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What is Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC)?
A Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) is a type of IC that operates at microwave frequencies (300MHz to 300GHz), performing such functions as microwave mixing, power amplification, low-noise amplification and high-frequency switching.
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2009-09-02 Gartner: China stimulus opens doors for IC vendors
Gartner Inc. urges semiconductor firms to step up their efforts to work with China manufacturers to cash in on a rise in the country's domestic demand being driven by a government subsidy program for home appliances.
2011-11-23 GaN-on-Si tech touts 114 years MTTF at 230C
Nitronex's process platform features double the power density and 1-2dB higher gain than the previous generation.
2008-06-20 GaN transistors roll from TriQuint Semiconductor
TriQuint Semiconductor has released the first of its gallium nitride power transistors for a wide range of high frequency applications including mobile base station, defense and space communications systems.
2007-10-12 GaN Power FET achieves 65.4W in Ku-band
Toshiba has developed a GaN power FET for the Ku-band frequency range that achieves an output power of 65.4W at 14.5GHz, said to be the highest at this frequency band today.
2008-06-24 GaN HEMT devices available for Ku-band, X-band
Toshiba America Electronic Components has added two gallium nitride semiconductor high electron mobility transistors to its power amplifier product family.
2013-09-23 GaN devices to boost RF power market
ABI Research revealed that point-to-point communications, SATCOM, radars of all types and industrial/medical applications will all benefit by the introduction of high-power GaN devices.
2006-09-19 GaAs power amps tout high-OTOI performance
TriQuint's new power amplifiers tout high OTOI performance that ensures higher data rates, improved system efficiency and longer range transmissions.
2010-07-05 GaAs MMICs enable signal pre-amplification
Freescale Semiconductor's ultralow-noise GaAs chips promise enable pre-amplification of radio signals without also magnifying noise.
2006-03-16 GaAs dielectric points past silicon
Freescale Semiconductor's laboratory recently announced that it has cracked a 40-year-old puzzlehow to deposit a defect-free dielectric on GaAs.
2004-01-09 Fujitsu, Sumitomo forge semiconductor alliance
Fujitsu Ltd and Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd have reached an agreement to create a joint venture that will consolidate the operations of Fujitsu Quantum Devices Ltd.
2005-01-07 Fujitsu to feature WiMAX in WCA's 11th symposium in San Jose
FMA is said to play a prominent role at the 11
2006-06-16 Fuel cells won't power phones
As more functions are embedded in cellphones, the communications industry faces a power consumption problem--and it can't be solved by fuel cells or other battery alternatives.
2008-07-21 Forum adopts protocol for large-scale femtocell deployments
The Femto Forum has announced that it will implement the Broadband Forum's TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol, a worldwide standard for real-time management of customer premises equipment, as the basis for the management protocol for femtocells.
2007-04-02 Five filter tips for better RF design
As products get rushed into the market and put to the test, shortcomings in frequency management crop up through noise, crosstalk, signal dropouts and even complete transmission interruption. Sam Benzacar summarizes five RF design tips to avoid frequency-management problems.
2010-10-05 First rugged handheld VNA covers frequency up to 20GHz
Anritsu Co. has just introduced their MS202x/3xC VNA Master series of handheld vector network analyzers (VNAs). These VNAs offer the performance and capabilities of numerous benchtop instruments in a single highly-portable analyzer.
2005-08-04 First 42.98GHz spectrum analyzer debuts
Designed to address the needs of RF engineers, Agilent is adding what it says is the industry's first 42.98GHz spectrum analyzer to the company's existing PSA series spectrum analysis line-up.
2005-02-04 Filtronic abandons IPO for handset antennas operation
Wireless chip specialist Filtronic has shelved plans to float its handsets products business, which is among the top three suppliers of antennas for mobile phones, and is looking at other options to reduce its debts.
2005-07-13 Filters survive high temp processes
Syfer Technology offers a wide range of solder-mount feedthrough EMI filters that are fully compliant to the European Union's RoHS Directive and will withstand the higher soldering temperatures of lead-replacement materials.
2008-10-16 File translation flies via high-frequency PCB co-design
AWR and Mentor Graphics Corp. introduce the AWR Connected for Mentor Graphics.
2013-06-25 Ferroelectric-graphene system packs more components in chips
MIT researchers claim hybrid ferroelectric and graphene technology could eventually lead to computer and data-storage chips that are able to accommodate more components in a given area and are faster and less power-hungry.
2005-06-06 Fast path to wireless
The road to wireless is bumpy, but early planning can prevent disaster
2014-08-11 Fairview delivers 18GHz RF attenuators
There are 236 new part numbers in this release. Attenuation options include 3dB, 6dB, 10dB, 20dB, 30dB, 40dB, 50dB, and 60dB models for most connector styles.
2002-06-07 Fairchild IGBT reduces conduction losses
The FGL60N100D 1kV trench IGBT offers a saturation voltage of 2.5V at a collector current of 60A to reduce conduction losses.
2005-10-19 Fairchild IGBT addresses reliability issues in IH appliances
Fairchild's new 1,200V NPT-Trench IGBT combines best-in-class avalanche immunity with optimized trade-off performance between switching and conduction losses to deliver increased system reliability and efficiency in IH apps.
2004-05-04 Fairchild IGBT achieves high avalanche immunity
The 1000V/60A IGBT from Fairchild is claimed by the company to deliver superior switching and conduction characteristics.
2000-11-01 Extraction critical for RF design
Current CMOS technology is a viable candidate for portable communications devices. Modern deep-submicron MOS transistors have more than enough speed to handle high-frequency or RF signals.
2014-05-30 Exploring the micropipeline
The micropipeline is a powerful yet simple design approach enabling the implementation of extremely efficient asynchronous circuits. Here's a review of its underlying concepts.
2008-08-12 Exec stresses need for antenna, backhaul upgrades in cellular nets
Cellular networks need better antennas and backhaul upgrades if they are going to optimize the performance of next-generation technologies, said an engineering manager who has helped build many such nets.
2012-06-28 Examine interoperability issues when selecting airborne downlinks
Understand why you have to be familiar with the components of a downlink system before investing in one.
2013-08-23 Evaluating your design's high-speed interconnects
Here's a look at hybrid EM simulation for designing and modelling connectors for multi-gigabit applications.
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