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What is a microcontroller?
A microcontroller or MCU is a computer-on-a-chip. It is a type of microprocessor dedicated to execute one task (as opposed to general purpose microprocessor), embedded in another device to control the features of that device thus, the name 'embedded controller'.
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2011-04-07 Development tool for microcontroller
Freescale Semiconductor introduces KwikStik, a development tool for evaluation, developing and debugging, designed for the company's Kinetis line of microcontrollers.
2001-03-29 Designing a USB keyboard with the Cypress Semiconductor CY7C63413 USB microcontroller
This application note describes how to design a USB keyboard using Cypress Semiconductor's single-chip CY7C63413 USB microcontroller.
2001-03-26 Designing a USB keyboard and PS/2 mouse combination device using the Cypress semiconductor CY7C63413 USB Microcontroller
This application note describes how to design a USB keyboard and PS/2 mouse combination device using the Cypress Semiconductor single-chip CY7C63413 USB microcontroller.
2001-08-23 Design considerations for the SST FlashFlex51 family microcontroller
This application note presents design guidelines for the FlashFlex51 microcontroller family, outlining applications of generally accepted PCB design practices to prevent data corruption issues.
2002-10-14 Cygnal offers microcontroller in MLP casing
Cygnal's C8051F311 microcontroller is available in a 5-by-5-by-0.9mm, 28-pin MLP casing, providing 50 percent more board space.
2002-08-08 Cygnal microcontroller offers CAN connectivity
Cygnal Integrated Products Inc.'s C8051F040 mixed-signal Flash microcontroller features CAN bus connectivity suitable for industrial control and data acquisition applications.
2003-05-21 Cygnal microcontroller features two 16-bit ADCs
Cygnal Integrated Products Inc. has released the C8051F060 mixed-signal Flash microcontroller that has two 16-bit 1MSPS ADCs, which can be used in analog intensive embedded applications.
2002-07-25 Crossware offers starter kit for Atmel microcontroller
Crossware's starter kit features an evaluation board outfitted with an Atmel T89C51RD2 Flash microcontroller and an 8051 Development Suite.
2005-08-25 Cosimulation software adds Philips' LPC2000 microcontroller
Labcenter added support for Philips' 16bit/32bit ARM7-based LPC2000 family of microcontrollers to its Proteus Virtual System Modeling (VSM) co-simulation software.
2000-08-28 Controlling FPGA configuration with a Flash-based microcontroller
This application note shows different options for space-saving realization, design protection or for fast, flexible reconfiguration of SRAM-based FPGAs.
2009-06-11 Connecting Micron CellularRAM devices with the Atmel microcontroller
This application note describes preferred methods for connecting the following Micron CellularRAM devices to the Atmel AT91SAM9260 microcontroller: Micron MT45W4MW16PCGA, a 64Mbit, 48-ball device referred to as the 64Mbit device; and the Micron MT45W8MW16BGX, a 128Mbit, 54-ball device referred to as the 128Mbit device.
2002-05-08 CML microcontroller integrates V.22bis modem
The CMX850 microcontroller from CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd features an 80C51 microcontroller integrated with a V.22bis modem for use in embedded systems.
2002-06-18 China microcontroller market expands 22.9 percent
Mainland China has seen an increase of 22.9 percent in overall consumption of microcontrollers in 2001.
2003-08-29 C-BUS Microcontroller Interface
This application note discusses the general introductory information of the C-BUS Interface.
2001-09-05 C-BUS microcontroller interface
This application note is intended to serve as a definition and introduction to the C-BUS interface. It discusses the timing parameters of the C-BUS interface with wide applicability to MX-COM products.
2002-11-12 C-BUS microcontroller interface
This article serves as a definition and introduction to the C-BUS interface.
2008-08-21 Brief introduction to MIPS32 M4K core shadow registers for microcontroller applications
The RISC architecture brings many advantages to the microcontroller space including the fact that compared to CISC architectures it is much friendlier to compilers and very economical in silicon area.
2003-04-04 AVR242: 8-bit Microcontroller Multiplexing LED Drive and a 4x4 Keypad
This application note describes a comprehensive system providing a 4x4 keypad as input into a Real Time Clock/Timer with two outputs.
2000-08-31 AVR242: 8-bit microcontroller multiplexing LED drive and a 4-by-4 keypad
This application note describes a comprehensive system providing a 4-by-4 keypad as input into a real time clock/timer with two outputs.
2009-01-29 AVR microcontroller packs Touch-library
Atmel Corp. has announced the availability of its Touch-library that is integrated in the microcontroller instead of a separate chip resulting in a highly cost effective solution at no additional cost.
2010-05-21 Automotive high brightness LED control based on the MC9S08MP16 microcontroller
This application note describes the implementation of a lighting control for high-brightness LED strings based on the MC9S08MP16 family of microcontrollers and a low-cost discrete solution.
2003-12-12 Atmel, OTI microcontroller adopted for MasterCard PayPass
Atmel Corp. and On Track Innovations Ltd (OTI) announced that their contactless secure microcontroller solution has been selected by MasterCard Int. for use in its MasterCard PayPass deployments in the U.S. MasterCard PayPass is MasterCard's new "contactless" payment program.
2005-06-09 Application of Philips P89LPC932 microcontroller on RF card reader ignition control
This app note explains how to apply Philips P89LPC932 microcontroller on RF card reader ignition control.
2003-03-11 A Suggested Interface Between the Parallel Interface Unit (PIU) of the StarPro 2000 DSP and the Local Bus of a Motorola MPC8260 PowerQUICC II Microcontroller.
This application note describes the electrical connections between devices and provides the timing diagrams of the interface between PIU and the Motorola MPC8260 PowerQUIC II Microcontroller
2005-06-17 A simple circuit for driving microcontroller friendly PWM generators
This app note discusses a simple circuit for driving microcontroller friendly PWM generators.
2008-08-27 A new reference for 8/16bit microcontroller system performance
Although 8bit MCUs continue to be the most widely used, the increasing processing requirements of many applications suggest a transition to faster processors. Much publicity is made on 32bit devices expected to bring more MIPS to address new challenges.
2000-08-30 A digital thermometer using the AT89C2051 microcontroller
This application note presents a system that implements a simple digital thermometer, which includes a built-in LCD and RS-485 communication port.
2013-05-17 8bit PIC microcontroller expanded for intelligent analogue needs
Featuring a complementary output generator, the PIC16F75X line of 8bit microcontrollers increases overall system capabilities while reducing cost.
2010-08-12 8bit microcontroller embeds flash memory, integrates comparator, amplifier
Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia has expanded its F2MC-8FX family of high-performance 8-bit microcontrollers with embedded flash memory with the 32-pin MB95430H series featuring built-in analog comparator and operational amplifier.
2004-11-25 8051 microcontroller to UART serial interface evaluation board
This app note discusses the operation and description of the 8051 microcontroller to UART serial interface.
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