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2013-07-23 High sensitivity limiting post amplifiers tweaked for 10Gbit/s
Micrel's SY88053CL and SY88063CL limiting post amplifiers incorporate fast SD Assert and LOS De-Assert times across the entire differential input voltage range of 5mVPP to 1800mVPP.
2006-10-12 Ethernet PHY touts lowest power, highest ESD ratings
Micrel has announced its sixth-generation PHY solution, which is touted to have the industry's lowest power consumption and highest ESD ratings for a Fast Ethernet transceiver.
2006-08-11 Dual ULDOs tout 'smallest' MLF package
Micrel's new dual ULDOs are offered in one of the industry's smallest packages, a tiny 1.6-by-1.6mm 6-pin MLF package, making them suitable for advanced portable applications.
2004-12-06 Dual MII feature
This app note describes the two different MIIs on the KS8995M/X and illustrates their different applications.
2005-02-11 Differential receiver handles up to 4GHz handling clocks, 3.2Gbps data streams
The SY89850U from Micrel is a 2.5V/3.3V precision, high-speed, differential receiver capable of handling clocks up to 4GHz and data streams of up to 3.2Gbps.
2006-01-01 Consumer multimedia apps to intensify
Consumer multimedia applications will drive the growth of the consumer electronics, communications and computing markets in 2006.
2007-03-05 Components take floor at 12th IIC-China
With more than 200 exhibitors spreading an array of leading-edge technologies in over 900 booths, the 12th International IC China Conference and Exhibition (IIC-China) is clearly China's largest IC event.
2005-07-12 Comparator with 2.55V source
The new precision micro-power voltage comparator from Micrel Semiconductor features an on-chip 2.55V reference voltage source.
2007-01-19 Compact LDO powers FPGA, MCU apps
Micrel has launched a compact dual 2A LDO regulator aimed at powering FPGA and MCU applications, including broadband modems, routers, STBs, home entertainment systems, storage networks, wireless base stations and car infotainment systems.
2005-10-20 Clock synthesizers cut costs
Micrel rolled out two precision, low-jitter clock system-on-chip synthesizers that are said to provide an extremely high level of integration for system timing generation.
2006-11-14 Buffer and MUX family delivers fail-safe protection
Micrel announced what it touts as the industry's first 4.25Gbps buffer and multiplexer family with fail safe input circuitry for SONET, Fibre Channel, and Ethernet data and clock distribution.
2005-07-15 Buck regulator with LOWQ mode
A new 2MHz PWM synchronous buck regulator with LOWQ mode and voltage scaling was recently unveiled by Micrel Inc.
2005-04-18 Boost regulator in tiny footprint powers large loads
The new high power density 1.2A boost regulator from Micrel is a 600kHz, PWM dc-dc boost switching regulator that features a 2.5V to 10V input voltage range, low input and output ripple, and <1?A shutdown current.
2005-09-23 Battery monitor consumes 5pA
Micrel unveiled a micro-power battery monitor/comparator for sensing and indicating end of life in Lithium batteries.
2014-03-13 3A load switches offered in 1 x 1.5mm footprint
Micrel's high-side load switches are aimed at space-constrained or battery operated portable applications and support 1.7-5.5V voltage range.
2006-06-22 300mA dual ULDO offers 'lowest' dropout
Micrel's new voltage linear regulator is touted to offer the industry's lowest dropout for a 300mA dual LDO.
2006-11-23 10mA LDO offers power saving features
Micrel has launched a 10mA LDO that offers power saving features for extending battery life.
2006-12-20 'Highest-frequency' 3A PWM buck regulator rolls
Micrel's 3-by-3mm MLF 2.7MHz 3A PWM buck regulator is said to be the industry's highest-frequency 3A device.
2005-03-30 'Failsafe' clocking mechanism offers clock switchover
Micrel's new clock multiplexer ICs feature runt-pulse elimination and Fail Safe Input circuitry.
2007-04-03 WLED driver uses true single-wire digital interface
Micrel has launched the MIC3289, a 1.2MHz PWM WLED driver featuring internal Schottky diode and true single-wire digital interface for brightness control and enable function.
2010-04-14 WLED driver offers flicker-free dimming feature
Micrel Inc. has released the MIC3263 six-channel WLED driver equipped with a highly versatile dimming control scheme for LED brightness in small LCD panels.
2005-06-30 White-LED driver touts innovative brightness control
Micrel points to its MIC2297, a PWM boost regulator that's optimized for driving 10 white LEDs in series, for its innovative brightness control circuitry, which in addition to conserving power also helps to cut noise and EMI.
2008-07-17 Tiny load switches control high current rails in UMPC
Micrel Inc. has launched the MIC94040/1/2/3, a new family of high side load switches featuring a breakthrough packaging technology.
2010-04-07 Three-port switch gets cars Ethernet-connected
Micrel Inc. has launched the KSZ8873MLL AM three-port switch on a chip IC, with low power dissipation, efficient power management and sophisticated QoS features.
2011-01-20 Switch-on-a-chip halves power use
Micrel's new series of switch ICs feature the company's physical transceiver and switch technology for IP content-based applications in the digital home, as well as for industrial and automotive apps.
2011-09-07 Switch ICs support centralised, distributed networks
Micrel has introduced the KSZ84xx family of IEEE 1588v2-enabled Ethernet devices for Industrial Ethernet and Power Substation Automation applications.
2007-08-08 Step-down regulator features Trickle Mode operation
Micrel's 2.5MHz dual 800mA synchronous buck (step-down) regulator uses the Trickle Mode switching architecture scheme that enables light load efficiency for Li-ion battery powered systems that require maximum efficiency in order to prolong use.
2015-05-11 Smart switch reduces heat in handheld devices
Micrel introduced the 3A ORing smart switch MIC1344, which is designed for handheld devices such as wall adapters and auxiliary battery power sources.
2007-05-11 Small LED drivers target portable apps
Micrel Inc. claims to have developed the industry's tiniest and most powerful LED driver for portable applications that enables designers to enhance integrated cameras with a high-brightness LED flash while keeping board space and battery life to minimum levels.
2008-06-23 Single-supply LDOs guarantee performance boost
Micrel Inc. has rolled out the MIC6910x/15x/30x, a new family of very low voltage linear regulators.
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