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2010-09-09 TV remotes morph into motion sensors
As TVs and STBs offer more services, their remote controls need to keep up as well, transforming from the traditional clickers to multi-sensor controllers.
2013-09-25 ST fuses Movea motion processing firmware to MCU
The integration of SmartMotion into STM32F401 will enable to developers to create context-aware applications that use multiple sensor inputs while lessening the burden on the main applications processor.
2014-07-09 InvenSense rigs up motion processing ICs with Movea, TPI
The $80 million high-yield acquisitions involve sensor software and algorithm technology that will facilitate InvenSense's footprint expansion in indoor and outdoor navigation market.
2009-07-20 Integrating MEMS-based motion processing devices
Motion processing is the next major disruptive technology that will drive innovation in handheld consumer electronic product design. This article defines a six-axis motion processing solution.
2012-05-24 Hillcrest takes motion control to TCL TVs
Hillcrest has licensed its Freespace motion control solution to TCL's current and future products. The first TCL smart TV use the software is expected out this month
2010-06-24 VGA sensor delivers smoother motion video
OmniVision has released a high-performance VGA sensor that can capture video at 60fps, enabling smoother motion video, as well as improved accuracy for motion detection applications
2013-08-01 Synopsys optimizes sensor IP sub-system for data processing
Synopsys DesignWare Sensor IP Sub-system consists of a DesignWare ARCEM4 32bit processor, digital interfaces, ADCs, hardware accelerators, a library of DSP functions and software I/O drivers.
2011-09-19 Software improves motion-based apps accuracy
ST has launched the iNEMO Engine Sensor Fusion Suite, a predictive software aimed at enhancing accuracy, resolution, stability and response time in motion-based applications
2003-02-04 Sarnoff video processing technology available as IP cores
Sarnoff Corp. has made its vision-based video processing technology available to SoC designers and manufacturers as IP cores
2014-01-21 Pixelworks, MediaTek target mobile video post-processing
Pixelworks showed off its side-by-side video quality comparisons of mobile devices, with and without display processing, while MeditaTek demonstrated its own picture quality (PQ) engine
2014-06-03 Pixelworks display chip purges motion blur, judder
Code-named Iris, the chip uses MIPI for input and small eDP for output. It is optimised for video processing, enhancing images on 5-inch smartphones and phablets, tablets, and 13-inch ultrabooks
2005-06-10 NEC adopts Silicon Optix's Realta HQV video processing
NEC Solutions America Inc. has partnered with Silicon Optix to bring HQV processing powered by Teranex to NEC plasmas and projectors
2012-05-03 Movea intros sol'n for motion-enabled devices
Chemistry of Motionbased on the company's patented SmartMotion atomsclaims to enable rapid prototyping and development of devices for mobile, Interactive TV, sports and health markets
2007-04-25 Motorola acquires video processing company for $140M
Motorola Inc. and Terayon Communication Systems Inc. have signed a definitive merger agreement, under which Motorola will acquire Terayon for approximately $140 million.
2012-01-13 Motion-sensing remote control platform unleashed
A recent joint effort covers the development and demonstration of Movea's MotionIC platform on UEI's latest 'UEI WaveMotion' remote control platform reference design.
2014-06-09 Motion control collaboration opens up robotics, automation
The collaboration between XMOS and Synapticon involves joint development and marketing initiatives for the uptake of motion control technologies in areas including robotics and smart factories
2007-06-18 MEMS device ups motion, navigation control
ADI's ADIS16355 inertial measurement unit allows industrial designers for the first time to equip their systems with sophisticated motion analysis and navigational dead reckoning functions
2010-07-01 MCUs offer enhanced motion detection capabilities
The Zilog ZMOTION microcontrollers are designed for the rapid development and deployment of products requiring control based on passive infrared motion detection
2016-02-02 IP subsystem speeds up data fusion processing in IoT apps
The Synopsys DesignWare Smart Data Fusion IP Subsystem packs the latest ARC EM DSP processors, and is optimised for highly efficient DSP performance and ultra-low energy consumption.
2008-06-11 Inertial sensor simplifies industrial motion control designs
ADI is expanding its iSensor intelligent sensor product family with a new six-degrees-of-freedom (6 DoF) inertial sensor.
2012-10-11 Incorporating MEMS motion tracking in wearable sensors
Know the impact of next generation wearable sensing devices on the way we track our fitness goals, train our professional athletes, and view our sporting events.
2013-05-06 High-res mobile screens need help in video processing
Video that looked fine on an old iPad 2 looks noticeably worse on a newer iPad with a Retina Display. What's the solution?
2007-10-05 HDTV SoCs deliver 10bit video quality processing
Genesis Microchip Inc. has launched Douglas, its third generation HDTV SoC family that provides 10bit video quality processing, dual HDMI/HDCP 1.3a inputs and full DVB-T support
2002-01-09 Genesis video-processing technology powers high-volume consumer TV apps
At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company has introduced its latest-generation video-processing technology that is targeted at high-volume consumer TV applications
2002-05-27 Genesis IC integrates Faroudja video processing technology
Genesis Microchip Inc. has developed the a single-chip digital video format converter that integrates Faroudja Laboratories Inc. video processing technology
2010-08-31 Full-HD 120Hz TV SoC offers 3DTV, motion compensation
Next-generation 3DTV SoC IC features full-high definition and motion smoothing capabilities
2010-07-27 FRC processors tip smooth motion, cut side effects
IDT rolls motion-compensated frame rate conversion processors with new technology to provide smooth motion and full-detail images while minimizing side effects
2007-03-12 Ethernet AC drives ease machine motion control
Baldor Electric Company has launched the Ethernet Powerlink three-phase AC drives offering all major motion control functions including single-phase drives, a motion and machine controller, and development tools
2013-01-03 Dual-core optical fibre ups data processing, sensing
Researchers developed a dynamic dual-core nanomechanical optical fibre that claims to enhance data routes on the information superhighway.
2007-08-17 Chip rids Full HD TV of motion blur, film judder
Micronas has announced its latest-generation FRC 94xyM Full HD frame rate converter IC, which eliminates unpleasant motion blur and film judder on Full HD TV
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