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What is a microcontroller?
A microcontroller or MCU is a computer-on-a-chip. It is a type of microprocessor dedicated to execute one task (as opposed to general purpose microprocessor), embedded in another device to control the features of that device thus, the name 'embedded controller'.
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2004-12-02 Interfacing a hard disk drive to an AT91RM9200 microcontroller
This app note describes the AT91RM9200 hardware and software interface for a hard disk drive.
2001-08-31 Interfacing a Hantronix 320x240 graphics module to an 8-bit microcontroller
This application note deals with the interface of Hantronix's 320-by-240 LCD with an 8-bit embedded microcontroller. The example in this note is based on a Phillips 87C751 microcontroller driving an Epson/S-MOS SED1335 LCD controller.
2001-08-31 Interfacing a Hantronix 128x64 graphic module to an 8-bit microcontroller
This application note details a simple interface technique between a Hantronix HDM64GS12 and an 87C751 microcontroller.
2003-12-20 Interfacing 3-wire Real Time Clocks with a Microcontroller
This application note is intended to help users understand the basis of the 3-wire interface
2001-04-10 Interfacing 3-wire real time clocks with a microcontroller
This application note is intended to help customers understand the basics of the 3-wire interface.
2002-12-02 Integration strategies transform microcontroller design
New application demands and semiconductor economics increase levels of integration demanded of products, and hence blurring the traditional boundaries between MCUs and MPUs.
2002-06-17 Infineon to supply microcontroller chips for smart ID cards
Infineon Technologies will supply secure microcontroller chips for the smart ID cards to be issued by the Hong Kong SAR.
2002-03-08 Infineon extends microcontroller portfolio
The company's announced the availability of the C868, XC161, XC164, and TC1765 microcontrollers that enable industrial and automotive designers to reduce development costs, by diminishing design cycled and accelerating the time-to-market period.
2004-06-18 In-system programming with the Philips P89LPC932 microcontroller
This app note presents P89LPC932 microcontroller programmable via different in-system programming.
1999-06-29 Implementing high-end telephony functions on an 8bit microcontroller
This paper presents a practical example of a complete 1200baud modem reference design that performs the key functions in software and utilizing a board size of 5.08-by-7.62cm form factor. This paper also shows how a high-MIPS microcontroller can implement available telephony functions, as well as include additional peripherals at the developer's discretion.
1999-04-08 Implementing a digital answering machine with a high speed 8bit microcontroller
This paper presents a design that replaces DSP chips with a general-purpose high-speed 8bit microcontroller. Telephone functions such as caller ID, DTMF detection, Bell 202 detection, and Ring detection are implemented in software on the microcontroller.
2009-05-08 How to use the MMA7660FC with a microcontroller to do software enhancements to change orientation detection trip points
This application note explains how to use software enhancements using a microcontroller to configure the MMA7660FC to do orientation detection, beyond what the sensor could provide given its internal functionality.
2008-06-18 How to use the high-density STM32F103xx microcontroller to play audio files with an external I?S audio codec
This application note describes how to use the high-density STM32F103xx I2S feature to play audio files using an external codec.
2004-11-29 How to connect a small page NAND flash Memory to an ARM7TDMI core based microcontroller
This app note demonstrates how to drive a STMicro small page NAND flash memory with an ARM7TDMI core based microcontroller that does not have an embedded NAND controller.
2010-04-12 How to configure the STM8A microcontroller clocks
This application note provides practical examples of how to program the STM8A CLK registers. The source code of the examples is included in the STM8 firmware library.
2002-08-16 Holtek microcontroller suits multiple LCD apps
The HT49C70-1 8-bit, single-chip microcontroller features a single-cycle, two-stage pipeline architecture and is suited for use in multiple, low-power LCD applications.
2002-10-18 Holtek microcontroller operates down to 1.2V
The HT47C10L 8-bit microcontroller from Holtek Semiconductor Inc. operates from 1.2V to 2.2V.
2002-06-18 Hitachi microcontroller features 32KB of Flash
The H8/38024F microcontroller from Hitachi Ltd offers 32KB of programmable Flash memory that enables onboard modification of control programs and system-adjustment data.
2013-05-03 Fujitsu's microcontroller division bought by Spansion
Spansion's move to acquire Fujistu Semiconductor's microcontroller and analogue business division strengthens their product portfolio and aids their strategy to expand Flash-based embedded solutions.
2002-05-07 Fujitsu RISC microcontroller is 10X faster
2002-06-04 Fujitsu microcontroller measures 9-by-9-by-0.8mm
Fujitsu Ltd has announced the availability of the MB89F538L 8-bit microcontroller that measures 9-by-9-by-0.8mm, making it suitable for smaller PCB designs.
2002-04-26 Fujitsu expands microcontroller line with 32-, 16-bit devices
Fujitsu Microelectronics America Inc. has expanded its microcontroller product line with the addition of two 32-bit microcontrollers with FULL-CAN bus interfaces and single voltage Flash memory, and a 16-bit version based on the company's 16LX processor core.
2002-02-22 Fujitsu expands 32-bit microcontroller line-up
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has expanded its MB91360 series of 32-bit microcontrollers with the introduction of the MB91F365, MB91F366, and MB91F364 models.
2010-09-16 First 'true' 0.9V 16-bit microcontroller unveiled
Texas Instruments says 0.9V multiple-application microcontroller runs on single-cell battery
2001-03-29 Firmware considerations for the Cypress Semiconductor CY7C63xxx USB microcontroller family
This application note provides information that will aid in the development of firmware for Cypress Semiconductor's CY7C63xxx family of low-speed USB microcontrollers.
2004-11-23 Finding the middle ground: Developing applications with high-speed 8bit microcontroller
This app note shows how to develop applications with high-speed 8bit microcontroller.
2002-06-11 Domosys ASIC uses Dolphin's microcontroller core
Domosys Corp. is using Dolphin Integration's Whirl 8051 microcontroller core as the foundation of its U-Chip ASIC used in control networking applications.
2001-06-01 Dolphin, Raisonance team-up on microcontroller core
The Dolphin Integration and Raisonance team up to create a hierarchical development system for the 8051 8-bit microcontroller core is expected to bring enhancements in the field of control technology.
2015-10-12 DiY IoT: Working with CC3200 microcontroller
This series explores several Internet of Things-oriented microcontrollers and project ideas, and provides reviews and opinions about emerging technologies, and all things embedded.
2009-05-20 Display Different LED Sequences Using the MAXQ2000 Microcontroller with the MAX6970 LED Driver
The MAX6970 is an 8-port, 36V constant-current LED driver that uses a 4-wire serial interface. Using this application note, the MAX6970 can be used with the MAXQ2000 16bit RISC microcontroller to create a variety of simple LED sequences with the touch of a button.
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