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2002-12-18 Oki develops smallest silicon-based microlens
Oki Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has developed a small silicon-based microlens capable of high-performance operations for access-network systems.
2003-05-02 Board-to-board optical interconnects using 2D VCSEL and microlens
The trade-off between packing density and optimum interconnect distance will be a major consideration in approaches to multibus line optical backplane for board-to-board interconnects.
2015-03-03 SMIC, start-up group manufacture CMOS image sensors
Shanghai-based start-up company Cista System teams up with Semiconductor Manufacturing International for mass production of two CMOS image sensors, which both sport back-side illumination.
2005-02-03 MLAs offer custom configs, precision coupling
Omron developed a new series of microlens arrays, which is said to set a new industry standard for cost-effective parallel lenses for both MMF and SMF configurations.
2006-03-29 Light guides lower part count, cost
A family of molded light guides from Global Lighting Technologies uses only one LED to backlight displays for a variety of applications.
2004-01-27 GLT light guides target 3G cellphones
A family of MicroLens molded white LED light guides from Global Lighting Technologies Inc. provides one of the brightest backlighting solution available for 3G cellphones.
2005-04-18 Enhance picture quality using advanced camera system
See what's inside Micron's 2Mpixel CMOS image sensor with an integrated camera system
2013-05-14 Digital cameras mimic visual prowess of bugs
Researchers from UIUC created digital cameras touting wide-angle fields of view, with low aberrations, high acuity to motion and nearly infinite depth of field similar to those of bees and mantises.
2013-01-15 CES 2013: Rambus debuts LED lightbulb, mobile TV
Rambus showed off two technologies; a completely reinvented LED light bulb with an open top to allow for thermal dissipation, and a mobile TV platform combining visual search with social features.
2006-11-01 Camera phone image processing 'magic' revealed
This article discusses the challenges of creating a good image from a CMOS sensor inside a camera phone.
2005-06-07 Backlights use one LED to illuminate LCDs
Global Lighting Technologies offers a range of custom LED backlights that use only one white LED to backlight color and monochrome LCD modules for a variety of apps
2006-07-13 Solution improves efficiency of CMOS image sensors
Silecs said its series of advanced optical coatings were designed specifically to improve the reliability and optical efficiency of CMOS image sensors.
2010-06-01 Rambus buys Uni-Pixel backlighting IP for $2.25M
Rambus has acquired a portion of Uni-Pixel's intellectual property (IP) portfolio relating to dynamic backlighting, field sequential color displays, and Time Multiplexed Optical Shutter display technology.
2009-12-18 Rambus buys patented lighting technology
A key application area for the acquired innovations is LED backlighting of LCD displays for computers, mobile phones, gaming systems and HDTVs.
2011-01-27 Rambus acquires Imagine Designs' lighting, display portfolio
Hoping to expand its lighting IP and help inventors protect their IP, Rambus Inc. has purchased Imagine Designs' lighting and display portfolio of patents and technology.
2002-12-26 Nanoimprint lithography ready to make its mark
A potentially low-cost form of lithography affectionately known as
2007-11-01 LCDs turn to LEDs for lighting
A change is likely to have occurred behind the scenes in display sizes below about 15-inches: the CCFL lighting system for the LCD is rapidly being replaced by LEDs.
2008-03-12 Keyboard backlight requires less power, fewer LEDs
Global Lighting Technologies has introduced a thinner, LED-based backlight for use with desktop or notebook PC keyboards.
2006-05-25 Image sensors generate progressive 12bit video
AltaSens announced production availability of its 1/3-inch ProCamHD 2460 and 2462 sensors for deployment in high definition video camcorders and HD cameras.
2007-05-25 Image sensor withstands extreme weather, heat
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd has developed a robust and lightfast image sensor that is extremely resistant to weather, heat and UV deterioration and can be used under harsh sunlight for over 20 years.
2012-03-14 IBM optochip reaches 1Tb/s milestone
The transceiver IC includes 24 industry-standard vertical cavity surface emitting lasers tuned to operate at a wavelength of 850nm and 24 photodiodes that are flip-chip attached to the optochip.
2003-05-14 Darpa takes on optical interconnects challenges
Darpa is overseeing development of optical interconnects that will be able to achieve 1,000 times the speed per power and volume of electronic interconnects.
2003-02-11 CCFL backlight assembly brightens LCD monitors
Global Lighting Technologies Inc.'s CCFL-based backlight assembly is now available for 15-inch desktop TFT-LCD monitors.
2002-12-17 CCD Sensor captures moving images without distortion
The KAI-4010M is a 4Mpixel sensor with progressive scan readout that enables digital camera systems to capture high-resolution images of fast moving objects.
2007-05-01 Avionics display tech breaks into TV
Expected to fight LCDs and plasma for a slice of the market, UniPixel Displays' Time Multiplexed Optical Shutter technology addresses display requirements in avionics applications, particularly heads-down cockpit deployments.
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