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2006-11-24 Microsoft inks three-year deal with Vietnam IT provider
Microsoft Corp. has signed a three-year strategic alliance with Vietnam's largest information technology provider, FPT Corp.
2008-01-24 Microsoft inks IPTV JV in South Korea
Microsoft and South Korean firms Daum Communications and Celrun have agreed to set up an IPTV joint venture, according to an Agence France-Presse report.
2008-05-23 Microsoft inks IPR deal with Suzhou gov't
Microsoft and Suzhou Municipal Intellectual Property Right Bureau have signed a memorandum of understanding on protecting IPR, according to
2002-04-11 Microsoft inks .Net deal with Singapore
Microsoft Corp. and Singapore's Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) are launching a Web initiative based on Microsoft's .Net software integration technology that will deliver community services across the city-state.
2002-07-17 Microsoft hopes to rev poky telematics market
Microsoft Corp. will release on Monday a list of five automakers that will use Windows CE OS in 12 upcoming car models.
2007-11-29 Microsoft hires 1,000 more engineers for China office
Microsoft announced it will employ 1,000 engineers in China for the current fiscal year, expanding its current workforce of 5,000.
2008-05-06 Microsoft gives up Yahoo takeover bid
After Yahoo rejected Microsoft's final bid of $33 per share over the weekend, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in an open letter to Yahoo's Jerry Yang that the software company is withdrawing its bid and will not pursue a hostile takeover.
2011-08-05 Microsoft gives software to non-profit org
Microsoft Hong Kong has increased its software donation for the TechDonation Program that supports nonprofits such as medical research organizations, private foundations and arts centers.
2014-02-19 Microsoft gears Kinect for time-of-flight sensor upgrade
In its ISSCC presentation, Microsoft described a time-of-flight sensor that will supplant an infrared-based depth sensing system.
2010-07-27 Microsoft free to design ARM chips
Microsoft and ARM have expanded their 13-year relationship to give the software giant access to the processor maker's architecture, allowing Microsoft to design its own ARM chips.
2008-01-17 Microsoft faces new antitrust probes in Europe
The European Commission has launched two new antitrust probes against Microsoft, according to an Agence France-Presse report.
2004-04-13 Microsoft extends reach with RFID council
Microsoft Corp. has formed a new Microsoft Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Council focused on RFID technology.
2007-09-18 Microsoft expands footprint in car infotainment
A Microsoft exec disclosed that the software giant intends to lure more automotive industrial customers and end users by adding functions to its automotive infotainment platform.
2014-04-04 Microsoft engages in OS-for-free, Web data battles
Microsoft will offer Windows for free to wearable devices that connect to the Web, with a target to gain a foothold in user-generated data.
2014-08-22 Microsoft dives into sub-$200 laptop market
The tech giant has partnered with several laptop manufacturers to develop lower-end, Windows-run laptops positioned as a Google Chromebook alternative.
2008-03-13 Microsoft develops Windows with Blu-ray support
Microsoft is developing software that will add native support for devices that play Sony's Blu-ray HD movie format to the Windows OS, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said.
2007-05-29 Microsoft denies saber-rattling vs. open source
Microsoft Corp. has denied that it is out to resurrect its patent offensive against the open source software community, saying it was actually going for interoperability.
2004-08-02 Microsoft delays three Windows upgrades
Microsoft Corp. has fallen behind schedule with the development of three upgrades to Windows and is pushing back the timetable for delivering the software, the company disclosed Tuesday (July 27, 2004).
2007-07-12 Microsoft cooks up 'smaller, quieter' Xbox
With a tighter market for game consoles, Microsoft Corp. disclosed it will take a phased approach to updating its Xbox 360 videogame console.
2011-11-28 Microsoft cooks Kinect for Windows
The software company has launched a competition that will give $20,000 to the best ten startups with ideas for using Kinect for Windows.
2009-05-28 Microsoft continues support for Russia market
Microsoft Russia President Nikolay Pryanishnikov assures that the software giant will continue to invest in Russia and will remain committed to supporting sustainable economic growth and social development in the country.
2006-03-02 Microsoft confirms new handheld device concept
Microsoft recently confirmed that it is working with manufacturers on the concept for a new personalized handheld device under the name Origami Project.
2006-07-20 Microsoft completes acquisition of Softricity
Microsoft said it has completed the acquisition of Softricity, a provider of application virtualization and dynamic streaming technologies.
2006-10-19 Microsoft certifies Samsung's flash SSD drives
Samsung Electronics said Tuesday that three of its flash SSD drives have been certified by Microsoft for use in Windows-compatible peripherals.
2008-02-05 Microsoft CEO on $44.6B Yahoo acquisition bid
In a conference call with investors last week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discussed the company's $44.6 billion acquisition bid for Yahoo, the opportunities the deal would create and the integration challenges likely to follow.
2007-12-14 Microsoft buys U.K. online map service provider
Microsoft has acquired Multimap, a U.K.-based online mapping services provider.
2006-11-29 Microsoft buys equity stake in TCS China
Microsoft Corp. has acquired a 10 percent equity stake in TCS China, a joint venture IT services firm working with software services giant TCS and three companies owned by the Chinese government.
2015-01-22 Microsoft breaks into AR with Windows 10
Microsoft earlier today demonstrated Windows 10 operating system’s cross-device compatibility and ease of use in new areas of technology, including augmented reality.
2007-10-29 Microsoft bows to EU rulingwill Linux now rise?
The European Union said that Microsoft is now in compliance with its antitrust rulingspaving the way for greater use of open source OS like Linux in the workgroup server market. Will such open-source systems make significant progress now?
2006-10-20 Microsoft beefs up R&D team in China
Microsoft is planning to boost its R&D division in China by hiring 500 engineers.
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