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What is a monolithic IC?
A monolithic IC is a circuit built into a single semiconductor chip. Examples of monolithic ICs include the most common chips such as microprocessors and memories.
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2008-05-22 RF power detector operates over wide frequency range
A new monolithic broadband, high performance logarithmic RF power detector from Linear Tech promises accurate RF power measurement over a wide frequency range.
2010-10-26 RF ICs for car access systems tout sensitivity, efficiency
Atmel introduced its ATA5830 and ATA5780 monolithic RF transceiver and RF receiver devices touting sensitivity and efficient power consumption
2000-06-13 Quadrature Modulator/Demodulator IC Covers Baseband to 250MHz
This technical note examines the RF2703, a quadrature modulator/demodulator monolithic chip that performs frequency conversion (upconversion and downconversion) to and from the baseband frequency.
2009-08-13 PSE controller enables PoE+ applications
The MAX5965 monolithic quad power sourcing equipment (PSE) controller from Maxim Integrated Products complies with IEEE 802.3at.
2007-08-16 Programmable low-pass filters suit high-dynamic-range apps
Skyworks Solutions Inc. has launched a line of monolithic, digitally programmable low-pass filters in single- and dual-band versions.
2009-03-16 Power switch requires less board space
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has integrated all three functions into a monolithic device. The company's power switch offers designers a high level of protection available for hot swap in a simple, seamless solution that requires up to one-third less board space than discrete alternatives.
2005-02-24 Power supply marginer optimizes next-gen digital systems
Summit Micro's SMM150 is a digital power supply marginer that can easily be designed to work with either POL dc-dc power modules or monolithic embedded dc-dc converters.
2003-04-25 Power conversion IC touts wide output current tolerance
The LNK500 high-voltage monolithic power conversion IC from Power Integrations Inc. features loose output current characteristics.
2004-02-03 National expands RF product offerings
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced the first member of its family of standalone, monolithic voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) for mobile handsets.
2002-01-24 Murata common-mode chokes suppress noise in audio signal lines
The DLM2HG series compact, low-profile monolithic chip common-mode choke coils have been optimized for noise suppression applications in the audio signal lines of digital equipment.
2003-07-17 Murata ceramic caps use ultra-thin dielectrics
Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd has begun commercial production of its chip monolithic ceramic capacitors that employ ultra-thin dielectric layers.
2004-07-30 Mosys makes 0.13?m memories with Chartered, SMIC
Monolithic System Technology Inc. (Mosys), a developer of embedded memory technology available for license, has ported its so-called 1T-SRAM-Q quad-density memory to the 0.13?m industry-standard logic process at Singaporean foundry Chartered Semiconductor Mfg Ltd, Mosys said Tuesday (July 27, 2004).
2005-01-26 MoSys inks representative pact with Crescendo in China
Monolithic System Technology Inc., (MoSys) a provider of SoC embedded memory solutions, has signed Crescendo Technologies Ltd as an authorized sales representative for MoSys in China.
2009-05-12 Miniature LNA simplifies mobile app design
Avago Technologies has released the miniature MGA-21108 LNA monolithic microwave IC suitable for use in a wide range of wireless mobile communications applications.
2008-02-14 MCUs combine 200 MIPS processor, 512KB on-chip flash
Monolithic ARM9-based flash MCUs that combine a 200MIPS processor core with up to 512Kbytes of on-chip flash have been announced by Atmel Corp.
2002-10-01 Maxwell ships space-qualified DAC
Maxwell Technologies' space-qualified, quad multiplying DAC is a monolithic device based on Analog Devices' 8408 product.
2003-09-22 Maxim RF ICs provide AM-PM distortion correction
Maxim Integrated Products has released what it claims is the world's first monolithic RF predistorter ICs.
2005-06-23 Low-side self-protected MOSFET
This app note describes the technology and operation of ON Semiconductor's HDPlus_ monolithic low-side smart MOSFET family.
2000-06-15 LNBP For Set Top Box Application
This application note shows how to use the LNBP monolithic positive voltage regulator in two basic applications: the first is based on the Power SO-20 package and circuit functionality, and the second is an implementation in a Multiwatt 20 package.
2010-05-13 LNA, power amp target wireless net femtocells
Freescale is making its way to the GaAs monolithic microwave IC (MMIC) sector with the launch of four devices aimed at macro base stations, repeaters and femtocells employed in wireless networks.
2006-03-30 LNA claims industry first for GPS
STMicroelectronics has expanded its family of silicon monolithic microwave IC amplifiers with a single-chip product designed for use in electronic devices embedding a GPS function.
2002-03-22 Linear Tech rms-to-dc converter exhibits 0.02% linearity
Claimed to be the world's first monolithic delta-sigma rms solution, the LTC1966 rms-to-dc converter features a linearity of 0.02 percent from 50mV to 350mV, and 0.25 percent untrimmed total error between 50Hz to 1kHz.
2003-12-16 Linear Tech demodulator eyes portable apps
A monolithic IF quadrature demodulator from Linear Technology Corp. operates with a single supply voltage as low as 1.8V.
2004-06-23 Linear switching regulator with exposed copper bottom
Linear Tech has launched a triple output monolithic switching regulator with an exposed copper bottom.
2006-01-23 JFETs provide wide output swing
Linear Integrated Systems announced the availability of its LSK389 series of 1nV N-Channel Monolithic, a monolithic dual version of the recently released LSK170 Single N-Channel JFET.
2006-11-13 Intel announces volume shipments of 65nm NOR flash IC
Intel announced during last week's Intel Developer Forum in South Korea what it touts as the industry's first volume shipments of 65nm NOR flash MLC chips, including a 65nm,1Gbit monolithic part for cellphones.
2010-11-29 IMC-Hall, contactless current sensor is custom programmable
Melexis' MLX91206 is a customer programmable monolithic Sensor IC offering the Triaxis Hall technology. The MLX91206 allows the user to construct small, economical current sensor solutions with quick response times.
2003-05-23 IDT transceivers deliver configuration flexibility
Integrated Device Technology Inc. has released its SuperJET family of J1/E1/T1 transceivers and monolithic octal density device that is said to address next-generation universal line-card designs in communications applications.
2003-02-05 IDT synchronous dual-port devices operate to 200MHz
Integrated Device Technology's line of monolithic, 9Mb synchronous dual-port products operate at speeds of up to 200MHz.
2003-10-23 IDT releases NSEs with dual LA-1 interfaces
Integrated Device Technology Inc. has introduced what it claims is the industry's first monolithic Network Search Engines in 512Kx36 and 256Kx36 configurations.
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