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What is Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC)?
A Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) is a type of IC that operates at microwave frequencies (300MHz to 300GHz), performing such functions as microwave mixing, power amplification, low-noise amplification and high-frequency switching.
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2013-04-05 Lime enlists Interlligent to meet T&M equipment needs
Lime Microsystems has closed a deal with Interlligent RF & MW Solutions to use their latest test and measurement technology in developing its field programmable RF transceiver ICs.
2005-09-28 Lightwave analyzer tests high-speed electro-optical components
Agilent Technologies is debuting a lightwave component analyzer (LCA) that's slated to accelerate broadband infrastructure build-out, as well as lower design and manufacturing costs of high-performance network components.
2003-09-16 Leveraging local advantages, braving int'l big names
Only when the founder of a company keeps an open mind and breaks through the existing mindset can he take the company to greater heights, says Calvin Xiao.
2013-03-22 LED venture propels Samsung atop optoelectronics ranking
After gaining full ownership of Samsung LED, the firm's optoelectronics sales increased by 223 per cent to $2.5 billion in 2012 compared to $780 million in 2011, noted IC Insights.
2010-09-28 LDMOS UHF transistor capable of 120W DVB-T output
NXP Semiconductors says BLF888A is "most powerful" LDMOS broadcast transistor
2006-01-13 LCR meter comes up to speed
Agilent Technologies' new E4980A LCR meter is a relevant piece of automated or benchtop test gear that's in lockstep with the need to test today's passive components.
2008-02-15 Latest IC solutions take center stage at IIC-China 2008
Electronics designers of China will be treated to an array of seminars as well as showcase of new IC technologies and their latest application methodology at the 13th International IC-China Conference & Exhibition.
2015-07-20 Key issues before starting an IoT design project
A thorough trade-off analysis of your application at the earliest stages of the design process is really the best way to make the right technology choices and get your product to market as quickly as possible.
2002-07-10 JMAR announces breakthrough in lithography technology
JMAR Technologies Inc. is using "Collimated Plasma Lithography" to more accurately describe its breakthrough technology for processing higher performance silicon and GaAs chips.
2002-09-23 JDS acquires OptronX transponder business
JDS Uniphase Corp. has acquired the transceiver/transponder business unit of OptronX Inc.
2004-12-01 Japanese companies strengthen low-k materials
Mitsubishi says its product is 6x stronger; Zeon claims a 2x hit over current materials.
2009-01-23 Japan rules as most innovative nation
The word innovation is often associated with electronics. It is no surprise then, that Japan is the most innovative country.
2016-03-11 ISSCC: RF CMOS on the edge of transceiver chain
At the ISCC, Steve Ohr finds that what has happened is not a replacement of GaAs power amps by RF CMOS amps. The RF power amp function is performed at the edge of a radio transceiver chain.
2014-04-03 IP deal to bring GaN-on-Si wafer to mainstream
MACOM announced a license and epitaxial wafer supply deal that will enable IQE to manufacture GaN-on-Silicon epi at 4, 6 and 8in diameters in high volume for RF applications.
2015-03-09 IoT drives chip packaging innovation
The need for high performance multi-functional devices in a single package is pushing the industry to innovate in multi-chip packaging. This high level of integration has presented huge challenge.
2003-05-13 interWAVE establishes presence in Iraq
interWAVE Communications Int. Ltd has announced that it will open a sales, network engineering, and customer support office in Baghdad, Iraq.
2014-07-15 Internet of Things: How important is it?
Although Internet of Things seems to be a big deal, are everyday use-cases for the connected home the best that the technology can deliver?
2014-11-13 Internally matched broadband RF VGA eases design process
The IDT F0480 simplifies design of radio frequency variable gain amplifier while making implementation more reliable.
2005-05-11 Intel, Sprint jointly explore WiMAX broadband technologies
Intel Corp. and Sprint have agreed to jointly advance the development of IEEE standards-based 802.16e WiMAX mobile technology.
2005-04-20 Intel unveils its first WiMAX product
Intel announced the availability of its first WiMAX product, providing equipment manufacturers and carriers the ability to deliver next-gen wireless broadband networks around the world.
2005-08-29 Intel showcases rugged PC for developing countries
Intel Corp. unveiled a rugged PC designed for the harsh conditions in developing countries at the recent IDF Fall 2005 in San Francisco.
2007-01-29 Intel draft-n card offers whole-home coverage
Intel's 4965AGN draft-11n module will support whole home coverage with the ability to handle high-definition video, says a company executive.
2011-06-07 Integrated switch saves PCB space
Avago Technologies has launched a new set of high-power switch and low noise amplifier modules for TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE base transceiver station applications.
2007-02-16 Integrate RF signal chains with CMOS
Different technology challenges face handset designers and their suppliers in the race to integrate the RF signal chain.
2004-11-08 Insert BNC connectors function to 6GHz
Insert Ent. announced the availability of its DB series of BNC connectors that are for use in WLANs, GSM, GPRS and CDMA mobile phones, PDAs and notebook PCs.
2009-12-22 InP front-end drives 16GHz in oscilloscopes
Agilent Technologies offers an InP front-end chipset that aims to deliver oscilloscopes that deliver true analog bandwidths greater than 16GHz.
2009-05-05 Inline sensor provides accurate measurements
From Anritsu Co. comes the MA24104A inline high power sensor that can conduct highly accurate measurements on the transmitter output power of wireless base stations.
2007-06-15 InGaP HBT vs. CMOS for mobile handset power amps
Selecting the right type of PA is one of the key decisions that can help achieve a compelling design that delivers a competitive advantage.
2000-12-01 Infiniband requires design trade-offs
Primary players in the computer industry are developing the Infiniband architecture as the next generation of server I/O, with the intent of eventually replacing PCI.
2007-02-19 Infineon claims 'first' silicon-based LNAs
Infineon claims it is the first semiconductor company to release a commercial silicon-based LNA with performance superior to that of more expensive GaAs-based devices.
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