a scalable architecture, in terms of hardware and software, using Motorola's powerful digital signal processor DSP56303 for multi-channel modem (MCM) application in the remote access server.
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