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2012-07-27 Power tip: Avoid common multilayer ceramic capacitor issues
Learn about the potential pitfalls with ceramic capacitors and know how to avoid them
2003-07-23 Lipers high-voltage ceramic caps rated to 3kVdc
The MH series of high-voltage multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors from Lipers Enterprise Co. Ltd operate at 100Vdc to 3,000Vdc.
2003-06-11 Fujian ceramic caps boast better performance
Fujian Putian Holder Electronic Co. Ltd has released its CC4 and CT4 series of multilayer ceramic capacitors that include NPO, X7R, and Y5V dielectric types
2005-05-02 Ceramic caps reduce short-circuit risk in auto apps
Epcos' new MLSC is designed to minimize the risk of short circuits if the capacitor is damaged, particularly for apps where the capacitor is permanently connected to a power source or voltage source such as in automotive electronic circuits
2005-07-14 New MLCCs from AVX provide tin-lead terminations for mil apps
AVX's new LD series of multi-layer ceramic capacitors offer tin-lead solder terminations with 5 percent lead minimum
2005-04-29 MLCCs offer more options
Cal-Chip expanded its CHV series of high voltage multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors with voltages of up to 10kV
2007-08-07 MLCCs achieve 4.7?F capacitance rating
Taiyo Yuden Inc. has launched its new AMK105BJ475MV multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) for decoupling power-line circuits in high-performance ICs used in battery-powered portable electronics.
2015-01-27 Measuring capacity vs bias voltage on MLCCs
How can you determine how much capacitance is lost under the conditions in your application? This article explains how to measure capacity versus bias voltage on multi-layer ceramic capacitors.
2005-01-19 Film caps deliver stable performance in the most demanding apps
NIC Components Europe has introduced a range of film chip capacitors.
2003-03-18 Taiyo Yuden develops chip antenna for UWB apps
Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd has developed what it touts to be the world's first ceramic chip antenna for use in Ultra Wideband (UWB) apps
2005-04-26 Capacitor avoids short circuits
Epcos AG announced that it has developed a new type of ceramic capacitor that minimizes the risk of short circuits if the capacitor is damaged
2013-10-08 Uses of copper barrier capacitors in medical field
Read about the growing demand for capacitors for use in a various medical devices.
2009-06-30 Ultrathin RFID modules fit paper tags
Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd has significantly reduced the thickness of its Magicstrap tiny RFID modules range making them suitable for paper label inlays for mainstream retail applications.
2013-08-15 SMD MLCCs boast low ESR down to 0.01
The QUAD HIFREQ series of MLCCs offer broad working voltages from 200V to 1500V and wide capacitance ranges from 1.0pF to 1000pF. The devices offer tight tolerances to 0.1pF.
2006-04-13 NMT opens new $1.54 million facility
NanoMaterials Technology, a company that develops and commercializes production technologies for nanomaterials, opened its new $1.54 million facility officially early this week.
2005-06-13 Murata component library targets RF, multi-gigibit PCB designs
Murata Mfg and Ansoft have released a new device library for Ansoft's Nexxim circuit simulation for high-frequency products based on Murata's discrete capacitor and coil inductor products
2006-06-26 LGA capacitor offers very low ESL
AVX developed a land-grid array capacitor that offers extremely low equivalent series inductance.
2016-03-02 LED Engin rolls out double flux density emitters
The LZ4-04MDPB emitter includes a thinner flat glass lens, moving the secondary optics closer to the surface for greater illumination from fixtures with tightly controlled beam widths.
2014-04-02 Issues in embedding components within PCB substrates
Embedding components within a PCB substrate provides a host of benefits, but this alternative approach demands support from the entire supply chain.
2016-01-21 In pursuit of quiet: Noise in linear regulators
It is always better to make sure the noise levels are low enough for your needs without expensive trials. Find out how this can be achieved.
2010-03-26 IC market faces price hikes, shortages
Amid the upturn, there are widespread reports of component shortages in the supply chain and many chipmakers have raised select product prices.
2013-01-07 Effects of burn-in on power supply reliability
Here's an examination of the impact of burn-in testing on power supply reliability and performance.
2016-05-19 Designing POL regulator input filter
Know the sources of input ripple and noise in POL regulators, and how input filters can be better designed to attenuate its occurrence.
2014-03-21 Capacitors feature up to 125oC capacitance stability
The high voltage capacitors from KEMET also boast flex performance via the flexible termination technology, reducing the transfer of board stress to the capacitors.
2010-02-10 Tiny regulators provide 15 pin-programmable outputs
Semtech has released a 500mA synchronous step-down (buck) regulator with the tiny size and output flexibility needed for low voltage point-of-load regulation, as well as mobile device applications.
2008-08-18 Piezoelectrics to relish billion-dollar future
The global piezoelectric crystal market hit $4.8 billion last year and will climb to $6.91 billion by 2012, for an annual average growth rate of 7.5 percent, predicts Innovative Research and Products Inc.
2003-10-03 Murata isolators target cellphones
Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd has announced the availability of the CES30 series of isolators that are designed for cellphones.
2004-09-30 Microchip capacitors target microwave circuits
Murata is offering three new lines of microchip capacitors that offer small packaging along with improved performance for microwave circuit apps.
2014-12-01 Best tech devices at Electronica 2014
The Internet of Things may have been a constant refrain, bringing together sensors, wireless, and microcontrollers, but so was automotive with exactly the same combination.
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