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2005-06-15 Fastest total-jitter measurement?
Offering an measurement technique that promises to reduce test times by a factor of 40, Agilent announced what it claims is the industry's fastest TJ (total jitter) measurement capability for high-performance BERTs.
2005-08-01 Fast parametric measurement-unit chips have small footprints
Semtech's new family of BiCMOS ICs appeal to those developing automatic test equipment.
2003-06-02 Evaluating PXI and VXI for measurement, automation
Know the respective applications of PXI and VXI, compare their architectures and gain familiarity of their relative positioning.
2005-10-28 Energy-measurement ICs output average, instantaneous real power
Microchip Tech's MCP3905 and MCP3906 devices are fully functional, stand-alone energy-measurement ICs that output average and instantaneous real power.
2007-02-19 Energy-measurement IC adapts to various meter designs
Microchip's highly accurate energy-measurement IC combines low-power consumption with a SPI interface and active power pulse output, making it adaptable to a wide variety of meter designs.
2013-03-27 Energy measurement and security for smart grid
Learn about the benefits of both energy measurement and security, and how they make machine-to-machine networks different from traditional IT.
2014-05-07 Enabling ultrasonic distance measurement
Read about he MC9S12ZVL32 device in ultrasonic sonar application, capable of detecting an object as well as measuring the object distance.
2009-11-25 Efficient impedance measurement of a large amount of components by using a scanning system
This application note describes how to adopt measurement systems using an LF LCR meter and an LF impedance analyzer with a scanner and how to solve problems related to residual impedance, which can occur when using a scanning system.
2001-09-10 Dynamic track definition and measurement
This application note discusses the definition of dynamic track in polygonal mirrors and illustrates a test setup to test its angular variation.
2011-08-11 Dynamic current and conductivity measurement using ResiScope
Read about a tool for charactering electric properties of a wide range of materials, including metals, semiconductors, devices, and thin films, etc.
2009-07-06 DSA takes high-accuracy vibration measurement
National Instruments has unveiled a new portable bus-powered dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) module and a suite of vibration sensors designed for making high-accuracy vibration measurements.
2001-08-29 Distance and length measurement
This application note details how to calculate distance and length measurements of fiber ranges by utilizing the time of flight.
2003-05-02 Direct impedance method for load resonant measurement
The paper addresses how and why the direct impedance method is better than the other measurement methods such as the physical load capacitor method.
2007-06-21 Digitizer maximizes measurement throughput
Agilent Technologies Inc. introduces its first digitizer from the Acqiris product line, the Acqiris DP1400 high-speed digitizer.
2008-05-27 Digital and analog measurement units for digital CMOS microphone preamplifier ASICs
The purpose of this application note by Rebecca Reich for Analog Devices is to explain the difference between analog and digital values when measuring the input and output of a digital microphone preamplifier with an audio analyzer.
2008-12-09 Developments in battery stack voltage measurement
The battery stack problem has been around for a long time. Its deceptively simple appearance masks a stubbornly resistant problem. Various approaches have been tried, with varying degrees of success.
2013-04-02 Designing liquid-level measurement system
Learn about the DS1WM synthesisable 1-Wire bus master that can be implemented as a function block of an ASIC or FPGA.
2012-11-21 Dealing with typical DMM measurement errors
Know how to minimise potential measurement errors and achieve the greatest accuracy with a DMM.
2008-08-06 Data Translation rolls low-cost temp measurement instrument
Data Translation has developed a lower cost version of its TEMPpoint temperature measurement instrument, which offers an 8-channel entry level version.
2007-05-29 Current transducer has four measurement ranges
LEM S.A. has expanded its current transducer family with the addition of the HMS model that operate from a single 5V power supply.
2009-12-10 Current protection and measurement
This application note describes the current-sensing apparatus incorporated in the ZL2005 power management and conversion IC.
2006-12-13 Current monitor eases bidirectional measurement
Zetex has announced a bidirectional high-side current monitor with a simplified two-way current measurement in battery and power supply management as well as motor control applications.
2008-06-26 Current measurement applications handbook
This application handbook authored by Peter Abiodun Bode explores factors that are relevant for AC and DC current measurement and the implications on cost and performance for different approaches.
2001-04-17 CS5516 and CS5520: Overcoming errors in bridge transducer measurement
This application note presents some of the errors encountered in bridge transducer digitizers, and indicates how the CS5516 and CS5520 A/D converters can overcome these errors.
2008-06-26 Crosstalk measurement, extraction and validation in 10Gbps serial systems
This paper provides a process to extract accurate connector crosstalk models. The Molex
2002-12-11 Contactless Angle Measurement using KMZ41 and UZZ9000
This application note describes how to build a MR based measurement system using the KMZ41 magnetoresistive sensor and the UZZ9000 sensor signal conditioning IC.
2002-12-20 Contactless angle measurement using KMZ1 and UZZ9001
This application note describes how to build a MR-based measurement system using the KMZ41 magnetoresistive sensor and UZZ900 sensor signal conditioning IC.
2008-06-02 Configure analyzers for proper measurement
Frequency-domain measurement of RF power is one of the basic measurements done by spectrum and vector signal analyzers. These systems must comply with standard limits on power transmission or spurious noise emissions, and appropriate measurement techniques must be configured to avoid errors.
2006-08-10 Complete measurement solution rolls for WiMAX apps
Rohde & Schwarz' new signal generator and compact spectrum analyzer promise a cost-efficient production measurement solution for WiMAX applications.
2006-11-24 CMOS optocoupler suits test & measurement apps
With its high speed and ability to support up to 5kV in isolation voltage protection, Avago's new digital CMOS optocoupler is suitable for applications operating in higher voltages, such as test and measurement products.
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