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2006-11-02 Chinese firms favoring soft IP over hard cores
Chinese companies ready to buy IP blocks are favoring design-ins with soft cores rather than hard cores. This is pushing IP vendors to loosen up about delivering RTL code to Chinese customers.
2006-12-05 Chinese electronics entrepreneur blasts off to space
A Chinese electronics entrepreneur is among the first group of space tourists that will blast off on Virgin Galactic's inaugural suborbital flight scheduled for 2008.
2007-01-17 Chinese city vies for Intel chip plant
Officials in a northern China science park are stoking rumors that Intel Corp. wants to build an advanced chip plant in the area and will announce its intentions as early as March.
2006-04-03 Chinese A/V codec rises
A Chinese A/V codec is on the verge of becoming a national standarda domestic rival to MPEG-4/H.264 and WMV-9 that backers say will save China-based manufacturers and consumers millions of dollars in fees and royalties in the next few years.
2007-01-03 China's TD-SCDMA to see judgment day in 2007
It's been a roller-coaster ride for homegrown technology in China, but little will deter China from pushing ahead with their efforts to introduce standards.
2007-01-01 China's homegrown spec hits true 3G speed
China's mobile-phone technology has finally broken into the realm of honest-to-goodness 3G, with handset data rates reaching 384Kbps in real-world conditions.
2006-02-01 China's first native CPU slogs on
When BLX rolled out its first CPU in 2002, the Godson-1 was heralded as a giant leap forward for the chip design industry in China. Yet after nearly six years of development, it's still hard to predict the future of China's first effort at designing a CPU from the ground up.
2007-02-05 China's Actions Semi eyes more acquisitions
China's Actions Semiconductor is scouring the Chinese landscape, and overseas, looking to scoop up small design firms with a recently approved $80 million budget for acquisitions and investment.
2006-07-11 China's 3G standard hits a snag
Mobile phone test equipment suppliers say the lack of test equipment hinders the commercialization of China's 3G standard.
2007-03-16 China's 3G spec still deferred
Testing of China's 3G standard has been extended into Q4, dashing handset chipmakers' hopes of cashing in on 3G phones this year.
2006-08-01 China writes its own DTV standard
After years of rivalry and numerous delays, China is poised to roll out a long-awaited standard for terrestrial DTV. The standard signals the beginning of the end for small Chinese trials of Europe's DVB-T standard, and it adds another rival to the mix for mobile-TV services in China.
2006-02-16 China taps U.S. partner to keep EVD spec afloat
As the HD-DVD and Blu-ray optical-disk formats slug it out for market dominance, China's lesser-known standard is struggling to survive and has made the unlikely move of using an American company's red-laser-based technology to challenge the high capacities of blue-laser disks.
2006-03-01 China question dogs Taiwan's IC industry
The sudden resignation of UMC's Robert Tsao is quickly taking on larger implications for the technology industry than whether one company and its executives have flouted the law.
2007-01-19 China preps WiMAX rival for Olympics
China is testing a potential rival to WiMAX that may see its debut in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.
2006-03-16 China patents a must-have
Protecting the company's IP in China by applying for local patents is quickly taking on greater importance.
2006-07-07 China mulls over new IC policy
More than a year after phasing out a controversial tax rebate for ICs, China is still mulling a replacement plan that will support manufacturing and encourage innovation at chip companies without running the risk of another challenge by the U.S. semicon industry.
2006-12-15 China mobile TV spec similar to Europe's
China's new broadcast mobile TV spec bears a striking resemblance to a European satellite spec called DVB-SH, short for digital video broadcast from satellite for handhelds.
2006-10-16 China home networking spec rolling
A China home networking technology is gaining traction in the market, spurring its designers to pursue it as an international standard and to encourage the input of multinationals.
2007-01-30 China firms mount FM tuner face-off
Two Shanghai companies are tuning in to the FM radio chip market, hoping to challenge market leaders with their own CMOS-based offerings.
2007-03-16 China firms challenge radio chip market leaders
Two Shanghai-based companies are tuning in to the FM radio chip market, hoping to challenge market leaders NXP Semiconductors and Silicon Laboratories with their own CMOS-based offerings.
2007-01-16 China faces bumpy road to 300mm
The outlook for China's chip industry clouded after a Hua Hong NEC affiliate announced in December it would shelve plans for a 300mm wafer fab and instead build a 200mm line.
2006-12-21 China fabs to boost used IC equipment market
By the year 2009, the China market for used semiconductor equipment will hit $800 million as more foreign companies decide to move their legacy gear to the country.
2006-10-02 China fabs miss growth forecast mark
China's market for new fabs and IC equipment is falling short of expectations for sizzling long-term growth, as companies juggle their need for profitability with a government directive to ramp up a host of 200mm and 300mm wafer fabs that are now on the drawing board.
2007-01-01 China design firms favor soft IP
Gaining proficiency at handling the more design-intensive soft IP, China companies that buy IP blocks are now favoring soft over hard cores.
2006-06-28 China comes up with own DTV standard
China's terrestrial DTV standard is finally coming out, and it will cover fixed and mobile terminals, eventually serving half of the country's TV viewers.
2006-08-03 China aims for own RFID spec by '07; to be cheaper than EPCglobal
China intends to issue a draft radio frequency ID specification this fall, with the hope of hammering out a final version that can be implemented in 2007.
2006-11-27 China 3G spec wins more support
Willtek Communications is the latest vendor to add in TD-SCDMA testing capability in anticipation of a ramp-up in demand for handsets and data cards once the 3G technology is licensed next year.
2006-10-02 AVS has yet to gain traction in China
China's AVS Part 2 has yet to gain traction in the market, with the country's largest IPTV service providers using H.264 in their latest IPTV deployments.
2006-07-17 Asia's next tier eyes global role
By global standards, the only thing truly big about Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co. is its name. Nevertheless, it has big plans. Like dozens of companies across Asia, Huaqi aspires to follow in the footsteps of regional giants like Sony and Samsung to be a household name with cutting-edge technology.
2006-07-01 Asia IPTV rollouts a slow go
Although Asia is pegged as fertile ground for IPTV, and China as perhaps the biggest market, progress is not as fast as the boosters were hoping for in many countries, with promises outpacing reality.
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