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2003-03-25 Sanmina-SCI licenses capacitance technology to Oak-Mitsui
Sanmina-SCI Corp. has announced that Oak-Mitsui Technologies has signed a licensing agreement to manufacture and market thin, film-based substrates using the company's patented Buried Capacitance technology.
2003-07-25 Mitsui taps Southwall for sputtered film supply
Mitsui Chemicals Inc., a Japan-based manufacturer of optical filters and backlighting substrates for flat panel displays, has signed Southwall Technologies Inc. to supply them with sputtered film products for PDP and LCD applications.
2004-11-23 Mitsui takes stake in Esmertec
Japanese conglomerate Mitsui is investing $8.6 million in Swiss Java software specialist Esmertec as part of a strategic collaboration to exploit opportunities in Asia-Pacific in the wireless and embedded sectors.
2002-03-20 Furukawa, Mitsui form laser chip joint venture
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has formed a joint venture with Mitsui Chemical named MC Fitel for the production of high power 9.8?m laser chips.
2006-04-24 Fujitsu, Mitsui form quantum dot lasers JV
Fujitsu and Mitsui have formed a joint venture, dubbed QD Laser Inc., to develop and make quantum dot lasers.
2007-09-10 ASE, Mitsui collaborate on HMT packaging tech
ASE and Mitsui have entered into a cross-licensing agreement and technical collaboration for Mitsui's Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies (HMT) packaging technology.
2006-05-22 Applied Nanotech, Mitsui partner on nanotech
Applied Nanotech has announced a strategic alliance with Japan-based Mitsui & Co. Ltd to develop nanotechnology-based products based on its IP patent portfolio.
2003-02-03 Applied Nanotech, Mitsui enter strategic alliance
SI Diamond Technology Inc., through its subsidiary Applied Nanotech Inc., has signed a MoU with Mitsui & Co. Ltd.
2002-04-04 Monocrystalline silicon wafer fab to break ground in Shanghai
Ferrotec China Inc., Japan Toshiba Ceramics and Mitsui Inc. will establish a monocrystalline silicon wafer facility in Shanghai, China. The facility is said to be worth $145 million.
2003-11-19 MCI to commence PDP optical filter production in Europe
Mitsui Chemicals Inc. (MCI) has decided to begin production of its FILTOP optical filters for PDPs in Europe starting July '04.
2006-05-26 MCI to build new facility for PDP optical filters
Mitsui Chemicals is set to build a new facility for film-type PDP optical filters in anticipation of higher demand.
2004-04-29 Japanese firms establish capacitor system venture
Omron Corp., Mitsui & Co. Ltd, Okamura Laboratory Inc., and Power Systems Co. Ltd have reached an agreement to form a joint venture for full-scale electric double layer capacitor system, the ECaSS (Energy Capacitor Systems).
2008-05-30 Japan firms unveil 'first' OEL panel biz
A group headed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Rohm Co., Toppan Printing Co. and Mitsui & Co. jointly established Lumiotec Inc. to assess the business viability of organic electroluminescence (OEL) panels for lighting applications.
2013-12-19 Toshiba funnels $500M to Indonesia to meet local demand
In response to the fast rise of local demand for electronics, Toshiba has agreed to invest around $400 to $500 million to expand its production capabilities in Indonesia.
2008-01-16 Shanghai achieves Valley-like stardom
It took several years of intense development efforts but it was all worth it as Shanghai now gasconades the most complete IC industrial chain in China with wafer foundries; IC design houses; assembly and test companies; and device and material firms.
2007-04-19 Sanyo invites bids for chip business
Carrying on its spin-off plans, Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. has stated the sale of its semiconductor business, with bidders expected to express interest before end of the month.
2005-08-15 Sanmina-SCI licenses Buried Capacitance to ISU Petasys
Sanmina-SCI Corp. has entered into a licensing agreement with ISU Petasys Corp. to manufacture multilayer PCBs using Sanmina-SCI's patented Buried Capacitance (BC) technology.
2005-11-09 Rogers displays new lines of adhesiveless, API circuit materials
Rogers Corp. disclosed that it will showcase its two new lines of 2L-FCCL adhesiveless at next week's Productronica in Germany
2014-03-14 Research groups focus on harnessing WSe2 properties
MIT, University of Washington and Vienna University of Technology have each conducted a separate research that examines the potential of WSe2 to create innovative optoelectronic devices.
2012-06-15 Report: Renesas to get $630M loan
Renesas is said to be in the final phases of securing a $630 million loan (around ?50 billion) from four banks, according to a report by the Mainichi newspaper.
2010-10-27 Rare earth issues trouble industry
The potential problem of China's monopoly on rare earthsminerals, metals and their oxides C has become reality with the country's move to reduce export quotas for 2H 10.
2014-05-26 Novel technique produces graphene on non-metal substrates
The process uses CVD to sandwich a nickel film with graphene layers. The nickel film can be peeled away, leaving graphene on top of the non-metal substrate.
2006-03-30 NEC to unload Internet unit
NEC said it will spin off its Internet service provider unit, Biglobe, as a separate company as it seeks to improve profitability, according to an Associated Press report.
2002-10-11 Metron, FSI terminate distribution agreement
FSI Int. Inc. has terminated its agreement with Metron Technology N.V., on the distribution of FSI products in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, effective March 1, 2003.
2015-05-25 Making graphene cost-effective and scalable
MIT and University of Michigan researchers described an innovative roll-to-roll manufacturing process that makes production of graphene and other 2D materials practical.
2006-10-12 LG.Philips, Toshiba partner on LCD TVs in Europe
LG.Philips and Toshiba have formed a strategic alliance to promote their positions in the European LCD TV market, which is emerging as one of the world's largest for LCD TVs.
2005-01-19 Galazar, Bussan partner in SDH/SONET semiconductors
Galazar Networks Inc. and Bussan Microelectronics Corp. have signed a strategic agreement to expand sales, marketing, customer support and logistics for Galazar's next-generation SDH/SONET product line targeted at Japan's communications equipment vendors.
2012-03-26 Excess inventory softens Japan quake impact on LCD panel vendors, market
Japan's limited presence in the global supply chaincombined with excess stockpiles in the channelhelped soften the blow of the manufacturing disruptions caused by the disaster.
2013-08-20 Chemical industry makes headway in printed electronics
An IDTechEx report addresses the need for chemical firms entering the electronic product space to identify the most profitable functional compounds and elements needed including allotropes of carbon.
2008-01-30 Chartered secures loan to acquire new scanners
Singapore's Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing has signed an agreement for a $190 million term loan to finance the purchase of new scanners for the phase 2 ramp of its 300mm fab.
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