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2007-06-15 Single-chip Serdes rolls for 2.5Gbps GPON apps
Micrel's SY87725L programmable Serdes supports gigabit passive optical network with data rates up to 2.5Gbps on the receive side and 1.25Gbps on the transmit side.
2008-10-01 Safety comes first for MIC2310 controller
Micrel introduces the MIC2310, a single-FET, constant power-limit hot-plug controller.
2010-03-22 RF transceivers handle 470-510MHz short-range apps
Micrel Inc. has released the latest member of its family of low-cost, low-power, 410 to 950MHz FSK RF transceivers.
2008-08-22 RF solutions deliver reliable automotive capacity
Balda Solutions Malaysia has chosen Micrel's MICRF112 and MICRF211 QwikRadio IC technology to be incorporated into its new Tire Pressure Measurement System (TPMS) systems for aftermarket applications.
2009-03-24 RF receiver highlights low power, long range
Micrel is rolling out the MICRF219, ultralow-power, 300MHz to 450MHz, super-heterodyne, image-reject, RF receiver with OOK/ASK demodulator.
2007-07-25 Regulators tout ultrafast transient performance
Micrel Inc. has launched the MIC23050/1, two ultra-fast transient performance and high efficiency 4MHz, 500mA synchronous buck regulators assembled in a tiny 2mm x 2mm MLF package.
2009-07-08 PWM controllers trim output capacitance
Micrel Inc. has unveiled a new line of PWM controllers dubbed the Hyper Speed Control family, which features architecture that reduces the required output capacitance and allows for excellent transient response.
2008-02-27 Programmable receiver 'first' with jam avoidance
Micrel is claiming the industry's first programmable receiver with a jam avoidance feature.
2010-12-08 Programmable clock synthesizers break 100 femtosecond jitter barrier
Micrel launched the first line of its next-gen ClockWorks Flex family the SM802xxx. The devices target both wireline and wireless apps. Micrel launched the first line of its next-gen ClockWorks Flex family the SM802xxx. The devices target both wireline and wireless apps.
2008-06-09 Precision frequency synthesizer alleviates noise
Micrel Inc. introduces the SY89610L, a precision frequency synthesizer featuring ultralow jitter.
2007-10-11 Power manager integrates buck regulator, LDO
An ultra-small dual channel power management IC that provides two high-performance outputs for portable device applications has been launched by Micrel Inc.
2014-05-30 Power management device integrates dual regulators
The MIC23099 from Micrel combines a 1MHz step-up converter capable of delivering 400mW of output power with a step-down converter that provides up to 30mA of output current.
2007-12-14 Post amps tout LOS or SD for copper, fiber modules
Four low power post amplifiers featuring loss-of-signal (LOS) or signal detect (SD) circuits which are optimized to detect a wide input signal range have been added by Micrel Inc. to its family of post amplifiers.
2008-09-02 Portables all set for lightning fast, miniscule solutions
Micrel Inc. introduces the MIC23030 and MIC23031, the newest additions to the HyperLight Load family of synchronous step-down regulators.
2010-04-06 PoE controller monitors up to 32 devices
From Micrel Inc. comes a PoE power sourcing equipment (PSE) controller that provides eight ports of IEEE 802.3af-compliant power delivery in a compact 64-pin LQFP package.
2010-05-25 PMIC integrates converters, LDOs in compact form
Micrel Inc. is offering the MIC2829 highly integrated power management IC (PMIC) for 4G wireless applications.
2010-04-28 PMIC enables flexible sequencing in handheld apps
Micrel is rolling out the MIC23060 PMIC that integrates a high-efficiency DC/DC converter with the company's HyperLight Load technology and a post regulating, low voltage-capable LDO.
2010-05-11 PHY transceiver supports -40C to +125C
Micrel Inc. has released the KSZ8041NLJ 10Base-T/100Base-TX PHY transceiver that supports the extended temperature range of -40C to +125C.
2010-11-05 New step down HBLED driver IC allows ultra wide contrast ratios
Micrel Inc. has just rolled the MIC3202, a new Step-Down HBLED driver with high-side current sense targeting MR-16 lamps and other general illumination applications.
2007-07-04 Multirate limiting post amp fits SFP transceivers
Micrel has begun volume production of the low-power SY88973BL limiting post amplifier designed for use in fiber optic receivers.
2010-09-27 MOSFET buck regulators for high power density DC-DC apps
Micrel recently rolled out its SuperSwitcher II family of integrated MOSFET buck regulators for high power density DC-DC applications.
2007-07-03 MICRF505/506 Basic: Handling the control interface
This application note emphasizes some of the basic microcontroller procedures used when working with Micrel's MICRF505/MICRF506 radio transceiver.
2007-08-27 Low-noise regulator touts high PSRR, efficiency
Micrel's new family of 'SuperLNRs' that feature the advantages and ease of use of LDOs with low noise, high PSRR, ultrafast transient performance, while providing the efficiency of a switching regulator.
2007-09-03 Limiting post amplifier introduced for fiber-optic receivers
Micrel's SY88973BL low-power limiting post amplifier is designed for use in fiber-optic receivers that follow a variety of optical networking standards.
2009-07-03 LED drivers promise flexibility, ease-of-use
Micrel Inc. has unveiled a new series of high-brightness that target solid-state lighting applications.
2008-10-28 LDOs meet power demands of portable apps
Micrel Inc. has launched the MIC5326/27/37 family of single output, low quiescent current LDO regulators designed for power-hungry battery-powered electronics.
2010-12-14 LDOs adjust output voltages down to 0.5V
Micrel's MIC61150 and the MIC61300 offer highly flexible solutions for low V(IN)/V(OUT) applications
2008-08-04 LDO regulators eye high efficiency applications
Micrel Inc. introduces the MIC5313/4/5/6, a new family of low input voltage capable, low dropout (LDO) regulators.
2010-06-01 LDO regulators consume 32?A per channel
Micrel Inc. is rolling out two new high-performance, low dropout (LDO) regulators for portable and space-constrained electronics.
2008-07-28 Laser driver features integrated bias, high drive current
From Micrel Inc. comes a new 4.25Gbit/s FP/DFB laser diode driver.
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