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What is a microcontroller?
A microcontroller or MCU is a computer-on-a-chip. It is a type of microprocessor dedicated to execute one task (as opposed to general purpose microprocessor), embedded in another device to control the features of that device thus, the name 'embedded controller'.
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2000-05-31 Using PIC16C5X Microcontrollers as LCD Drivers
This application note describes an LCD controller implementation using a PIC16C55 microcontroller. This technique offers display capabilities for applications that require a small display at a low cost together with the capabilities of the standard PIC16C55 microcontroller.
2004-11-23 Using MAXQ's multiplier module
This app note describes how the multiplier operates and how to write code for this module in applications to maximize math performance.
2000-06-01 Using External RAM with PIC17CXX Devices
This technical note shows how to connect a PIC17CXX device to external memory. It also provides instructions and calculations to help determine which speeds of SRAM work with which frequency crystal.
2008-09-10 Using external data memory with PIC24F/24H/dsPIC33F devices
This application note describes the methodology to use the Parallel Master Port (PMP) module to interface with external data memory; either external flash or external RAM
2009-09-11 Using C18/HI-TECH C compiler to interface serial SRAM devices to PIC16F/PIC18F microcontrollers
This application note offers designers a set of firmware routines to access SPI serial SRAM.
2009-05-27 Using an I/O port to implement IIC communication
A method is introduced showing how a Holtek 8bit RISC microcontroller and related software can be used to implement a bus controller.
2001-08-30 Using An I/O Port As A Serial Application
This application note shows a code that can be used as a basis for the development of simple serial port applications such as 8-bit communication, non-parity, single stop bit systems.
2000-09-06 Using A Z8 MCU for power phase control
This application note explains how MCUs, in general, and Zilog's Z8 MCUs, in particular, are well suited for power phase control.
2000-05-31 Using a PIC16C5X as a Smart I?C Peripheral
This application note describes the implementation of a standard slave device with multiple bi-directional registers. A subset of the full I?C specification is supported, which can be controlled by the same software that would talk to a Microchip 24LCXX series EEPROM.
1999-10-18 Using a personal computer to program the AT89C51/C52/LV51/LV52/C1051/C2051
This application note describes a personal computer-based programmer for the AT89C51/C52/LV51/LV52/C1051/C2051 Flash-based microcontrollers. The programmer supports all Flash memory microcontroller functions, including code read, code write, chip erase, signature read, and lock bit write.
2000-08-29 Using a personal computer to program the AT89C51/C52/LV51/LV52/C1051/C2051
This application note describes a PC-based programmer for the AT89C51/C52/LV51/LV52/C1051/C2051 Flash-based microcontrollers.
2000-06-02 Use of the SSP Module in the I?C Multi-Master Environment
This application note uses the PIC16CXX in a Multi-Master I?C environment. The PIC16CXX acts as both a Master and a Slave on the bus.
2015-10-16 Use MCU to keep wood gear clocks precise
Wood clocks have tendencies to be inaccurate because the wood expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity. Learn how this can be addressed using a microcontroller.
2006-02-17 USB-stick development tool for TI's MCU goes for $20
Texas Instruments' eZ430-F2013 USB stick-based development tool enables users of its MSP430 MCU architecture to complete an entire MSP430F20xx project from start to finish. The tool is available for only $20.
2010-05-10 USB-packed MCU delivers intelligent supply monitoring
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAXQ622 high-performance, 16bit RISC microcontroller with an integrated USB transceiver.
2005-02-28 USB MCUs tailored for PC human input devices
Cypress released a new family of low-speed USB microcontrollers targeting PC human input devices, including keyboards, mice and wireless dongles.
2009-06-30 Understanding the integrated programmable interrupt controller (IPIC)
The IPIC is used to supply exception vector software with the vector number of the highest priority pending interrupt, critical interrupt, or system management interrupt.
2005-01-03 Understanding sensor data acquisition
Sensors are in widespread use, either as part of a microcontroller or separately in an embedded system. However, one of the more efficient circuit implementations combines a high-performance analog-to-digital (A/D) converter with an integrated MCU.
2015-06-01 Understanding HMI: Taking closer look at recent trends
Touch-enabled human machine interfaces offer a more intuitive means to operate electronics hardware, and are now at the forefront of it being used in a much wider scale.
2013-10-09 Understanding flash core voltage supply
Here is a look at the flash memory supply requirements.
2005-01-17 Ultrasonic reverse sensing/backup warning aid system
The number of electronic control modules within the vehicle continues to increase. Convenience and safety are continuing to drive the growth of body control electronics within the vehicle.
2009-07-03 Ultralow-power MCUs suit e-metering apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced ultralow power MSP430F471xx microcontroller series in support of three-phase e-metering applications.
2010-05-31 Ultralow-power MCUs save power even when active
STMicroelectronics's STM8L ultralow-power microcontroller family features the EnergyLite technology that saves power even when the device is active.
2006-02-27 Two ARM-core MCU targets time-critical industrial control apps
Dualcore has launched its DCIC9907 MCU that contains two ARM 946E cores, two CAN channels, two 10Mbit/100Mbit Ethernet MACs with hardware extension for real-time protocols.
2004-11-30 TV hardware design rules, PCB compatibility with ST92196/186
This app note discusses how to design a PCB between ST92E196 or ST92T196 (SDIP56 package) and ST92186 (SDIP42 and SDIP32 packages) microcontrollers.
2012-04-11 Tutorial for RL78/G13 using RL78/G13 RSK
Learn how to add the tutorial sample code to a new or existing IAR Embedded Workbench workspace.
2000-06-06 TrueGauge, Calibrating the MTA11200 System
This application note analyzes the calibration algorithm for the MTA11200 from theoretical and numerical approaches. It includes two calibration procedures for the TrueGauge calibration. Likewise discussed is the methodology for re-biasing the comparators for different voltage, current and temperature ranges.
2004-02-27 Triscend courts new suitor, ARM backs out
ARM Holdings plc Wednesday (February 25, 2004) said it has backed out of a preliminary agreement to acquire Triscend Corp. after an undisclosed bidder made an offer to buy the fabless chip company.
2005-12-20 TriCore-based MCUs target industrial apps
Infineon's TC1161 and TC1162 MCUs are designed for demanding embedded apps where real-time control, DSP performance and specific peripheral functions are needed.
2004-01-15 Transmeta, Via take embedded tack
Markets outside of the late-adopting U.S. for personal appliances, media appliances and non-PC computing devices are growing this year.
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