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What is Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC)?
A Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) is a type of IC that operates at microwave frequencies (300MHz to 300GHz), performing such functions as microwave mixing, power amplification, low-noise amplification and high-frequency switching.
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2011-12-01 Euro project to up THz sensor capability
The TeraTOP project aims to develop a device that can reduce the cost and improve the capability of terahertz (THz) imaging in security applications.
2006-06-01 Ethernet testers get EoPDH capabilities
Innocor has added what it claims is the industry/s first Ethernet over PDH transport mechanism test capabilities to its existing TestPoint product line.
2012-02-29 Estimating mismatch uncertainty
Know the techniques for estimating realistic mismatch uncertainty, which usually gives a three to six times lower estimate of mismatch uncertainty compared with estimates from commonly used techniques.
2008-09-19 Ericsson secures $450M network deal in Vietnam
Ericsson has signed the largest single contract in Vietnam, amounting to $450 million, to develop and modernize Hanoi Telecom's nationwide mobile network.
2004-09-17 Ericsson receives GSM contract in Shandong
Ericsson has been awarded a $150 million GSM network expansion contract by Shandong Mobile Communication Co. (Shandong Mobile).
2008-06-03 Equity group looks into acquiring Filtronic
Filtronic plc, a British electronics group, is set to be acquired by U.S. private equity group Carlyle. But the equity group remains mum on the certainty of when the final acquisition will take place.
2004-02-18 Endwave to supply Nokia with transceiver
Endwave Corp. and Nokia Networks have entered into a supply agreement for Endwave's current and next-generation transceivers.
2003-09-19 EMM rolls out RFID circuit with small footprint
EM Microelectronic-Marin (EMM) SA has introduced the EM4222 UHF RFID circuit, which is the first UHF IC in a series of products for logistics apps.
2010-10-12 Emcore beats NASDAQ compliance deadline
Compound semiconductor vendor Emcore Corp. said Friday (Oct. 8) it has been notified by the Nasdaq stock market that it has regained qualification for listing.
2001-03-01 Embedded test complicates SoC realm
SoC devices today implement a variety of specialized microelectronic functions. Those functions, sometimes with embedded systems, typically comprise of hardware or software design objects.
2003-06-30 Electronic pressure-sensing devices to reach $1.5B in '07
Total shipments of electronic pressure-sensing devices to the United States will be valued at $1.51 billion in 2007, up from $1.28 billion last year.
2007-06-08 EDA platform offers faster RF module design, verification
Agilent now offers an EDA platform that provides a speedier design and verification process.
2010-07-02 Dual-output VCOs cover 7.3GHz to 8.8GHz
Endwave Corp. has launched the EWV0800YF series of voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) with dual outputs with total frequency coverage of 7.3GHz to 8.8GHz and 3.65GHz to 4.4GHz.
2008-05-09 Dual-channel sampling oscilloscope delivers 12GHz
Pico Technology has released the PicoScope 9201 dual-channel PC sampling oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 12GHz.
2013-02-14 DRAM standards and DDR4 timing
A manager for Agilent Technologies' the digital memory applications program recently covered key aspects of DDR4 timing at the "Making DDR4 work for you" session at DesignCon 2013.
2006-07-12 Dow-Key unveils compact PCB mount switch
Dow-Key has unveiled the 409 series of compact SPDT PCB mount switches suited for military, ATE and commercial applications.
2006-06-02 Dow-Key switches continue to fly on Boeing planes after [nearly] 20 years
Boeing Corp. has used Dow-Key's RF switches in its collision avoidance and landing systems for the past 20 years, and there seems to be no letting up.
2015-10-16 DiY IoT: Let's talk WiFi
In today's post, we will talk about WiFia few general concepts about it, its relationship to the CC3200, some practical ways to use it, and lastly, a little step-by-step project.
2010-05-18 Dimmer switch tailored for quantum computing
NIST has developed a "dimmer switch" for a superconducting circuit linking a quantum bit and a quantum bus.
2011-03-11 Digitizers boast instantaneous bandwith, high dynamic range
ZTEC Instruments' ZT844x Series RF/IF digitizers/baseband signal analyzers offer engineers a combination of instantaneous bandwidth to receive and process next-generation digital communication signals.
2007-02-16 Digital content issues still unresolved
The many players in today's CE industry share a vision of digital entertainment content flowing easily across all manner of networked products.
2011-10-26 Different ways of simulating wideband signals
Here are the alternatives for modulating and then upconverting wideband signals to their operational carrier frequencies.
2015-07-30 Diamond substrate unleashes GaN potential
Diamond substrates and heat spreaders enable GaN devices to operate near its peak power output without degradation in lifetime.
2006-12-15 Devt boards roll for Virtex-5-based PCI/PCI-X, PMC
Board maker Vmetro is shipping its first Xilinx Virtex-5 LX FPGA-based PCI/PCI-X and PMC board-level products.
2008-03-28 Device delivers Ethernet mapping over PDH
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced a new Ethernet mapping device that enables the delivery of new Carrier Ethernet services over existing PDH telecommunications infrastructure.
2015-08-10 Designing phase adjustable PA for 5G front-ends
In this article, we describe the design of a 4-channel transmitter IC with each channel containing a power amplifier with integral 4bit phase shifter.
2005-01-19 Designing a wireless base station transmitter chain? Check out ADI's broadband VGA
Unlike its other VGAs, this is ADI's first variable gain amplifier/attenuator specifically made for transmitter apps.
2006-01-25 Design libraries allow RF and DSP codesign
The team at Agilent has decided to try to make things a bit easier by creating two new libraries for its ADS EDA software: one for mobile WiMAX and another for 802.11n.
2006-03-01 Delicate balancing acts ensure balun performance
There are several approaches to making the transition between balanced and unbalanced topologies.
2011-12-01 DECT in today's wireless market
DECT is not only for voice communication but DECT has been used throughout the world and proven to be easy to install and use in a licensed, interference-free band with coverage range of more than 300m.
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