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2006-02-06 Matsushita boosts forecast after strong quarter
Despite a product recall in Japan, Matsushita reported the record high sales of $20.2 billion on operating profits of $1.1 billion in Q3. Net profit totaled $413 million.
2003-04-14 Matsushita begins production in second China facility
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has announced that its facility in Jiangsu, China - Suzhou Matsushita Semiconductor Co. Ltd - has begun operations.
2003-03-28 Matsushita becomes licensee of Acticon patents
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has licensed four of Acticon Technologies LLC's "smart connector" patents.
2004-01-27 Matsushita announces breakthrough in metal-film separation
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd, in collaboration with Kumamoto University, has announced the development of a technology for separating metal film from the plastic.
2005-02-16 Matsushita announces 'world's smallest image sensor'
Panasonic disclosed that it has developed the world's smallest image sensor with a measurement of 2-by-2?m pixels.
2007-11-13 Matsushita among firms in CRT price-fixing probe
Japan antitrust officials last week searched a subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial for evidence pointing to the company's alleged participation in an international CRT price-fixing scheme.
2003-05-07 Matsushita aluminum electrolytic caps boast low impedance
The FM series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Matsushita Electronic Components Co. Ltd exhibits an impedance range between 38 milliohms to 560 milliohms.
2007-03-02 Matsushita aims to boost sales in Russia, Brazil, India
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd, best known for its Panasonic brand, announced it will establish organizations that focus on boosting sales in Russia, Brazil and India.
2004-05-20 Matsushita aims to be top PDP supplier
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd is planning to build a new plasma display panel fab that would make it the top PDP supplier in the world.
2004-05-21 Matsushita aiming to be top PDP supplier
Matsushita Plasma Display Panel Co. Ltd, the joint venture between Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. and Toray Industries Inc., will build its fourth plasma display panel fab to produce glass substrates for up to six 42-inch panels per substrate.
2006-07-19 Matsushita acquires Elixent, says report
Elixent has been acquired by Matsushita Electric, one of its two principal backers, and is set to become an R&D center under the Panasonic name.
2005-09-20 KY Data inks license pact with Matsushita Electric
KY Data Systems LLC, a part of Acacia Technologies Group, has entered into a non-exclusive license with Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd covering a portfolio of patents that apply to interactive TV.
2005-08-26 Intel, Matsushita team to develop 8-hour battery
Matsushita Battery Ind. Co. and Intel Corp. said they would collaborate to develop batteries able to run a notebook PC for 8 hours without recharging.
2005-02-09 Hitachi, Matsushita to collaborate on PDPs
The reshuffling of order in the flat-panel display industry continued Monday (Feb. 7) with Japanese companies Matsushita and Hitachi agreeing to form a comprehensive collaboration on plasma display panels.
2007-12-27 Hitachi, Canon, Matsushita forge LCD tech alliance
Hitachi, Canon and Matsushita announced Dec. 24 that they have reached a basic agreement on a comprehensive alliance aimed at reinforcing and growing the LCD panel businesses and technologies.
2007-10-02 Fire halts Li-ion battery production at Matsushita plant
Matsushita Electric has stopped production of Li-ion batteries at a factory in Osaka, Japan after a fire broke out over the weekend.
2002-01-24 Energy Conversion, Matsushita stay pending litigation
Energy Conversion Devices Inc. and Matsushita Battery Ind. Co. Ltd are in discussions regarding the settlement of their disputes relating to NiMH batteries.
2003-09-12 C&D to purchase Matsushita battery production assets
C&D Technologies has signed an agreement to purchase certain assets of Matsushita Battery Ind. Corp. of America and Matsushita Battery Ind. de Mexico S.A. de C.V. for manufacturing certain industrial lead-acid stationary batteries in North America.
2003-09-30 C&D acquires Matsushita manufacturing facility, assets
C&D Technologies has completed the acquisition of certain assets from Matsushita Battery Ind. Corp. of America and Matsushita Battery Ind. de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
2004-07-29 ARM licenses Arm11 family cores to Matsushita Electric
ARM has licensed the ARM1176JZF-S processor and the ARM1136JF-S processor to Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd for use in next-generation mobile application processors and digital consumer products such as digital A/V devices.
2003-03-07 WLAN chipset features video image transfer capabilities
Matsushita Electric has developed a 5GHz WLAN chipset capable of transferring video images among IEEE 802.11a/e-compliant equipment.
2006-11-03 WirelessHD group to develop 60GHz specification
Special interest group WirelessHD is developing a specification to pass high-definition multimedia material using an unlicensed frequency band at 60GHz.
2002-06-25 WaveSplitter, MKE to manufacture photonic components
WaveSplitter Technologies Inc. and Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Ind. Ltd have collaborated on the manufacture of photonic components.
2005-06-02 VCSEL with 12.5Gbps modulation
Panasonic announced the development of its 850nm AlGaAs/GaAs Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser capable of high speed 12.5Gbps modulation at an operating current of 8mA
2000-12-20 UltraCap capacitors: Charging characteristics and circuit design
This application note describes the charging characteristics and circuit design of Siemens Matsushita Components' UltraCap double-layer capacitors.
2000-12-20 TV in cinema format: SAW filters drive PALplus
This application note discusses the suitability of SAW filters in addressing the PALplus specifications, the enhanced version of the PAL standard for wide-screen formats, for frequency response and group delay in the IF stages of TV receivers and video recorders.
2002-01-22 TTPCom, MEI enter licensing pact for 3G technology
TTP Communications plc has signed a licensing agreement with consumer electronics maker Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. (MEI) for its dual-system 3G/GSM technology for radio chipsets.
2004-07-05 Toshiba polysilicon LCD displays 260,000 colors
Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology released a new semi-transparent low temperature polysilicon LCD especially designed for mobile phones.
2003-12-30 Three firms collaborate on TV broadcast production
China Central Television (CCTV), Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd and Dayang Technology Development Inc. have agreed to collaborate on the development of a TV broadcast production system based on Panasonic's DVCPRO Professional Plug-in (P2) technology.
2006-12-07 Taiwan flexible CCL makers form cluster in China
Several Taiwan-based manufacturers of flexible CCL have formed an industry cluster in eastern China, thus pushing a few flexible PCB makers in Taiwan to set up shop in the area as well.
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