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2002-10-09 Lightspeed boosts ASIC platform with 0.135m move
Lightspeed Semiconductor Inc. has given its modular-array ASIC platform a performance boost by sprucing up its architecture and shifting to 0.135m design rules.
2007-11-01 Know the essentials in stimulus-response test
The implementation of a mixed-signal stimulus-response test application imposes high requirements on both software and hardware. These technology problems are fundamentally simplified with the modular hardware architecture and professional open software platform.
2012-10-23 IVT sensor addresses charge, discharge cycle challenges
Isabellenhtte's solution to the challenges posed by charge and discharge cycles utilises an IVT sensor module which is available in a modular design.
2004-12-01 Interfacing the MSOP8EVM to MSP430 processors
This app note presents a method for interfacing the modular MSOP8EVM, an EVM for single-channel, low-power, 8bit to 16bit serial analog-to-digital converters, to the MSP430 series microcontrollers.
2004-12-01 Interfacing the MSOP8 EVM to TMS320C5x processors
This app note presents a method for interfacing the modular MSOP8 evaluation module (EVM), an EVM for single-channel, low-power, 8bit to 16bit serial analog-to-digital converters to the TMS320C5x series DSKs using a 5-6K interface board.
2002-09-13 Intel devices to advance digital perspective
Intel SVP Mike Fister and EVP Sean Maloney explained how a modular IT infrastructure with mixed-wired and wireless communications capabilities will generate lower operating costs and increase system flexibility.
2010-10-20 IBM integrates Mellanox InfiniBand switch systems
Mellanox Technologies Ltd announced that its IS5000 line of 108 and 324-port modular 40Gb/s InfiniBand switches with robust latency performance, are now offered through IBM's iDataPlex and Intelligent Cluster product lines.
2008-07-03 HP liquid rack cools data centers
HP has unveiled technology that makes data centers more efficient while increasing system reliability with the launch of its second-generation Modular Cooling System G2, a bi-directional liquid cooling rack.
2003-06-20 Hot Swap Capability Eliminates Down Time
This application note discusses design considerations as related to 48V distributed power architectures which employ hot swappable, modular power converters.
2008-05-23 High-power density promise from bus converter
Vicor's brick business unit has added the VI BRICK BCM bus converter to its new VI BRICK family that provides an advanced modular power platform for power solutions.
2005-04-12 High-density ac-dc answer telecom
Magnetek's MM5 Series of AC/DC supplies, a line of modular multi-output power systems for compact and customized telecom, computer and industrial applications, delivers 900W (universal AC input) or 1,200W (for a 180Vac to 264Vac input).
2006-02-10 High-current, high-voltage AC/DC delivers 5kW
Absopulse Electronics' PFC5000 is a modular high-current AC/DC supply that delivers 5kW at up to 54V for industrial, utility, microwave and telecom environments.
2014-04-17 Google cherry-picks Lattice FPGA for ARA platform
Lattice Semiconductor's ECP5 FPGA will be utilised in Google's Project ARA initiative in which an open hardware platform for creating highly modular phones will be developed. The platform will include a structural frame to house the user-preferred modules including display and keyboard.
2003-12-23 GNDC UPS systems feature double conversion
GNDC Co. Ltd has released its MPP series of microprocessor-based true online UPS systems with cold start, double conversion design and versatile modular design.
2011-02-21 Evolving wireless standards bring test issues
Know how the evolution of wireless standards will accelerate an industry shift toward modular, software-defined instrumentation.
2010-11-05 Ethernet switching silicon enables 100 Tbit/s scalable systems
Broadcom Corporation has just announced their BCM88600 series, the Ethernet switching silicon that enables scalable modular switching platforms with capacity ranging from 100Gbit/s) to 100Tbit/s. The new series merges the features and functionality of an entire high-performance line card into a single chip.
2004-03-31 ERNI connectors available in 7W2 configuration
ERNI has expanded its range of D-sub connectors to include a new modular design.
2011-05-06 Embedded SSD incorporates JEDEC form factor
Smart Modular Technologies introduces the XceedIOPS iSATA Slim solid-state storage module using industrial-grade single level cell flash for high reliability and performance.
2009-02-26 Digital intercoms keep cars connected
Harris Corp. has introduced the Falcon RF-7800I Tactical Intercom System, a modular platform for in-vehicle voice and data communication, tactical network connectivity, and battle management system interoperability.
2009-05-05 Designing an LED-based video-display board
Roughly tens of thousands of large-size LED video-display boards have been installed worldwide. This application note represents a reference design for a basic, low-cost, modular LED video-display board.
2008-09-17 DC/DC converters cut board-level power needs
Astrodyne has launched the FED20W series of modular packaged DC/DC converters for cost-sensitive power conversion requirements in board-level product applications like data acquisition, communications and industrial I/O.
2007-11-27 DAQs boost standalone solutions, offer 384 I/O channels
Agilent Technologies Inc. has expanded its USB-based data acquisition (DAQ) family of standalone, modular solutions, enabling customers to create more flexible, scalable systems.
2004-10-18 Considerations for high-speed backplanes
Learn the challenges in high-speed backplanes in a modular chassis-based system and its recommended solutions.
2006-07-10 Card-edge connectors from FCI support PCIe ExpressModule
FCI has developed card-edge connectors for PCI Express ExpressModule modular I/O adapters used in rack servers.
2006-08-18 Broadcom releases next-gen server I/O controller
Broadcom said its new server I/O controller features a modular architecture for platform scalability, enabling server OEM customers to configure their servers for specific market segments.
2002-06-25 BivarOpto LEDs allow solid-array lighting capability
The Super Flux Mako LED series from BivarOpto features a viewing angle of 600 and is designed in a modular format that enables them to be fitted together to create a solid color display grid.
2003-05-22 Barco displays provide navigation aid to Airbus A380
Barco has received a contract from Airbus for its 18-inch MRFD246 modular rugged flat displays to be used in the A380 test flight program.
2005-10-06 ARM MCU-based modules offer Ethernet networking functionality
Digi International's ConnectCore embedded core modular products based on NetSilicon's ARM7 and ARM9 processor cores enable users to easily design in main processing functionality with fully integrated Ethernet networking capabilities.
2004-02-27 Ando releases three BERT units
Ando Electric has launched the AP9945/9946 portable and AQ2200-600 series of modular 10Gbps BERT units.
2014-07-01 All systems go for Project Ara
Project Ara is now up and running after Google made a successful debut at I/O, in spite of a frozen home screen during the demonstration of the modular smartphone.
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