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2006-09-11 Desktop LCD monitor shipment reached 29.8 million units in Q2
The desktop LCD monitor market rose slightly higher than forecast in Q2, jumping 3.1 percent to 29.8 million units shipped worldwide, according to data from DisplaySearch.
2002-07-25 Densitron plasma monitor has 850:1 contrast ratio
The Vistatron 46-inch plasma monitor from Densitron Corp. provides a contrast ratio of 850:1 and a peak brightness of 330cd/m2.
2013-09-24 Dell leads global PC monitor market in 2Q13
Dell moved ahead of Samsung in the worldwide PC monitor market for the first time since 2007, shipping more than five million units in 2Q13, according to IDC.
2002-04-05 Dallas Semiconductor transceiver monitor complies with SFF-8472 MSA
The DS1852 from Dallas Semiconductor is claimed to be the industry's first optical transceiver diagnostic monitor to implement the enhanced features defined by the SFF-8472 MSA, and is aimed in reducing the component count and size, and speed up the design of optical transceivers.
2005-10-24 Dallas Semi unveils low-cost Li+ battery monitor with I?C interface
Dallas Semiconductor rolled out a low-cost Li+ battery monitor with an I?C interface.
2002-07-02 Dallas Semi battery monitor enables recovery of fully depleted battery
The DS2761 high-precision Li-ion battery monitor incorporates precise current, voltage, temperature measurements, nonvolatile data storage, and Li-ion protection circuitry into a 16-pin TSSOP or die-sized flip-chip package.
2003-01-27 Dallas controller ICs monitor SFF optical transceivers
The DS1854, DS1857, and DS1858 integrated optical controller-monitors control laser-driver bias and modulation currents, and manage system-monitoring functions required for SFF-847-compatbile optical transceivers.
2002-08-16 Dallas battery monitor allows trickle charging
The DS2761 Li ion battery monitor provides a charge path that enables trickle charging to the battery cell until such time that normal charging methods can be used.
2006-08-07 Current-shunt monitor IC eases power management
TI's new current-shunt monitor serve a wide range of power management apps, from simple supply current monitor to bidirectional current comparator and as an under-/over-voltage "window" comparator.
2006-08-11 Current-shunt monitor has comparators, voltage reference
Texas Instruments has announced a complete comparison solution that combines a high-side current-sense amplifier, two comparators and a voltage reference in a small 14-pin package.
2010-04-26 Current-sense amps monitor inductive loads
Maxim Integrated Products has expanded its portfolio of high-side, current-sense amplifiers for automotive applications.
2007-12-12 Current sense amp operates as high- or low-side monitor
Linear Tech's LT6105 current sense amp is independent of the positive supply voltage, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and enabling it to operate as a high-side or a low-side current sense monitor.
2007-12-13 Current monitor simplifies high-voltage circuit protection
Zetex's ZXCT1080 current monitor provides a simple solution for high-side current sensing in a wide range of high-voltage circuit protection duties in automotive, industrial motor control and power supply applications.
2007-09-07 Current monitor offers improved temperature drift
The new current monitor from Zetex has improved temperature drift characteristics to help reduce calibration requirements by maintaining accuracy over a wide temperature range.
2007-06-29 Current monitor measures accurate short circuit current
Zetex Semiconductors has introduced its latest product offering, the ZXCT1050 current monitor.
2006-12-13 Current monitor eases bidirectional measurement
Zetex has announced a bidirectional high-side current monitor with a simplified two-way current measurement in battery and power supply management as well as motor control applications.
2004-11-30 CRT monitor amplifier family STV955x (STV9555/56/56A)- application hints
This app note is intended to help monitor designers use STMicro's STV955x family of video amplifiers in their new projects.
2005-05-17 CPT ramps up 17-inch, 19-inch monitor panel output
Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd (CPT) of Taiwan announced that it will ramp up its output for 17in and 19in monitor and LCD panels by year-end.
2006-10-02 Content monitor covers remote, mobile clients
Vericept Corp. has introduced Desktop 360 degrees for monitoring traditional desktops, as well as laptops and removable peripherals.
2007-06-07 Contact monitor uses only 17?A supply current
Maxim's MAX13036 automotive contact monitor and level shifter. MAX13036 monitors and debounces eight remote mechanical switches while consuming a meager 17?A (typ) supply current.
2007-05-07 Coming soon: Notebook with 3D LCD monitor
Taiwan-based panel makers predict that notebooks featuring widescreen 3D LCD monitors will likely hit the market this year or next.
2008-04-03 Chips monitor hardware temperature
Winbond's new series of hardware monitoring ICs features an on-die temperature sensor as standard, and allows the user to set critical temperature limits.
2009-10-14 China reigns in LCD desktop monitor market
The region's PC business is still concentrated on desktop PCs, making the market favorable for stand-alone monitors.
2005-06-22 C&D's new transformers measure and monitor AC currents
C&D Technologies has introduced a new series of current sensing transformers designed to measure and monitor AC currents.
2010-07-19 Blood pressure monitor design considerations
This application note presents the two main types of blood pressure monitors, various measurement techniques, the functions of electrical components and some crucial aspects that designers must consider when selecting products.
2009-04-17 Battery monitor packs current-sense resistor
Maxim Integrated Products has launched the DS2741 current monitor/accumulator for cost-sensitive, Li-ion applications.
2012-01-20 Battery monitor IC promises longer device runtime
ST's STC3105 boasts low supply-current requirements60?A typicaland comes in a 2 x 3 x 0.8mm package.
2009-09-04 Battery monitor IC promises increased accuracy
STMicroelectronics' latest battery-condition monitoring IC enables increased accuracy for 'fuel-gauge' style indicators.
2005-09-23 Battery monitor consumes 5pA
Micrel unveiled a micro-power battery monitor/comparator for sensing and indicating end of life in Lithium batteries.
2009-12-16 Battery fault monitor handles 12 series-connected cells
Linear Technology has launched the LTC6801, a high-voltage battery stack fault monitor that operates without a microprocessor, and without the need for optocouplers or isolators.
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