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2006-04-10 Op amps are built on VIP50 BiCMOS process
National Semiconductor announced nine single, dual and quad operational amplifiers built on its proprietary VIP50 BiCMOS process technology.
2009-08-14 Op amp guarantees operation down to 1.6V
National Semiconductor's PowerWise LPV521 extends battery life in portable equipment, low power apps.
2007-04-02 Next-gen chips bridge design, process
Morris Chang of TSMC cites two strategies foundries need to develop to remain profitable in the CE era.
2002-06-05 National IC integrates speaker, headphone amplifiers
National Semiconductor Corp. has announced the release of the LM4854 IC that integrates the company's Boomer stereo headphone amplifier with a mono speaker amplifier to form a single-chip solution for portable electronic devices.
2007-08-20 Motor-driver IC uses Hall-element commutation
Allegro MicroSystems Europe's A1442 is designed to drive low-voltage bipolar brushless DC motors, with commutation of the motor being achieved using a single Hall-element sensor.
2007-07-11 Mobile I/O companion ICs target portable products
A mobile I/O companion family from National Semiconductor enables designers to easily expand system functionality in portable products such as personal digital assistants, media players, instrumentation, medical equipment and mobile handsets.
2002-10-07 Microchip 100kHz op amps have 1?A max quiescent rating
Microchip Technology's MCP614X family of op amps feature a gain bandwidth product 100kHz and a typical quiescent current of 600nA.
2005-01-11 Micrel buck regulator provides low noise, high efficiency
The new MIC2205 from Micrel is a high efficiency 2MHz PWM synchronous buck regulator that features a LOWQ LDO standby mode.
2011-11-16 Making low power possible in wireless sensor networks
Find out why low power features and integration of modules in a single chip are vital for a rugged and efficient node development.
2008-08-18 Make the best ADC-MCU connection
A wide array of precision devices is readily available to designers building high-performance systems, whose layout and designs are very important. For systems with multiple boards, however, board interconnection can be a critical piece of the PCB design.
2004-05-17 Low-cost, low-power wireless gathers steam
This section looks at how low-power wireless technologies arrive amid a burst of innovation--from ad hoc Bluetooth printer connectivity, to cutting-edge distributed wireless networks and sensors.
2004-07-28 Linear Tech unveils first VLDO
Linear Tech disclosed that it has developed the industry's first VLDO (very low dropout voltage regulator) with input voltage capability down to 0.9V.
2004-11-01 Linear Tech amplifiers with on-board precision resistors
Linear Tech released two amplifiers as a response to today's demands for flexible design solutions to support a wide variety of apps.
2005-07-21 Linear Tech adds low-output voltage options to VLDO regulator
Linear Technology announced fixed low-output voltage options for what it touts as the power industry's first 500mA VLDO (very low dropout) regulator.
2004-12-17 Linear regulators offer 25?A quiescent supply
Maxim developed small, high-input-voltage linear regulators that supply always-on, keep-alive power to CMOS RAM, RTC, and MCUs in systems with high-voltage batteries.
2013-04-05 Linear debuts 45V LDO with 3?A IQ
The LT3007 boasts high input voltage capability, which spans 2.0V to 45V with an adjustable output voltage ranging from 0.6V to 44.5V, enables operation in a wide variety of application spaces.
2007-08-28 LEDs vs. CCFL
This application note describes and shows various application circuits to power white and blue LEDs using the MIC2142 and MIC2145.
2007-02-20 LDO features 80V input, 140C operating temp
Linear Tech's LT3010 features an input range of 3-80V and its H-grade version enables operation up to 140C.
2006-08-15 IR unveils driver ICs for HID ballast apps
International Rectifier has introduced a family of integrated 600V self-oscillating full-bridge driver ICs for HID ballast applications.
2011-03-24 IR PFC ICs cut component count
International Rectifier's IR115x family of?PFC ICs use One Cycle Control technology and are designed to operate in continuous conduction mode Boost PFC converters.
2004-06-15 IR control IC targets electronic transformers
IR introduced what it claims as the world's first intelligent control IC specifically designed for electronic transformers that drive low voltage halogen lamps.
2004-05-27 IR control IC eyes electronic transformers
International Rectifier disclosed that it has developed the first intelligent control IC designed for electronic transformers that drive low voltage halogen lamps.
2004-07-06 IR ballast control IC increases lamp reliability
IR introduced a CFL ballast control IC that can adapt to changing supply voltage, frequency and lamp conditions to increase lamp life and reliability.
2007-06-12 Intersil rolls voltage-reference products
Intersil Corp. has created the pinPOINT Precision Analog product line that consists of precision voltage references, precision op amps, comparators, instrumentation amplifiers, current sensing amplifiers and data converters.
2005-04-12 Industry's first 500mA VLDO?
Linear Technology Corp. unveiled what it claims as the power industry's first 500mA VLDO (very low dropout regulator).
2011-10-20 Increase 1V to 1.8V at 90% efficiency with microwatt charge pump
Take a look at this design that provides "always on" standby power for microcontrollers.
2008-08-12 Hall-effect latch eases sensing process for portables
Allegro has released a new ultrasensitive, Hall-effect latch for portable equipment that use rotational detection systems having power supply voltage between 1.65V and 3.5V.
2013-04-16 Hall switch enhances detection circuit design flexibility
Diodes' miniature AH1898 Hall Effect switch been optimised for use over a 1.6V to 3.6V low-voltage supply range and employs a hibernating clocking system to minimise power consumption.
2013-08-26 Hall effect sensor switches optimised for 1.6V to 3.6V range
Optimised for a supply voltage range from 1.6V to 3.6V and using a hibernating clocking system to minimise power consumption, the switches' average supply current is typically 4.3?A at 1.8V.
2008-11-17 Green design improves normally-on switches
As green energy trends become more popular, design engineers should re-examine some of the circuits that continually consume power to reduce overall system power use.
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