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2005-05-18 Microsoft, Sun partner on identity specs
crosoft, Sun partner on identity specs
2004-04-12 Microsoft, Sun Microsystems form technology collaboration
Microsoft Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. have entered into a broad technology collaboration arrangement to enable their products to work better together and to settle all pending litigation between the two companies.
2015-02-12 Microsoft, Samsung resolve Android royalties squabble
Microsoft said Google's Android OS infringed some of its patents, but instead of going after Google, it instead entered into licensing agreements with various tech companies making Android handsets.
2015-09-11 Microsoft, PolyU launch lab for smart computing
The lab supports applied research on smart computing and facilitates work-integrated applications development, as well as training on the latest smart computing trends.
2002-11-26 Microsoft, National Semiconductor to co-develop chipset for smart devices
Microsoft Corp. and National Semiconductor Corp. have entered into a strategic technology alliance to develop a new chipset that will power Microsoft's latest computing initiative.
2006-06-28 Microsoft, Motorola to deliver unified communication solutions
Microsoft and Motorola will deliver unified communications solutions using Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 across Motorola mobile devices and network hardware.
2010-02-11 Microsoft, MediaTek deliver multimedia-rich smart phones
Microsoft Corp. and MediaTek Inc. entered a strategic partnership to provide a multimedia-rich smart phone solution primarily aimed at emerging markets.
2007-06-11 Microsoft, LGE ink patent-licensing agreement
Microsoft Corp. and LG Electronics have entered into a patent cross-license agreement to further the development of the companies' current and future product lines.
2010-08-04 Microsoft, LG U+ partner for South Korea cloud computing
Microsoft Corp. and LG Uplus Corp. (LG U+) have formed a strategic alliance to market a range of cloud services for LG U+ customers in South Korea.
2007-04-20 Microsoft, Lenovo to establish R&D center in China
Microsoft announced early this week that it will set up its first joint research facility with Chinese partner Lenovo Group in Beijing, according to a report from Xinhuanet.
2005-08-05 Microsoft, Langchao open Beijing outsourcing center
A joint Microsoft-Langchao Group Offsite Development Center (ODC) opened in Beijing in recent days and, according to the Chinese firm, is aimed at increasing "the efficiency of outsourcing collaborations between Langchao and Microsoft."
2012-09-06 Microsoft, Intel alliance declines as Wintel weakens
IHS revealed that Wintel' share of the "new" computer market is expected to drop, a category consisting not just of PCs but also of the much faster-growing smartphone and media tablet segments.
2006-05-24 Microsoft, Infineon partner in specialized security chips
Infineon Technologies announced that it has been selected by Microsoft as a development partner for prepaid and subscription computing with its FlexGo technology.
2008-03-27 Microsoft, HP to build tech center in Taiwan
Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard have partnered to set up a technology center in Taiwan, tapping into the local IT skills base, according to an Agence France Presse report.
2008-05-14 Microsoft, Hoya ink patent cross-licensing deal
Microsoft and Hoya, the imaging systems division of Pentax, have entered a patent cross-licensing agreement covering digital cameras made by Pentax and a broad range of other consumer products.
2011-07-08 Microsoft, Google support WiFi white space
Microsoft, Google, the BBC and others have joined forces to trial the new technology, WiFi in white space, to be used in mobile devices.
2010-01-27 Microsoft, Funai ink patent cross-licensing deal
Microsoft Corp. has signed a patent cross-licensing agreement with Funai Electric Co. Ltd, enabling each company greater mutual access to their respective patent portfolio.
2002-05-24 Microsoft, Flextronics to set up Xbox plant in Zhuhai
Microsoft Corp. and EMS provider Flextronics Int. Ltd have agreed to construct a plant in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China, to manufacture Microsoft Xbox game consoles.
2008-05-29 Microsoft, Chunghwa Telecom team on IPTV dev't center
Microsoft and Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom have partnered to launch jointly an operation called the IPTV Ecosystem Development Center in Taiwan, which will work with the country's STB firms and content providers to target overseas markets, including China.
2007-05-25 Microsoft, Chunghwa Telecom ink strategic alliance
Chunghwa Telecom chairman Tan Hochen and Microsoft chairman Bill Gates signed a letter of intent on May 15 to form a strategic alliance.
2007-09-21 Microsoft, Cadence enter cross-license patent agreement
Microsoft and Cadence Design Systems have established a cross-licensing agreement which enables both companies to foster further innovation in areas of common interest.
2003-09-22 Microsoft, ARM team with eight more silicon vendors
Microsoft Corp. and ARM Ltd said they have added eight new companies to their list of silicon vendors developing ARM core solutions for Windows CE.NET.
2004-03-05 Microsoft's Windows may become mandatory for HD-DVD
The DVD Forum, the industry group promoting the video format and developing future improvements, said its steering committee has provisionally approved Microsoft's Windows Media 9 as one of the mandatory elements of a high-definition (HD)-DVD spec.
2011-01-10 Microsoft's Windows 8 to support ARM
Microsoft Corp. has announced that its Windows 8 will support ARM-based chips. The move will widen support for Windows, which currently runs solely on x86 platforms.
2012-06-27 Microsoft's Surface to face market challenges
Surface's entry to the tablet PC market means possible pricing challenges, as well as a likelihood of competition with ultrabooks.
2012-01-19 Microsoft's final keynote talks next-gen computing, smartphones
The company is set to emerge fully from behind the WinTel duopoly and compete toe to toe in the smartphone, entertainment and mobile computing arenas.
2014-12-12 Microsoft's feature phone exit profits Samsung, white-box
Based on a recent report, Microsoft Mobile is in the process of leaving the feature phone industry. With Microsoft's plan, mobile and chipset makers from China will up their feature phone market.
2007-09-20 Microsoft's EU loss may have ripple effect on Apple, Intel
The European Court's decision to uphold the 2004 ruling of the European Commission on Microsoft's antitrust case could influence the very nature of competition among the dominant players in the technology industry like Intel and Apple.
2008-03-06 Microsoft's Ballmer discusses next computing revolution
The rise of PCs, GUIs, the Internet and Web 2.0 technologies have obviously had major impacts on the IT industry, but according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, the computing revolution that's about to take place will tie up all the loose ends from previous ones.
2007-05-18 Microsoft wins partners for new home server
Microsoft disclosed the basic hardware requirements for its new home server coming out later this year and announced partners who plan to roll out systems and supporting software.
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