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What is a monolithic IC?
A monolithic IC is a circuit built into a single semiconductor chip. Examples of monolithic ICs include the most common chips such as microprocessors and memories.
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2001-04-05 Balanced modulator/demodulator applications using the MC1496/1596
This application note discusses the different balanced modulator/demodulator applications of the MC1496 monolithic transistor array, such as AM and suppressed carrier modulation, AM/FM demodulation and phase detection.
1999-11-17 AWR0900 wireless receiver GaAs IC
The AWR0900 is a fully monolithic downconverter intended for use in cordless telephone and WLAN (wireless local area networking) applications. It is fabricated using the 0.5?m GaAs MESFET process, and is suitable for any application requiring a downconverter whose input RF signals are in the range of 864MHz to 928MHz. This paper describes the applications and functions of the AWR0900 in wireless communications.
2013-06-18 Automotive LED drivers boast rating of up to 40V
The TLC6C598-Q1 and TLC6C5912-Q1 are monolithic, medium-voltage, low-current 8bit/12bit shift registers designed for use in systems that require relatively moderate load power, such as LEDs.
2008-10-22 Audio power amp targets automotive warning systems
From National Semiconductor Corp. comes a power amplifier touted to be the first monolithic amplifier for automotive warning and alert tone amplification.
2008-05-08 Audio amp integrates boost converter for portable apps
A monolithic, filter-free Class-D audio amplifier with an integrated boost converter for portable applications has been introduced by Texas Instruments.
2002-01-28 Atmel, Gemplus to promote one-chip smart card interface
Atmel Corp. has partnered with Gemplus to promote the monolithic GemCore Pro smart card interface, which integrates the Atmel T83C5121 microcontroller into their one-chip secure smart card reader.
2006-03-20 Atmel claims 'fastest' 12bit ADC
Atmel announced what it claims to be the industry's fastest, commercially-available, monolithic 12bit ADC with a clock frequency of 500MSps.
2006-05-11 Analog switches with low-voltage operating range, low on-resistance
Vishay's new Dual SPDT monolithic CMOS analog switches combine low-voltage operating range and low on-resistance ratings in a small package.
2000-06-13 An FSK Transmit and Receive Chip Set
This technical note demonstrates how to use the RF9901 and RF9902 low-cost monolithic ICs as separate devices or as a combination of a two-chip set. This in order to provide all the functions necessary to implement a binary FSK transceiver for such applications as 915MHz ISM-band handheld terminals for POS meter reading, bar-coding reading, as well as other digital applications such as SMR.
2015-07-29 Ams snatches CMOS sensor business from NXP
The acquisition expands Ams' environmental sensor line-up with advanced monolithic and integrated CMOS sensors that measure several environmental variables in one sensor device.
2008-10-09 Agilent, Aeroflex co-develop RF solutions for aerospace apps
Agilent and Aeroflex have entered a strategic alliance to deliver industry-leading RF and microwave components and multichip module solutions for aerospace, satellite and military applications using Agilent's monolithic microwave ICs (MMICs).
2006-12-01 Advancing GaAs potential via pHEMT/HBT mix
Monolithic pHEMT/HBT ICs represent a significant step in advancing the potential for GaAs capabilities by maximizing the advantages of both bipolar and FET circuits.
2004-05-11 ADI synthesizer first to enable DDS agility to 2.7GHz
The company has introduced a low cost, low power, monolithic solution to integrate both direct digital synthesis and phased locked loop circuitry.
2002-07-10 ADI CMOS switches offer 0.5-ohm maximum on-resistance
Analog Devices Inc. has announced the availability of its ADG8XX family of monolithic CMOS SPST and SPDT switches that offer a maximum on-resistance of 0.5 ohms.
2009-03-02 ADC claims highest SNR at over 500MHz
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched the ADS54R463 monolithic 12bit, 550MSps ADC, which provides more than 200MHz of signal bandwidth in applications where high resolution, accuracy and linearity are critical.
2005-09-07 ADC changes sensor signals
IC-Haus GmbH unveiled a 13bit monolithic analog-to-digital converter, which by applying a count-safe vector follower principle, converts sine and cosine sensor signals with a selectable resolution and hysteresis into angle position data
2005-07-22 Actel enables engineers to design at extreme abstraction levels
Actel unveiled its Fusion technology, which it touts as the first to integrate mixed-signal analog capabilities with flash memory and FPGA fabric in a monolithic Programmable System Chip.
2001-08-28 750MHz/860MHz CATV line amplifier MMIC
This application note discusses the ACA0861 family of surface-mount monolithic GaAs RF linear amplifiers as a suitable option for CATV line amplifier and line extender designs.
2007-05-07 5W to 6.5W PoE DC/DC converter
A solution to one aspect of PoE is presented here utilizing the ON Semiconductor NCP1031 series of monolithic, high voltage switching regulators with internal MOSFET.
2008-10-06 500mA step-down converter promises faster transient response
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc., a developer of power management integrated circuits for communications, computing and consumer electronics devices, introduces the AAT1130, a new high performance 500mA monolithic step-down converter.
2011-06-20 3D merges chip production routes
As advanced processes accompany the shrinking of devices per Moore's law, another section of the industry is running on more relaxed design rules with older fabs. Monolithic 3D could bridge this gap.
2009-06-01 3D hall sensor operates at higher temp range
Micronas has developed a 3D hall sensor implemented as a monolithic component, allowing for higher operational temperature range than competing products.
2010-04-27 2Gbit LPDDR2 delivers 1066Mit/s transfer speed
Micron Technology Inc. has begun sampling a monolithic 2Gbit LPDDR2 memory chips designed to provide mobile products with improved battery life and speedier system performance.
2010-06-10 2A battery charger is solar-input compatible
Linear Technology Corp. is offering LT3652HV, a higher voltage version of the innovative LT3652 monolithic buck battery charger for modern battery chemistries.
2014-03-20 28nm node at the final frontier of Moore's Law
Zvi Or-Bach of MonolithIC 3D emphasises the need to recognise that 28nm is actually the last node of Moore's Law and that dimensional scaling is no longer the path for cost scaling.
2007-08-14 14bit ADC is industry's fastest at 400MSps
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched the industry's fastest monolithic 14bit ADC at 400MSPS.
2005-06-22 12-bit ADC consumes less power
Analog Devices released a 12-bit monolithic analog-to-digital converter that is said to consume 40 percent less power than comparable devices
2005-03-30 'Highest performing' RF VGAs?
The MAX2056 and MAX2057 devices from Maxim are touted by the company to be the industry's highest performing RF variable gain amplifiers in monolithic form.
2002-11-21 Yageo releases multi-value capacitor array
Yageo Corp. has released a range of multi-value capacitor array that provides multiple capacitance values within a single 0602 surface-mount package.
2007-07-12 XMOS fields software-defined silicon
XMOS Semiconductor's new processor architecture is based on an event-driven, multi-threaded processor core set to be deployed in two-dimensional arrays in a family of chips due for introduction in 2008.
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